PS3 "GRAND THEFT AUTO V" UNBOXING! PlayStation 3 Super Slim GTA 5 Console -

PS3 “GRAND THEFT AUTO V” UNBOXING! PlayStation 3 Super Slim GTA 5 Console

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Unboxing PS3 Super Slim GTA 5 edition console. Grand Theft Auto V and San Andreas PlayStation 3 gameplay. Who’s excited for GTA VI / GTA 6 on PS5 and Xbox Series X?
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  1. How Manny rupee of this ps5 gta 5 edition

  2. I love ps3 because there are a lot of games you can play with 4 persons and the graphics are very good!🎮

  3. i remember where i got the ps3 super slim with the last of us inside i had no intrest in horror games but then a boyfriend from my big sister came to visit and it was late at night so they wanted to play the last of us on my ps3, but i was like 8 or 7 years old and was not allowed to watch my sister play, i wanted to play it but the game was gone! (was not digital)

    enjoy life and think of the nostalgia:)

  4. Please give me the link of buying this PlayStation 3 gta v

  5. Tbh the super slim isn't much sleeker than the slim

  6. But yoo can not play online because its 12gb 😔

  7. I have a ps3 and a 4, still love to play on the 3

  8. all ps3 gta gamers is here just for modding

  9. I'm a videogame fan, but I use console game playstation, I not have enough money for other's.

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  12. grand theft auto 5 and san andreas

  13. It can fit into GameCube now with a wii aksoc

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