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Ranking EVERY Video Game Console Ever Tier List!

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Rating EVERY single Console and Handheld EVER! From NES to Gamecube, Nintendo Switch, to Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, to PlaySation 1 to PlaySation 4! And EVERYTHING inbetween – Sega, Intellivision, Dreamcast, VECTREX!? Plus handhelds like Game Boy, Game Gear, and PSP!

This was a reward for the birthday stream. Enough subs were gained that I agreed to rate every single console. Where does your favorite end up?

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  1. Switch is S tier jarrod think about how amazing it is that you can play a console game on the go I really think sony and xbox need to start thinking of doing something similar

  2. i had mastersystem, in uk nobody had nintendo, but snes yeah

  3. Your missing about 900 consoles almost all from the first generation

  4. My Favorite console is the Gamecube but the Best Console is the Original Xbox

  5. Been watching you for nine years. Always rad

  6. In defense of the N64 :
    -The AKI wrestling games

  7. Backwards compatibility makes this kind weird. Like the fact that wii u is steps down from wii and gamecube even though it can play both, with controllers for both

  8. I agree the N64 is a C, but the original Xbox was not better, no way, c'mon now. Xbox was also a C

  9. Lost a lot of respect after the N64 placement. OoT, Majora (which I haven't played but I know everyone loves), Mario 64, Star Fox 64, NBA Jam, Mario Kart, Mario Party 2 and 3 (the best ones) etc.
    All overlooked!

    Really you think the DS is better than the Switch?

  10. Game Gear dude it had Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya, where else at that time were you going to get a Shining Force game on hand held???

  11. What about the Commodore 64 or Sinclair Spectrum.

  12. S-Tier – DS Lite, DSi, Wii, SNES, PSX/PS1 Switch,
    A-Tier – NES, PS2/Slimline, PSP, GBA SP, GB*, Mega Drive, Dreamcast*, new 3DS
    B-Tier – Vita, PS3, Master System, Saturn, DS original, 3DS
    C-Tier – N64, Wii U, Xbox, GBC, 3DS
    F-Tier – Gamecube, Virtual Boy, Game Gear, GBA,

    I included some SKUs when the features were different enough that the experience was different – GBA vs GBA SP is a good example, I really hated the original GBA, but loved GBA SP. new 3DS I ended up playing a TON thanks to Xenoblade, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, and Mario Kart 7, and also the 3D that actually worked – and looked really beautiful on FE Awakening; but the original 3DS was mostly just Street Pass games and otherwise, not really a whole lot. Also, I split PSX/PS1 because the PS1 used to originally refer only to that smaller white model while the PSX referred to the larger grey ones.

    S-Tier are consoles I played years after the generation (or will, in Switch's case) and also consoles which I played religiously during their lifespans.
    A-Tier are consoles I played religiously during their lifespan, but not after.
    B-Tier are consoles I played regularly, but had wide gaps where I didn't play them at all or much at all.
    C-Tier were consoles that I played 2 to 5 games a lot, but not much else.
    F-Tier are consoles I got and might have played a few days per year.

    *GB is a hard one, because the generation was SOOOOO long, and I played it pretty much the whole way through, so it COULD be an S-Tier for me. Also, I never got into Pokemon, I just kept importing US games for it; Final Fantasy Legend 2 is literally one of my favourite games of the 1990s.
    *Dreamcast I played fairly regularly about 3-4 years after its generation, but since it's generation was like 2 years, I'm only counting it A-Tier.

  13. Ended up agreeing with everything, except for the Vita. That rating is too harsh, it shows you haven't spent much time for the console. It simply was a super slow burn. The console is awesome and the games are super interesting.

  14. Turbo GraFx is TRASH, however – PC Engine (what Turbo GraFx was SUPPOSED to be, but was absolutely butchered to all hell by westerner devs) is at least A.
    Not only did PC Engine have much better hardware and quality of materials used than the absolute atrocity that is TG, but also overall visual design is top-notch.
    Also, it was directly rivaling with Famicom, FDS, and Mark III/Master System in Japan for several years AND IT WAS BEATING THEM in popularity AND sales.
    That's right. PC Engine BEAT both the Famicom and Mark III/Master System in Japan. Turbo GraFx is an atrocious butchered Frankenstein's monster version.

    Neo-Geo AES is at least a very solid A and it's NOT disputable, while Neo-Geo CD is constantly swimming between B and A (HEAVILY depends on each game).
    Nomad, despite being an absolute power-hog (eats 6 AA batteries in ~4 hours tops), DIRECTLY uses actual Genesis/MegaDrive cartridges. It's at least a solid B.

  15. The Wii in C tier really pissed me off. That thing did so much for gaming and defined a generation should 100% be in S tier.

  16. Damn, forgot the ouya, stadia, and retron 5

  17. Thank you for putting the blurry abomination that is the N64 into the spot it deserves.

  18. The only value this is has is how many bad takes it has.

  19. I would have put Xbox one on C tier tbh, PS3 an A and everything else is fine. Xbox one goes higher because of the fact that Microsoft, at first, tried to make it the only thing you need with the app ecosystem and streaming, and such. It tried to make it the I can do everything console and still is shooting for that a bit. That also is a double edge sword and why it is where it is too tbh

  20. I mean…he said ps3 Is b… I don't know why im not angry… Its justHjhhhhhhhhh

  21. gamecube is borderline s but its a high a. eternal darkness, baten kaitos, baten kaitos 2, lost kingdoms 1 and 2, summoner goddess reborn, double dash, windwaker, twilight princess, sunshine, prime 1 and 2.

  22. wii forced motion controls upon us in main line games that we didn't want it. i give wii and f

  23. Imagine ranking the Master System and Saturn above the console that had Ocarina of Time. N64 isn't quite S-tier but it ain't no goddamn C tier. That's just wrong.

  24. Ps2 had lots of games for sure. But only about 25% are good. 75% shit games should not mean S tier… oh well, not my list

  25. The S in S-tier stands for SNES and Switch

  26. I liked the Wii U solely because of Splatoon XD
    and I havent played that many of these things,, But my fav that I own is ps2

  27. The Switch's battery life doesn't last very long, so an A tier is fair. Maybe the Switch Pro will be better with that

  28. I mostly agree with this list that. I may sound boring though bit Switch is an S for me, simply because my only game time now is on buses and trains, which I am using for around 4 hours a day. I have had more fun with the Switch than any other system since the PS1. My top three would have to be SNES, PS1 and Switch, in no particular order.

  29. The xbox one in the same category as all those D's is the dumbest shit I've ever seen and I barely play on mine

  30. He talks about IPs starting on PS2 but he didn't bring up Kingdom Hearts? The absolute offense. The absolute audacity.

  31. I think it's fair to put Xbox One on D-tier. Not many interesting games for the console. The only reason I even kept mine is backwards-compatibility, and that's it (I only have three games for the Xbox One, and that's really about it).

    Here's hoping that the Xbox Series X/S could fix that by right about the end of the decade.

  32. As good as the Wii was, it was sorta basically a gamecube.

  33. Jared, if you are gonna drop the wii for all the shovelware on it, you will have to do the same for the nes. The amount of shovelware on the nes is enough to fuel an entire community of avgn rip offs
    Same with the ds. So its unfair to count the shovelware on the wii, but not the ds and nes

  34. Wii in C? Unsubsucribe. Wii easy S tier. Wide array of uniwue innovative games, and accessibility to more people than ever before. Not to mention, the longest support of any game system with that last Let's dance game for it.

  35. Him putting the Wii at C made my heart break

  36. man had alot of controversial opinion that i wouldn't have rated in that way but to each there own

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