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Hey this is another song off my album “Atlantic” It’s song where I reference a lot of different video games! there are SO many games i’ve played and enjoyed that this doesn’t even scratch the surface but here’s a few 🙂 !!

You’ll notice the beat sounds similar to the beat, I made this song first and thought the style of beat would work for the dva song so I just made something similar for that 🙂

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  1. 2019 anyone? Still wondering how this hasn’t gone big yet

  2. This song is so catchy that after a little over 2 years, I still remember the lyrics. Wow. Love your music. ~あけみ

  3. Thank you for mentioning 999! What an absolute lad

  4. OMG 999 and ace attorney why do you do such good raps with so good references? I LOVE IT

  5. Only thing that could've been added is a devil may cry, resident evil and maybe a bayonetta part but it's okay not everyone likes those games 🙂

  6. bra this is my new song to listen when going home. you rock

  7. [lyrics]:

    Verse 1:
    Ever since i was a little boy
    Not a movie kid
    And i wasn't the one to play with toys
    Instead you'd see me on PC
    Playing TF2
    In my Pajamas
    I'm helping Putt-Putt save the zoo
    Night to High Noon
    No one's changing my tune
    Crafting Roller Coasters
    I'm boasting that i'm a Tycoon
    Adjusting prices
    I'm lighting the fire inside my core
    Viciously i'm spitting out fireballs
    In the Guild Wars
    When i enter the room
    I'm bringing Doom
    Kaboom, blow out the doors
    Get my Payday 2
    You're soon to be Dishonoured
    Betray you with a callout
    Looking like a Dofus
    Managing with the Fallout
    I'm all out
    Welcome to your Rapture
    A Far Cry from home
    Looking for Pokemon to capture
    I'm gonna be the very best
    Testing my dedication
    It's my World Of Warcraft
    Owning Civilizations

    Verse 2:
    Fighting for my clan
    Hoshido need protection
    See me in the court room
    Raising up my objections
    Get an injection inside my Hospital
    I'm earning all these bells
    Selling insects that are tropical
    I'm a Thief
    A Sly Cooper whilst i'm staying quiet
    Solving problems on the High Seas
    I'm a Puzzle Pirate
    Professor Layton
    Whilst i'm finding all these clues
    Placing Portals on the Moon
    Then i'm flying like a Fighter Pilot
    Mario Kart
    Tag Team Racing and i'm coming first
    I'm enraging
    Super Sayain in the Xenoverse
    Send you to Oblivion
    Open up the Nether portal
    Stacking up Obsidian
    Escaping locked rooms
    Nine Nine Nine
    Killing Hitler screaming
    "Nein nein nein"
    I travel Hyrule, i'm adventuring far
    I'm the controller of my life
    A Jump Ultimate Star

  8. Man, you reminded me of so many fun hours in Puzzle Pirates. Shame that game is all but dead now. Really solid puzzle design, great community.

  9. Still waiting to get this on SoundCloud

    Still one of my favorite songs

    I'll keep waiting till my hair turns white like Kakashi, and I'm as old as the third hokage Sarutobi

  10. Imagine watching this in 2020 and it's not on spotify 😅

  11. Which is better
    Xenoverse: like video
    Xenoverse 2: like comment

  12. When I discovered you I was like this man is the best

  13. I love guid wars i am realy high level for my age im in 4th grade

  14. The 8bit sound was kinda sounding like ‘Back together’ by Stupendium

  15. I've listened to this 20 times and I still thinking WHY ISNT THIS THE MOST FAMOUS SONG ON YOUTUBE LIKE COME ON

  16. I wonder how long it took to think of all of those games

  17. this lad,
    played tf2 in pajamas, wasnt a movie kid. wasnt the lad to play with toys

    hmmm i see im not ze only one

  18. Why did i get to know about this song three years later, its sooo cool

  19. Hello, im coming back because i saw like all your other songs-

  20. Ladies and gentlemen I present tk you the goat

  21. Is it just me or do i keep seeing rustage vids with the same line "cuz everything u made was quite shit"

  22. Wasn't expecting Xenoverse to go into Oblivion!! Awesome rap!

  23. there was only one bad thing about this Rap the line:Fighting for my Clan Hoshido needs protection.I mean how coud you decide for hoshidos side wen you barely now them?

  24. Rap game all around the world Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮.Insane that is sick man fast or slow RUSTAGE can do it.😃👍

  25. he looks so different compared to current times lol

  26. I have subscribed Rustage with all of my 96 accounts

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