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Ranking EVERY Video Game Console Ever Tier List!

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Rating EVERY single Console and Handheld EVER! From NES to Gamecube, Nintendo Switch, to Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, to PlaySation 1 to PlaySation 4! And EVERYTHING inbetween – Sega, Intellivision, Dreamcast, VECTREX!? Plus handhelds like Game Boy, Game Gear, and PSP!

This was a reward for the birthday stream. Enough subs were gained that I agreed to rate every single console. Where does your favorite end up?

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  1. man had alot of controversial opinion that i wouldn't have rated in that way but to each there own

  2. Him putting the Wii at C made my heart break

  3. Wii in C? Unsubsucribe. Wii easy S tier. Wide array of uniwue innovative games, and accessibility to more people than ever before. Not to mention, the longest support of any game system with that last Let's dance game for it.

  4. Jared, if you are gonna drop the wii for all the shovelware on it, you will have to do the same for the nes. The amount of shovelware on the nes is enough to fuel an entire community of avgn rip offs
    Same with the ds. So its unfair to count the shovelware on the wii, but not the ds and nes

  5. As good as the Wii was, it was sorta basically a gamecube.

  6. I think it's fair to put Xbox One on D-tier. Not many interesting games for the console. The only reason I even kept mine is backwards-compatibility, and that's it (I only have three games for the Xbox One, and that's really about it).

    Here's hoping that the Xbox Series X/S could fix that by right about the end of the decade.

  7. He talks about IPs starting on PS2 but he didn't bring up Kingdom Hearts? The absolute offense. The absolute audacity.

  8. The xbox one in the same category as all those D's is the dumbest shit I've ever seen and I barely play on mine

  9. I mostly agree with this list that. I may sound boring though bit Switch is an S for me, simply because my only game time now is on buses and trains, which I am using for around 4 hours a day. I have had more fun with the Switch than any other system since the PS1. My top three would have to be SNES, PS1 and Switch, in no particular order.

  10. The Switch's battery life doesn't last very long, so an A tier is fair. Maybe the Switch Pro will be better with that

  11. I liked the Wii U solely because of Splatoon XD
    and I havent played that many of these things,, But my fav that I own is ps2

  12. The S in S-tier stands for SNES and Switch

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