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rare video games I own
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  1. well, here we are in 2021, a sealed copy, mint condition copy of mario 64 sold for over 1 million dollars!!!!

  2. Honestly I don't have a whole lot of expensive rare games. My most rare game in terms of value is probably monster jam path of destruction or driver san Francisco on xbox 360 which go for about $40-60 nowadays now in terms of actual rarity and not seeing them too much it's probably my special edition steelbook of 007 quantum of solace or my outlaw volleyball red hot on xbox which was a blockbuster exclusive you couldn't buy it anywhere and I'm so happy I found a copy since the original xbox is my favorite console and the history of that game alone is so interesting I treasure it deeply

  3. My rarest games by console would be power lords odyssey 2, shooting gallery odyssey, magical chase turbografx, miracle piano genesis. I don't think I have any rare nes/snes games.

  4. Rarest game I own is by Capcom its called Saturday Night Slammers on the megadrive.

  5. Einhander is very rare. A shooter made by square in 1997 or 1998

  6. I own Where in The World Is Carmen San Diego and Where in Time is Carmen San Diego for PAL Mega Drive. Both in large cardboard box w large encyclopedia books. I've no idea what they are worth, as I cant find it on ebay or any game collection app. Id say those are my rarest games.

  7. When GameStop was phasing out their used cartridge based games around 2003-2004, I bought every NES and SNES game I could afford, no matter what it was. The most I paid for NES games was around 10-12 bucks. I ended up with several HTF games including every Mega Man game for NES, Dragon Warrior IV and a ton of classic SNES titles. The real gem was Bonks Adventure for NES, and it wasn’t until maybe 10-12 years later that it was brought to my attention that it was worth a lot of money. Since I had no real sentimental attachment to it, I sold it to a kid on eBay and bought myself a Nintendo Switch and a few games for it, and it also paid a good amount towards my Yamaha LL 16. That was a good find that paid off well.

  8. all games have your price,whanever expensive or cheap,but this depends of collective

  9. My rarest game is the Zelda Collection on the Gamecube, in mint condition. I got it from Club Nintendo and never opened it because it was for me collectors item. I got a used copy on ebay though.

  10. I have truxton cib, splatter house 2 and 3 cib, legend of zelda collectors edition cib, avenging spirit cib, zas loose, conkers bad fur day cib, elemental gimmick gear and jojos bizzare adventure cib, plantasy star 1 cib, splatter house famicom cib and a bunch of other random ones after collecting for 10 years. My one buddy hasa crazy snes collection, all cib mint as hell earthbound, wild guns, pockyrocky 2, metal warriors, super turrican, and several more im forgetting. he only owns about 50 snes games and most of them are like 200 – 1400 cad depending on quality

  11. Turtles return of the shredder for Megadrive:-))

  12. The rarest game I own is smash bros 64 complete in box as of now

  13. Rarest game I own Is a copy of WWE '18 on switch… FML

  14. I owned shining force 3 but it was stolen

  15. My rarest games currently are:

    NCAA Football 14

    Marvel vs. Capcom 2

  16. My rarest games are Job Simulator and Budakai Tenkaichi 3 on ps2 lol.

  17. Some of the rare games I own are EVO complete in box, gargoyles quest 2 (complete in box one time owner), Mega Man X3, Castlevania Chronicles (cib), Chrono trigger and Metroid prime for the Wii factory sealed

  18. Rarest game I own value wise is probably my copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for the Sega Saturn! ….which I picked up the Sega Saturn..all three Panzer Dragoon games and a few other games for $5 at a garage sale when I was young! haha

  19. It's rare a man can be this strange n annoying…. Not gonna say what I really think about him lol how did I get here??? 🤔

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