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RANKING The Console Generations Of Our Lifetime | Video Game Consoles

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On today’s episode of Gaming Off The Grid, we rank the console generations of our lifetime! Starting with the 8 bit era and going to all the way to modern times. What generation will be ranked the highest and what will be in last place? Tune in to find out!

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  1. Fix Sega genesis and Super Nintendo to number 1 now!!! Lol 😝 just playing god bless!

  2. 4th and 6th gen are definitely the two most defining generations for gaming.

  3. Not a bad ranking guys. Glad to see this video. I think I can agree with everything you said. Gen 4 and Gen 6 belong in 1st place, but there can only be one winner.
    I 100% agree with 9th Gen being is last place. I am unimpressed with the launch, lack of supply, Scalpers (F*ck scalpers), and lack of quality titles. Ratchet and Clank and Halo Infinite are the only 2 games that have my interest.
    I waited till 2019 to get a PS4 Pro and I am so happy I did. I waited 6 years and scored a lot of games on the cheap. On average I paid about $10 per game. A lot of the games I bought for less than $5 before I even got the system. Nothing is wrong with buying games on the cheap for a system that you do not own yet.
    Guys take your time, play your back log, enjoy the hobby, and score games on the cheap for the PS5 and Xbox series X. Eventually you will get a system and then you will be really ready to play.

  4. PS2 into the Xbox Live 360 era was so special man we'll never get another era in gaming like that again ;-;

  5. I think I agree with your rankings. Obviously, the newest generation could move up a bunch with time, but yes, it's been underwhelming so far and honestly I don't even really want to judge it until we get the Switch 2/next gen Switch from Nintendo. Speaking of Switch, it has become my favorite console maybe of all time and it continues to pump out great games, so that one could move up in a few years.

  6. This definitely warrants a response video! Great conversation guys!

  7. "Woo woo Sony, Microsoft figure it out!!" That promo made my day! Great video!

  8. Not sure how old you were when you got your snes BUT, I was in high-school when these consoles came out. the arguments that were going on over these 2 companies were pretty insane. Also the marketing campaigns were epic. Based on that, I'd give the win to 16 bit gen. I would have put ps1, saturn etc in number 2 again based on the greatness of the ps1 and the war between the companies. HELLO , the mic drop from Sony when they announced the price! Epic shit!

  9. Generation 6 is my favorite because the games were so memorable especially the Dreamcast it had Shenmue the 2k sports games blue stinger D2 resident evil 2 3 and code veronica expendable among many others and they are cheap depending on the condition of the games.

  10. My ranking would be 4tgen, 5th gen, 7th gen, 8th gen, 6th gen, 3rd gen, and the newest 9th gen last due to it not having much yet.

  11. I agree. I always Generation 6, is the Best, You can check my comment history anywhere, Ive said it for years. 6th, and then 7th for me are the GOATS. Rock Band came in the 7th alot of cool stuff, NO WAY the 8th is higher than the 7th That makes no sense only because the 8th is 80% ports from the 7th and all Sequels and collection form the 7th make up the majority of the 8th, Also the 7th Generation has twice as many games and waaaay more variety in them than the 8th too. I agreed with everything until that. Still though, loved the Video in the end.

  12. The ps4 and Xbox one weren't as good IMHO than the PS3 and 360 so it's weird seeing them ranked higher to me.

  13. You guys killed it for your first ranking video! Love the first stab and shuffle approach!
    I agree with your rationale on how you got there, although I would have swapped 4 and 5. Cheers.

  14. You guys severely underrate the PS1. There’s a staggering amount of all time classics on the system. Maybe it’s because I’m quite a bit older, but I have and still play PS1 and Saturn probably more than any other generation.

  15. Gen 6 had 4 good consoles, but they didn't really invent new genres, invent new technology not done before it other than looking better. It had good games, I think what it did, it improved upon and refined 3D polygon based gaming which was somewhat experimental in the 5th gen. But is that enough to call it the best gen ever? I would go with 4th generation, refined 2D gaming, invented a lot fo new genres and ways to play games and had 4 good consoles, but two of them were very niche, the TG-16 and the Neo Geo.

  16. Great list – I can't disagree with any of it!

  17. Great choices lads and an other great vid thank you for all that you do to keep us all watching 🙂

  18. Not sure if you have or have not..

    But ranking ALL systems regardless or generation would be awesome!

    I’m an Xbone guy so that’s a high number for me.

    Loved seeing OG Xbox number one, a perfect console. Halo, LOTR, Gauntlet, Brute Force (me and my sister loved it)

  19. You guys rated 5th gen too low…5th gen has way more games and variety than the 3rd. PS1 has a better library of games than NES and outsold it…and gave us Final Fantasy 7, Tekken and Metal Gear Solid. Saturn has a better library of games than Master System…it gave us solid Capcom ports, NiGHTs, Virtua Fighter, etc. N64 introduced Super Smash Bros, 3D Mario Kart, 3D Mario and has the highest rated game of all time…Ocarina of Time. With that said I think these two generations are about neck and neck.

  20. About to watch, just gonna go on a limb here snd say top 3 are:

    1. 6th generation
    Microsoft Xbox
    Nintendo Gamecube
    Sega Dreamcast
    Sony Playstation 2

    2. 4th generation
    Sega Genesis
    Super Nintendo

    3. 7th generation
    Microsoft Xbox 360
    Nintendo Wii/Wii U
    Sony Playstation 3

    Let's see how it plays out, Cotton. Cheers 🍻

    I didn't do too bad with my predictions.

    The Wii U I know is in a weird place generationally and same with Switch. I need to go back and watch Adam Koralik's video on these with how he qualifies them.

  21. Gen 6 and 4 as the top 2 is obvious.. I feel PS3 gen was maybe a little better then PS4 gen.. maybe I’m just nostalgic for the Batman and Uncharted games lol… I guess the argument you can make for the PS4 gen over PS3 is that all the good PS3 and 360 games became playable on One and PS4 on top of those gen specific games..

  22. When I saw the title of the video, I was thinking gen 6 is gonna be #1.

  23. Wes: Cocksuckers!
    Robert: What the HECK?
    Opposite ends of the cursing spectrum!

    You guys nailed the rankings. Well done! The beauty is that every generation had amazing games that are still fun to play in 2021.

  24. I was born in 1983 and I highly recommend checking out the old school games from the Atari 2600 and older. It'll help you appreciate what we can do in games even more than you already do. My start was on the original pong system, literally that's all it could do. No cartridge slot, just two controllers with only a slider no buttons and it was wired to the console.

  25. So glad you did this vid. I suggested this topic many months ago to you hoping it would rear its controversial face.

  26. Awesome video, guys! I sometimes think what "could have been" had Nintendo released a system between the Super Nintendo and N64 or if Sega had released something between the Saturn and Dreamcast. There definitely seems to be generation gaps between manufacturers as their releases were staggered.

  27. Haven’t watched the video yet, but Gen 7 is the absolute winner. First in HD and the last large leap in gaming overall. So many great games, killer IPs and hidden gems in Gen 7 that it’s undeniably the greatest video game generation of all time!

  28. Gen 6 can't be beat, too much hardware. So much variety. And they finally figured out how to do 3-D. We'll never see a generation like that again.

  29. As always, I enjoy your shows. Love the placement, I would only swap 4 and 5. More fun in my opinion regarding 360, ps3 and wii. Love nintendo and still play it. I just think the other offering is more. Love listening to your rationalization on your opinions. Yall are fun. Thanks again

  30. Yeah I just had the PS4 but now I want the Xbox one, but I do hate the PS4 controller. Felt small in my big hands. And then for awhile I was so use to the Xbox 360 controller and hard to go back to PlayStation controllers now

  31. Been gaming since the Colecovision. The 16bit era for my money has aged the best and BOTH Genesis and SNES are worth owning. The 6th gen with PS2/Xbox/GC has also aged very well, especially when you can emulate the games with improved resolution/framerates. Gamecube is a dream on Dolphin.

  32. Microsoft and Sony should've waited a couple years to release there new consoles. It was a dumb move imo to release in a pandemic.

  33. The PS1 was ranked lower than the other consoles. Why is that the case? there's so many great games on the PS1 in comparison to the other consoles.

  34. Great List Gents! I love to see different opinions on different folks favorite. I was born in 84 and here is how I personally Rank them:

    Last place: 9th Gen (PS5 & Series X) I have no desire for either of these consoles. Diminishing returns has really settled in and with games not playing off disc and being just downloads and with thae ABSOLUTE PISS POOR amount of storage they come with to keep games saved and on the system, I won’t even participate in this Gen until those SSD’s are minimum 1.5TB.

    6th Place: 8th Gen (Switch, PS4 Pro, Xbone) I don’t count the original consoles in the is Gen as proper consoles. They were so weak when they came out, I consider, the Pro, One X, and the Switch the true console Gen here. I like the PS4 Pro but again I go back to the annoying fact that those games and Xbone games are essentially downloads and don’t play off the disc. Switch on the other hand is incredible. Great games and stuff plays right off the cart. I can hold so many more games on the Switch with so much less space.

    5th place: 3rd Gen (Nes, Master System, Atari 7800) I truly love this Gen. Don’t care to much for the 7800 but the Master System is great and the Nes is legendary for the amount of fun and great games even to this day.

    4th Place: 6th Gen (Dreamcast, PS2, Gamecube, Xbox) What a great and diverse generation of games. So much single and multiplayer goodness and I feel the last Gen where there were so many new and unique experiences and next to no remasters. Also games were complete. We started getting 480P here with Gamecube, PS2, and Dreamcast and even 720P on some Xbox stuff. Awesome games here too all across the board.

    3rd Place: 7th Gen (Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U) Yes, I put the Wii U here as the Wii is really mostly a Gamecube with Motion controls. The Wii U matches more tech wise with this gen and game wise, not to mention it has Wii Functionality built in. I love this Gen mostly for the Wii U. There are so many fun and amazing Wii U and Wii games for the system. The online shop and setup is better than the Switch’s by far. PS3 has some incredible games and is still an amazing machine today. Plays Cds, Dvds, Blu Rays, 3D Blue Rays, PS1 games, PS3 games, and for the lucky folks that have those OG models, PS2 games. What a beast. I am not a massive 360 fan but the Shmups I imported are incredible as well as Lost Odyssey and a few other 360 titles.

    2nd Place: 4th Gen (Turbo Duo, Super Nintendo, Philips Cdi, Sega Genesis/Cd/32X, and Neo Geo Aes) All I can say is, DAMN in my best Ron Simmons impression. The amount of amazing and classic titles between the Genesis, Super Nintendo, Turbo Duo, Aes, and even the Sega Cd are just mind blowing. Even the 32X has its Gems. Believe it or not, so does the Cdi. Just a masterclass of games and systems.

    1st Place: 5th Gen (Panasonic 3DO, Atari Jaguar/Jag Cd, Sega Saturn, PS1, N64) Holy Balls, what an incredible and revolutionary amount of games. The 3DO with some of the best fighting game home ports for the time. Samurai Showdown, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo. Also things such as Road Rash, Need for Speed, and Luciennes Quest. It also has the best port of Wolfenstein 3D in my opinion. Moving over to the Jag, holy hot Damn as well. You have one of the best early Ports of Doom. You have the best version of Nba Jam Tournament edition along with other awesome games such as Raiden, Tempest 2000, Alien Vs Predator, the top down rally driving game, Rayman, Atari Karts, etc. The N64! What an amazing Multiplayer system. I finally just got mine back from Lord Voultar with a region free and RGB mod and holy hot damn does it look good with the HD Retrovision Component cables. The Original Playstation houses some of my favorite games off all time. It is the RPG lovers Haven and the best that there has ever been, not to mention all the other revolutionary titles. Finally, and my new favorite, the Sega Freakin Saturn. There are no words to explain how great this system is between domestic and import titles. There is so much variety here, with Arcade titles, fighting games, RPGs, racing games, and SHMUP City.

    I think you guys may have put this one a little low. I realize there are primitive looking 3D titles in this Gen but the 2.5D and especially the 2D games are the Pinnacle of 2d pixel art. It doesn’t get any better than what you can find on the Saturn and the PS1 to some degree.

  35. To put into perspective, PS5 is Sony's fastest selling console ever. So despite the shortages, Sony still sold more PS5s than PS4s and PS2s in the same amount of time (and those systems were also in shortages and hard to find for a year or so after launch).

    Also, it did take a couple of years for XOne and PS4 gen to get real new gen heavy hitters too. Let's not forget MGS5, released in 2015, was on X360 and PS3 too and we mostly got HD ports of previous gen for a while (Tomb Raider, Last of Us…).

  36. I loved this video never seen a list just done by generations. Mine would be 1st: 6gen, 2nd: 4th gen, 3rd: 5th gen, 4th: 8th gen, 5th: 3rd gen, 6th: 7 gen and 9 gen last. I loved the 5th gen and I think worst nintendo and Sony console came in the 7th gen.

  37. Yall should do a video ranking handheld consoles. Gameboy, GBA, Game Gear, PSP, etc. There are plenty of options to discuss. Would be a badass video.

  38. I think you guys nailed it, 6th gen is just too good not to be on top. I might would have liked to have seen PS1 a little higher and Xbox One/PS4 lower, but then you have to take in to account that Wii U/Switch really helps Gen 8 and N64 brings Gen 5 down IMO.

  39. Yeah I gotta disagree with #3 & #5 personally this past generation hasn't even felt like one imo 360 changed the industry

  40. First have to say that all of these were absolute powerhouses in thier heydays. My friends and I always looked forward, not backward generally speaking so this is really a tough one because this is not based on impact during the timeframe rather my current taste? Being between 9 – 14 years young during Gen 3, I have a lot of nostalgia but will try not to let that interfere with what I like now as Gen 3 had MY entire generation hooked from day one and in my estimation, by far had the largest monumental impact. By my current 45 year old man standards, it's not my go to 2d system due to controls, difficulty, and too much repetition. Having said this currently = 1st – Gen 7, 2nd – Gen 8, 3rd – Gen 4, 4th – Gen 6, 5th – Gen 5, 6th – Gen 3, 7th – elusive Gen 9. I find myself way more likely to pick up a Gen 8 or 4 game than 7 daily for some reason allthough I rated it #1 (Elder Scrolls, Mass Effects, God Of Wars, Halos, Gears, Uncharted, Forzas, etc). Perhaps I put enough time in and is very much still in my mind?

  41. Holy shitballs this was tough dudes! Excellent video!

  42. Ps
    Can you guys do a handheld generation ranking vid? 🤘🏻

  43. Fricken love this video! I almost agree with your guys list other than I would flip one for the other. I was born in 1974 so I am technically 1 Gen but those all were basically Pong games so I don't count it. But grew up playing 2nd gen, 3rd gen, 4th gen. Those gens are I have huge nostalgia for. But I will give you my list for the Generations you guys were around for.

    1 6th Gen
    2 4th Gen
    3 7th Gen
    4 3rd Gen
    5 8th Gen
    6 5th Gen
    7 9th Gen ( as like you guys I don't own one of these yet either)

    I don't own a Switch yet so maybe that would sway me back towards ranking 8th Gen a little higher or the same as you guys. I also think as this Gen ages it could move up higher as well.

    Its hard having 3rd ranked 4 considering how much I love the NES and Master System but had the Master System had more success in North America my list could look a bit different. In my neck of the woods here in Canada I had a couple buddies who had a Master System so I got to enjoy both. I had the NES but it would be pretty hard for me to convince my Dad after buying me an NES to then buy me a Master System. lol Now as an adult I own 3 of them lol.

    Keep up the great work guys! Fricken love the channel! Can't for more buying guides!


  44. Very awesome video guys. My all time favorite system is definitely the PS2. It reminds me of high school.

  45. Hey GotG! Found your channel a few months ago and love your style. As someone in your age group, its been been a joy being able to live through this gaming evolution. I wish i could take today's gaming youth back to the SNES days to experience what a true leap in graphics felt like from gen to gen. I do agree that this latest gen is the most uninspired, non-thrilling gen so far. I don't get how people are willing to pay $1,000 for a PS5. I've really enjoyed lately re-visiting my OG Xbox / 360 collection and your passion has played a part.

    I personally would rate PS3 / X 360 a little higher on list. That Gen i feel was the last gen that Game's were made for fun and passion, after that games / consoles became to much about profits and the bottom line, but i cant disagree with your thinking. Plus that X360 controller is still the best one out there. your picks for 3,4,5 are so close that even the smallest niche thing flips that whole list around.

    Cheers! And one of these days I'll watch your video new at home so i can have beer while watching!

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