Restoration of Microsoft Xbox console | Restoring a game console -

Restoration of Microsoft Xbox console | Restoring a game console

Restoration 2R
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Restoration Old Microsoft Xbox console | Restoring game console
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  1. O dá a impressão que os cara larga os aparelhos na chuva pra poder fazer os vídeos

  2. Water only kills electricronics that ARE POWERED On. Side note: water itself is a terrible conductor of electricity, it is the minerals in the water that allow it to be conductive, ergo distilled water will have a difficult time shorting electricronics. And before anyone says I'm dumb I went to college for IT and this is something they teach you right away.

  3. Lol 2001 savefile.. damn during 911 attack! I wonder where has original owner gone by?

  4. me gusta tu contenido… sea real o fake es entretenido y es lo que cuenta para mi que entro a youtube para eso. sígue asi mi brother… nuevo sus.

  5. Right before the cover went on he powered up for the disk tray to pop out. It had a red ring. The notorious red ring of death. Not distinct green. Which is prob why it was thrown in a muddy field. I threw at least 3 for the same reason. This thing was dead. It opened and closed….but it isn't the unit hooked up to the TV.

  6. I liked how the fan looked clean before he took it off. Also this is some fake bs

  7. En realidad si se puede lavar con agua las motherboards no es recomendable, pero mientras que este bien seca a la hora de encenderla se puede lavar.

  8. 16:14 theres a fucking ant running around on the inside of the console

  9. Shaking my head when the XBOX logo was put on upside down

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