Pokimane Trolls Sykkuno With Pumpkin & Corn... & It's HILARIOUS [RUST] (MC) - e-gamers.tv

Pokimane Trolls Sykkuno With Pumpkin & Corn… & It’s HILARIOUS [RUST] (MC)

Boo Clipping
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Stream Date: 7/17/2021

Sykkuno @ twitch.tv/Sykkuno
Poki @ twitch.tv/Pokimane
Solvanas @ twitch.tv/Solvanas

Sykkuno & Poki were heading back to oil rig after losing their loot. During the boat ride, Poki was having fun with a pumpkin & corn conveniently placed in between Sykkuno in her inventory. It made it look like Sykkuno was facing the food items & eating them. It was hilarious from her POV, as for Sykkuno he had no idea what was happening from his POV. Pumpkin, Sykkuno, Corn… By the way, the black bars that pop up sometimes are for censorship purposes.

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  2. Trollkuno got troll by his Queen Poki.

  3. This was extremely sus from syk’s POV so I checked poki’s stream and I was dying laughing

  4. I was so confused on Sykkuno’s stream lol this is hilarious

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