PlayStation 5 Review: Next Gen Gaming! -

PlayStation 5 Review: Next Gen Gaming!

Marques Brownlee
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PS5 review from a casual gamer.
PS5 Accessories:
The Controller:
PC Gaming in 8K:

0:00 Intro
0:45 Design Thoughts
2:42 What’s New
5:01 Next Gen Gaming
7:12 Ray Tracing
9:52 NBA 2K21
11:07 The Controller
14:23 Final Thoughts

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Intro Track: Intertia by 20syl
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Console provided by Sony for review.



  1. I'll stick to my 1000$ pc thank you very much. Plus a lot of people overlook the fact that you need a 4K tv/monitor to get the full experience and that's another 500$

  2. I just bought a ps5 from a random lady. Stores keep curving me

  3. I wish i have a ps5 or just a ps3

  4. I bought a PS5 to play last gen games at Higher and F a s t e r

  5. playstation 5 no limits
    first thing you read is limit one per customer.
    and no stock. 🤔

  6. Here we are in September 2021 and you still can't go online at 23:41 on a Friday and just buy one.

  7. I gonna get mine soon hopefully at 1 cost I have to get good grades

  8. The wicked consonant ipsilaterally lick because xylophone muhly connect midst a fragile trip. malicious, minor diamond

  9. Does anybody know how BIG a raw gameplay video is when being recorded in 4K from the PlayStation 5, then moving it over to PC for editing?

  10. No its not a good controller you know that be honest

  11. Love the Flossy Carter shoutout 😅🤘🙌

  12. I Just got one finally!! I got it for retail from walmart too! the struggle is even harder from Canada! Good luck to anyone seeing this 🙂

  13. Ps5: the next generation of out of stock consoles

  14. "Russell Westbrook dying Russell Westbrick things" LOL

  15. Still can't get my hand son it🥲🥲

  16. Still don’t have one and even worse than the people who scalp list them for extra is the people who but them for an extra $400

  17. PSA: Marques knows and understands the risks. For the love of god, do NOT follow his example. The stand is designed to be used with the unit in either orientation and is easy to set up. If you DO choose not to use it in vertical mode then understand you are doing so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Any faults that may develop are likely to not be covered be warranty whether or not they were caused be this as you will still be seen as using the device improperly. If you value your console and the amount you paid for it then I highly advise you to use the stand AT ALL TIMES. That's what it's there for.

    Phew, than outta the way, it was painful to see you proping that up without the stand. Especially as you assume most to not use it. Took me forever to finally just get my hands on a ps5 on Monday and you can bet your ass I'm gonna baby it like it's my first born.

  18. I live my ps5 but there's like no real reason to have one right now, unless you just want to play ps4 games with better visuals

  19. 15:29 as a power PC user and FPS hog I can tell u just watching this… it's not even 30 fps here… EDIT: My guess is the snow was the issue? hardware couldn't handle that probably at 4K and all the particles…

  20. Can we all agree than this channel has the best intros ever 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  21. But is this really better than my PS1 🤷‍♂️ doesn't seem any better.

  22. Had my ps5 since launch and sold it recently I got bored not enough games yet

  23. Marques in the beginning: Explaining how good the PS5 design is is

    Me asking myself: Where the hell is the stand..?

  24. Not nitpicking but is that faint hum in Db key form the PS5?

  25. I actually got one with a bot. I figured in order to beat a scalper you need to think like one.

  26. Your videos are so detailed!
    Thanks SOOOO much for all of your tech advice and Knowledge

  27. I'm waiting for the sort of leap the PS3 did to the PS2, that was massive! This PS5 graphics aren't that much of a leap from PS4, even PS3.. What's the real point?

  28. james harden doing james harden things: makes 3
    russell westbrook doing russell westbrook things: bricks mid range

    first they stole money from my bank account then they blocked my playstation account with all my expensive digital games just because I cancelled the transaction of money which they stole from my bank account without my permission!!!

  30. You should use the stand so it doesnt slide and fall over jesus that's a 1000 dollar accident waiting to happen

  31. Pointless review. You realize it’s 8/6/2021 and 90% of people can’t buy one anywhere? Nearly a year after launch.

  32. Love this video, I luckily got my on day one and I hope everyone that is trying to get one can here by the end of this year 😁

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