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Ranking Every Nintendo Console

Nathaniel Bandy
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  1. i was wondering why i didnt see the virtual boy until i remembered; it's a handheld.

  2. I think the NES should be way higher in the list for what it did, while I’ve never owned one I have played it, and I know what it did, it saved the gaming industry, and brought it back from the dead pretty much, while it does have quirks to it, I think that more attributes to the times as gaming was still a fairly new field, and if not for the NES, we wouldn’t have any of the consoles and accessories we have today, just out of respect for what it did, it should be number 1 to be honest.

  3. Can you please do a video on the games themselves thanks 😃

  4. the reason why the Wii U didn't sell well is because People thought it was an ADDON to the Wii.

  5. Question for everyone: Who has a gamecube? (I do)

  6. I have snes classic and I love it I got it for Christmas or something I really liked playing super Mario world with my mom but now we moved and can't plug it in sad times 🙁

  7. The new recent switch is 1st huh I'm surprised

  8. Who cares about nentindo it is nothing compared to Sega

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