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Poets of the Fall – My Dark Disquiet (Lyric Video)

Poets of the Fall (Official)
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► Lyric video by Markus Captain Kaarlonen
From the album Ultraviolet:
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Night, the world, it’s mine, with nobody else out here
It’s time, run wild and royally cavalier
To burn, ignite, I’d do it for so much less
When all is made clear there is nothing else

And here we stand, the sweet arresting duality
And I come to, it’s resin all over me
Will I awake, will I get a ride with you
In this race of two

We’re an endless stream of choices
We’re the softest murmur of voices

Without names we’re fantasising
Dancing like flames, mesmerising
My dark disquiet playing such eerie harmonies

Making waves and diving under
Lightning to the sound of thunder
My dark disquiet singing such haunting melodies

So white, so still, so bright, it’s almost too painful now
I’m ready to fight, to run from the light
And here now comes the sweet corrupting reality
While now I’m free, will I once cease to be
Will I awake, will I get a ride with you
In this race of two

We are momentary masters
We’re false kings and bastards

Without names we’re fantasising…

We are marionettes by strings animated
Yet like lovers of strings liberated

Without names we’re fantasising…

Brothers by blood separated
Marionettes animated
Lovers of strings liberated


  1. Found the song in the game and had to find it on YouTube to listen to it again and again The entire time I was listening to it in the game I was enjoying it but at the same time also paranoid that something was going to happen during the song lol

  2. Finally found this song after hearing it so many times on the fallout 4 wasteland music mod pack

  3. Thank you for all the amazing music over the years. ♡♡♡

  4. I just found this song by coincidence

  5. This song somehow reminds me of “Angels Crying”.

  6. So how many times do you need to watch this bind the songs power?

  7. I stood in that room for an eternity thinking something would happen

  8. Got Control for free in the Epic store… I love it so much, I feel like I'm a teenager again ❤️ and when I found this song in the lab 1 I stood listening to it while reading the lyrics in the blackboard, it was magical

  9. This has been all of my D&D characters theme song like ♥️♥️♥️

  10. When I found the acoustic room on this game I literally just stood in it to listen to this.

    They should've awarded a trophy or achievement for it 🙁

  11. So glad to see Remedy still working with this amazing band!

  12. There may be many dimensions but Jesse Faden stood still in the acoustics lab for 5:10 in every single one of them. 😁

  13. I didn't realize it until I listened to this in my car, but they sound EXACTLY like the Australian metal band Voyager. At least the vocals in this particular song. So if you want more like this, go check out their album "The Meaning of I" – You'll immediately see what I mean.

    I recommend "Seize the Day" or "Meaning of I".

  14. For who among us have touched the foundations of this world and deemed them solid?

  15. So I saw a comment talking about imagining if Control had a TV show and this be the intro song. And that just got me thinking why did Remedy waste the tie-in TV show with quantum Break, where I believe it would’ve been more successful with Control

  16. This song has more personality than the entire cast of Control combined.

  17. anybody else actually completed the questionnaire after listening to the song in the lab with such vivid images ?

  18. One strange room in the Federal Bureau of Control, and puff – a million views on YT. What are these supernatural phenomena doing with YouTube … What are these paranormal activities doing to people?

  19. awsome song before I hear from the game Control the song Take control, and when my are close I would never say that is a other singer. Sounds like twins for but this song is so awsome to love him.

  20. This song has got to have one of the best introduction stories I’ve ever had before.
    I had to find it after listening to it in control.

  21. I know this is just a fancy lyric video, but its also unironically one of my favorite music videos. The music slaps, and the visuals are hypnotic as fuck.

  22. Damn this has some serious Infected Mushroom vibes. One more amazing thing from Control

  23. Me and the boys vibing in the sound proof chamber

  24. The Poets can give you grungy, sad, motivational, existensial, sweet, charming and now even POWERFUL songs like these! I can't play Control but I can't imagine how ecscatic I would feel hearing this song there 😭

  25. At the very top of Central Research(need levitate) there's another music room.

  26. Thank you Control for this awesome new discovery both band and song!

  27. Ngl this was a pretty nice pause when I needed to clear the mold hosts

  28. The lab in control was the only reason I had ever heard of Poets of the fall and I haven't regretted a single moment as I've enjoyed every single song they've released.

  29. I hadn't heard of Poets of the Fall before playing Control. They are now among my favourite bands.

    Anyone else remember Windows Media Player visualisations and want one based on this video?

  30. who was hiding behind the chair while this song playing?

  31. Not gonna lie I heard like 4 or 5 time in the game and at least 8 right here from your video

  32. Since I found the Easter egg I pay this song at least once a week a visit ^^

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