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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart 4K Gameplay – The Best-Looking Console Game Ever Made?

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Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart really is a treat for the eyes, so Dave and Nath couldn’t resist taking a deeper look to answer the question: is it the fairest game of them all? Let us know what you think of this gorgeous game in the comments below!

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  1. is it misleading and just all preloaded, portals and all? let me know!

  2. My favorite anime is getting a video game adaptation but my expectations are extremly low fore many reasons. One is that the graphics dont capture the beauty of the anime. While the art styles are different this game shows that it would be posebile to capture the beauty of the Abyss in Video game graphics.

  3. It is not "the best looking game", but it is definitely up there

  4. Ratchet and Clank + Guilty Gear Strive on the same day, oh, oh my! Sold!

  5. Woah playstation access, how can you call this the "best looking" console game?! Just to promote the new playstation 5!? I mean yes this one looks nice and all but it's certainly not "jaw dropping" or anything like that (played it myself on the ps5; found many PS4 games which made my jaws drop unlike this one)

  6. When I soon I hope gonna get PS5, it is this game I gonna play first🙌🤩💥💥💥💥👑

  7. No. This is not the best looking game of all time.

  8. Getting this delivered on Fri & it's my bday weekend🤘🏼

  9. This weekend is gonna be busy between this game and the Euros!!

  10. Insomniac games are MAGICIANS. Unbelievable how good this looks.

  11. This is the first moment I’ve actually felt I NEED a PS5 right now

  12. R&CRA is looking stellar. I went for Guilty Gear Strive this week. But I'll be picking this up in the future for sure.

  13. After you've played this, there's no going back to PS4 graphics anymore, you'd scratch your eyes out.

  14. Yap yap yap. Would like to hear the game audio for gods sake!

  15. was expecting big close ups on photomode like DF did in their analisys, my jaw hit the floor with the quality of the assets, even for smaller secondary characters there's a staggering attention to detail.

  16. I'm gonna watch this in my phone so I can see how great 4k visuals are 🙄

  17. Me: Clicks on best graphics video to see beautiful graphics

    Youtube: We recommend watching this in 480p

    Me: 😐

  18. This game looks amazing but I think everyone could agree on my when I say Demon Souls remake I think looks like the best looking game on next gen

  19. I see so many Megacorp advertisement in this levels, is the Bogon galaxy in the game?

    This question is for the people who will have the game soon.

  20. It needs better liquid simulation 🙂 however zooming in on bugs is awesome 🙂

  21. Why stop at console? Is there a better looking game on PC?

  22. 3:48 IS NOT about Ratchet and Clank. That's Horizon Zero Dawn 2. That's exactly what the PS5 can do with Horizon Zero Dawn 2. I'm glad that Insomniac answered us that with such clip of the game.

  23. I think this looks like it is time for a PS5 remake of all the original games. I'd personally be all over getting to replay the entire saga from start to finish in this level of beautiful detail.
    It would be an epic undertaking for Insomniac, but I can't possibly believe that the fans wouldn't embrace it with open arms. Seeing all those old weapons and their effects in this pristine level of detail and with these incredible particle effects… Perfection.

  24. You guys are acting like smooth cutscene to gameplay transitions haven't been there since the ps4.

  25. Insomniac is on a roll right now. Can’t wait to get this

  26. Im super excited for this one! It looks amazing! 👌

  27. Not only best-looking console game. This also beats everything on PC.

  28. Yes, so far. If Battlefield trailer is in the same quality as they showed… However I think it's not

  29. I got a xbox series x. But I really want to play this. They are making me want a ps5..

  30. had to stop watching the video halfway through not because it was bad or i disagree or anything but because it made me so terribly sad that I STILL can't get my hands on a PS5 without paying an arm and a leg to a scalper… c'mon sony ik Covid is rough but help us out here

  31. Unbelievable graphics…looks better than Horizon 2

  32. When can we start living in games? Those trees were soo realistic looking.

  33. Just to think, games will look way better in 1-3 years…. This game looks fantastic, the future is going to be crazy lol.

  34. my amazon copy arrives tmrw, totally stoked 🔥

  35. xbone series x owners must be wondering why they wasted money on that pos

  36. I’ll wait till it goes 40$ I think personally 98.78$ (tax in) for a game is very expensive and not worth it

  37. The problem with showcasing the game at 30 FPS is it feels like I'm on an underpowered PC struggling to play a game like Cyberpunk or Metro, or RE 8.

  38. When playing this I found myself just waiting after a cutscene like: "oh, it's gameplay now?" It just looked that good & that smooth I could nearly even see the transition from cutscene to gameplay 😲

  39. Wow. It looks amazing. I’ve never played any of the other ones.

  40. Insomniac has really been pumping out awesome games.

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