PUBG PS4 Press Kit Edition Unboxing + PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Console Bundle -

PUBG PS4 Press Kit Edition Unboxing + PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Console Bundle

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Unboxing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Playstation 4 Limited Press Kit edition and Xbox One X PUBG console. Also Haglöfs outdoor clothes. Thanks to Sony and Haglöfs for sending the packages!
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  1. I have to see this video at 1.5x and then it look like normal video . But still i not watch full video 😆😆😆

  2. Who watched this video after pubg ban 😂😂😊

  3. I made my decision i will return to xbox 😭 i miss here

  4. Im fan of pubg
    but im best player that win at pubg
    my device for pubg is ipad pro
    love you

  5. The relaxing end broo one Xbox one X give me

  6. Dude you are the luckiest and the best unboxer in the whole world. I mean like you unbox that not everyone can. Dude you are awesome. It is my dream to get a Xbox one x. So bad. Pls continue to make video like this

  7. yes felling love with pubg pubg fan here 😁

  8. Yes pupg and red dead redemption and the online of it are my favorite games of all time

  9. Pro pubg player fan add me on pubg my name is Ethankillerpro8251

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