RAIDERS with 3IQ RAID the WRONG BASE | Rust Solo Survival (2 of 4) -

RAIDERS with 3IQ RAID the WRONG BASE | Rust Solo Survival (2 of 4)

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  1. So after a lot of pausing and rewinding i figured out how to build the base to the end of this video atleast, veeeeery intressting design but i cant for the love of god figure out what you are doing with the half wall/low wall "rooms" yet!

    Cant wait to see it fully built up and 1vs15 raid defense!

  2. I just realized aloneintokyo the legend plays with 50-70fps

  3. Rest in Peace "The Launch Meta" You ruined his day atleast twice xD

  4. you should use # for the number of your episode so that we click on it and we have the episodes linked together

  5. For the ones that have seen literally every video could you PLEEEASE make thoose old videos public again? would be a blast to rewatch them…

  6. the best things for a solo player…. jackhammer & chainsaw

  7. I miss when I watched you with 10k subs, you done well for yourself, keep up the good content. Best solo player

  8. Man I look forward to watching your videos after school to just sit in my bed and watch my favorite YouTuber ily man keep up the good work☺️

  9. "there was a group of grubs who kept wrecking me" "so i waited till they got offline for a base inspection" lame, notice they had more loot in the 1×2 then your big ass base

  10. I'm in the top 0.05% of listeners this year with 82000 minutes listening

  11. 7:49
    >when the satchel u throw in your own base to scare an enemy out does not go off

  12. I mean, the title is a bit clickbait.

    They didn't raid the wrong base, they just checked a wood one

  13. My guy be asking his neighbors for sugar, and paying them with lead.

  14. Good you made many enemies. That means you're close to making a new base defense video :))

  15. Where can I find the music you used in this video? I can't find it on Spotify.

  16. lmao, Did you mute at 6:40 because he was saying some naughty toxic cry baby things?

  17. id really love to see you play on a modded server and see how you would progress and stuff

  18. good afternoon, can someone throw off a link to exactly how he builds this base, I can't understand how to put the foundations and everything else, too, if anyone helps, I will be grateful

  19. Just got my Spotify wrapped and maybe in another life was my top song for 2021

  20. Hey guys i'm pushing 1k hours and idrk how to build a main base. Any recommends?

  21. how do get soo good at pvp i have like 600hrs in dam subbed btw

  22. Скажи что ты русский. День первый

  23. hey wat is your base design for this wipe
    i am very interested as a solo player

  24. Hi AIT, Ive watched almost all your vids (my eng is not the best) I just want to say: Is curious that the best Rust content out there is a no-cam, no-voice guy who just play (fukin amazingly) while his own produced chill music is playing… Man, there is smth in your vids, some vibes Idk, that just push us to play. Great Job.

  25. Hope you never reveal your voice, I like it better that way. Also I love your content Keep it up

  26. I laughed a lot with this thumbnail LOL

  27. damn you shot that guys hazmat suit off lol

  28. About time you upload my new base design, slacker. Lol.

  29. alonenun türk olduğundan şüphelenmeue başladım

  30. watching aloneintokyo always gives me positive vibes
    Wonder how many hrs he has imma make a crazy guess like 15,000

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