Pump Slug is Underappreciated in the World of Rust - SOLO RUST #2 S85 - e-gamers.tv

Pump Slug is Underappreciated in the World of Rust – SOLO RUST #2 S85

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pump slug is a true beauty, time to slay out with it..

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  1. When those fuckers door camp you why not put a bag and stash outside with a kit?

    That’d be so funny just watching them fake run away 20 times before getting shit on lol

  2. honestly, being 6” and weighing 210-230 isn’t bad at all, if you were to lift free weights like bench for 45 minutes a day, you’d be jacked and nobody would fw you lmao

  3. Shots bro trust me you aren’t the only one who likes to be by their self. Hell Relationships are hard for me because I love being alone most of the time and as far as the family and friends thing goes never feel bad for you doing you. You’re working hard and they understand that. One thing you have to tell your self and understand is that you have your own life and business to run and in the end that’s the only things that matter till you start a family of your own. Never feel bad for sacrificing family time for success. We all do it and in this day of time you have too.. I sacrificed so much and many years to own my business and have all I have and I don’t regret it at the slightest. Just make sure to stay in contact don’t completely shut them out.

  4. In a comfort zone by myself is my favorite character trait. You're not alone in this at all 🙂 Very very happy to have you back on your own unique path, the pot stretch was unsavory and not you at best – won't go into the worst of it, just glad you're out of that route that changed you quickly and negatively. Probably many but the kiddies w/o brain cells that felt the same. This is like a daily journal for you, the reason that you are also comfortable not having to chase or relate to the fomo that others may feel. Be you, we love it 🙂

  5. I'm sure you will find your queen naturally at some point in your late 20s, there's no rush. Today I feel like I need a 8h video from you to chill out.

  6. when dylan says "decline" instead of "deny" every time

  7. Keeping to myself > being with people.
    Not everyone needs to be social all the time and that's perfectly fine, Dylan. I too prefer to be alone most of the time, being around people generally just stresses me out.

  8. You could always do a video set of each day only using one weapon and getting your skills slowly built with each one. Enjoy your videos

  9. I’m like the exact same way I’m told a lot that I barely talk when with my friends luv your vids

  10. I work 2nd shift from 4pm-2:30am Monday through Thursday. Everyday I get off work I lay down get on YouTube and ur recent upload is always waiting for me it’s amazing. When I started watching you I really thought maybe you talked to much but as I have been watching you for months now it’s very comforting it’s almost like ur having a conversation with ur viewers. Just wanted to comment and say keep up the great work my man!

  11. @shots me and my sister usually go deep in the water with boats and drop the air drops their more safer cause you’ll have the field of view when someone tries to steal the package and also will have the first shot

  12. I’m the same way where I’m in my comfort zone when I’m alone

  13. I always call my supply signal on dome in misty mornings like a true romantic.

  14. I’m so confused why are his items named differently

  15. Man, me too, lust is a waste of energy. I've never gone out of my way to find a gal but still met one's that interested me and are interested. So ya, it's a good approach.

  16. What do you think about the new permanent in game store and the new hazmat skin?

  17. I actually just turned 12 like 5 days ago
    Youll understand this comment if you watched the video till the end

  18. Your like a confused cry baby lol.

  19. my high light of the day (Dylan I am going to take a big poo) lol keep up the great work mate

  20. 1 is the loneliest number that you will ever do, 2 can be as bad as 1 but the loneliest number is the number 1 🙂

  21. Dude Dylan I get you I love getting home from school and just going upstairs and hop on my game and hangout with myself

  22. Yeah man go ahead and go travel or go out to a function or out to a bar or something man have some outside interaction it’s very healthy for you

  23. So aggressive….Dylan you are a Einstein ninja

  24. Bro I love your videos been watching everyday for a little bit now before work and dude how much I can relate to your life you got a friend over in Vegas anytime you need to get away and come hike some mountains and shit hit me up bro ! Peace Dylan 🙏

  25. You explaining yourself is me in a nutshell at 23 basically every thought feeling and idea of who you are and how we just detach yourself and just like to be alone although we have a family that loves us and we are solid but deep down I enjoy being alone. It's hard to explain but fk u basically are me. I got no friends I do no social shit I just like to chill and do me .

  26. Mate I could watch and listen to you all day. Some times you talk random shit just love some of the topics you talk about. And love your honesty keep up the good work man

  27. The conversations in today's video just felt a lot more relatable. I appreciate you telling us your thoughts because I share the same views on a lot of that stuff. Glad to know I'm not alone
    I find that detachment comes with age and wisdom…. I went from a party boy to a one man wolf pack purely because i like my own company… Its a strong trait to have and fair play to have the confidence to achieve it
    I feel like we are all your friends I have been listening for years and feel I gotten to know you and your a great guy and you always make me laugh that's why I love this channel.

    Your family will always love you no matter what so don't stress.

    Not my words but those are my feelings coming from people in the comment section. This just shows there's a lot of us lone wolf like minded individuals, which ironically makes us a community.
    I just started watching your channel but I already feel like you could easily be a friend of mine IRL. I def felt what you said about loving your friends even though you do a bad job of not going out with them or reaching out often, some of my best friends already know I spend my time alone but when we do hang out its just like we pick up from where we left off.

  28. I want to play with you or on your server so bad. I won't mess with your base at all and i won't be annoying I wanna get into the game and learn it.

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