Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!! - RUST PVP -

Raiding With Rockets Gone Wrong!!! – RUST PVP

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This time the teams go at it with an upgraded arsenal!!!
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  1. Timthetatman said a hotdog is a taco discuss. Commenting on comments

  2. this is for Simon to ponder or possibly piss every one off on the next comenting on comments… but … ask the following….is a poptart a ravoli… just think about it its dough with stuff inside it cut into squares… just sturring the shit thanks for being amazing….

  3. FYI Door locks work for all member of the Team as long as you DON'T MAKE A KEY!!! Once you make a key ONLY the person that created the lock can use it!!!

    Also the Code lock is the better choice before all you have to remember is the Code used to lock it. You only need to input the Code once and you are good for as long as it isn't destroyed. Code locks Don't require power to work, they just need metal frags in the TC or Tool Cabinet, so, they don't deteriorate.

  4. The beeping sound from the drops sounds exactly like my clothes dryer when it's done, and it's been driving me crazy wondering where it's coming from until just now when I figured that out lol.

  5. Now this is podracing! I mean fun, it's fun!

  6. Have you guys ever thought of playing SnowRunner

  7. I think the next season should be you guys on an open server, with actual rust players. THAT will be EPIC lmao

  8. so funny watching them play this and making so many wrong choices

  9. Hoping Appsro and Neebs mount a comeback, and I'm presuming they do make it competitive considering how they all seemed to have had fun with this season talking about it on the podcast.

  10. The versus is such a great idea! Loving this series

  11. ………. backwards wall…. code lock….. need electricity???? no…. my frustrations climbing…. can't get off horse….bleeding no bandage use… my left eye twitching… LOL love you guys.

  12. Neebs crew PvP series is absolute genius. Do this in Ark, GTA, whatever.

  13. Fair play Neebs is a liability 🤣🤣🤣

  14. That day to night transition though 🤙🏼

  15. That was a SENSUAL ad for socks…oh dear

  16. Probably the funniest moment of the episode: Appsro's noise as he gets blown up by Dora's mine 🤣

  17. I genuinely enjoyed that series as much as any TV show I've ever seen! Same with Valhiem! Make Valheim S2 when it's done please!

  18. I was laughing the entire time. Great job Gentlemen! Friggin crack me up

  19. im actually surprised neebs killed lol nice one!

  20. Actual rare, real footage of the Hatfield's and the McCoy's. (possibly)

  21. That NPR voice in the beginning though…..

  22. Just remembered to pop back again and mention that I LOVED Anthony’s trademark transition in the day-night switch. Memories of Conan doors!



  25. Please continue the FvF (friends vs friends) . Maybe make Simon a mercenary for hire or add Anthony (or another) to the mix so you have three teams. These are great interactions between you guys and make me laugh out loud

  26. I'm so invested in Simon living peacefully

  27. Rocket launchers in these types of games are a bit underwhelming. Aren't they?

  28. That mine at the hidden chest was PRICELESS 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  29. Absolutely loving the PVP guys. Keep it up. Wow.

  30. Loving the versus series, please do an Ark one too!!

  31. This was awesome. "Fear is the mind killer"

  32. What's up with the sound mix of the voices? Does Rust really simulate reverb and hall when speaking longer distances and muffle voices behind walls? Or is that just the work of some sophisticated sound editing on your side Neebs? In any case it's a cool detail 😉

  33. was Appsro eavesdropping Dora’s plan to plant mines around the enemies base? Y’all should play in separate team rooms

  34. That Mine at the End was fcknnnn Hilarious. Poor Appsro just wanted to check His shit 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Thick and Appsro this whole video was great. Also I will never get over the noise Dora makes on his horse. Its probably the best part of the season.

  36. Surely thick and Dora realise how fragile their base and foundations are? I'm hoping it's cos they're relying on Neebs not getting rocket launchers….either way, even I who knows nothing about Rust think it's a shady base with tables on enemy side

  37. You used breaching chargres…. on a fucking TWIG WALL??! What the actual fuck is wrong with you? A little bit of common sense, come on guys.

  38. Camera and edit work at 11 min mark was amazing

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