Playing Each Video Game Console for the First Time - Retro Bird -

Playing Each Video Game Console for the First Time – Retro Bird

Retro Bird
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As gamers, our memories of playing specific video game systems are often very special to us. In this video, I talk about all of the various factors that go into determining what sort of initial impression we’re left with after playing a game console for the first time. Whether it be Sega, Nintendo, Neo Geo or PlayStation.. we all have a story for our first experience with each console 🙂

Playing Each Video Game Console for the First Time – Retro Bird / Playing Specific Video Game Consoles For the First Time

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  1. NES on Christmas Day with that gold cart…. I had an Intellivision before that and a GB and tg16 after, but that stands out.

  2. Most of my first time seeing games was at Sears! They had the game section between the boys and girls clothing departments. It was a small area just a counter with a console kiosk and couple of shelves of games. But I remember how cool it was and also Software Etc. in the mall was awesome back then I think I played the Dreamcast there for the first time.

  3. Gamecube ps2 xbo360 gba open out of the box was a magical thing

  4. My first console experience ever was playing Cruisin' World on the N64 at my childhood church, since it had a game room. I do remember the controller being super weird and it was especially awkward since my little 4-year-old fingers couldn't even reach the shoulder or trigger buttons. Then I played Smash 64 right afterwards and everything made sense.
    I think the only time I've ever had a negative experience first playing a console was a nintendo switch kiosk at a Target. The shitty, tinny rumble feeling like scraping a fork on a plate, the tiny nub ass analog "sticks", the nonexistent dpad, god what a piece of shit.

  5. a friend of my mother's gave me her old NES for my bedroom when I was 3 years old and my parents ( who didn't game at all, mind-you ) knew a few secrets in the first levels of Mario Bros. Being introduced to all this at once made me feel like I was being initiated into a sacred coven, that 9" CRT in my room became a shrine to great universal mysteries and endless adventure to my lil baby brain hahahaha

  6. First video game experience was actually on my dad's PC. I had Midtown Madness 2 and Buzz Lightyear of star command. Still have them both 😊

  7. Ohh man my first impressions owning the gamecube were HORRIBLE. Now i played it at my cousin's house, and I played it at mcdonalds. Those experiences were pretty good. One day we were returning from a vacation and I bought a 30 dollar gamecube on a whim with metroid prime from game stop used (in around 2011). The game disc did not work. I returned it and got another used copy. It did not work. I bought mario kart double dash. It works up until a point where it too does not work. I learned this when it failed during a party and all my friends were playing it together, very not poggers. I got sonic DX. IT mostly works but the disc does fail on the later levels. Same story with lego star wars. The last gamecube game I got was eternal darkness. The seller sold me the wrong region version…….. luckily i got a refund and didn't have to return the game (thanks amazon lol) but even though I do like the games I've bought, i've never really had good luck with getting the discs to run on this thing and it's made my experience kind of lukewarm at best. It's really a shame since almost all of my gamecube games are otherwise complete-in-box. I did enjoy collecting them and finding fun games to play on the system, especially when they were still very inexpensive, but I kinda internalized that they'd always send me a scratched/incorrect disc and gave up on buying anything for the system.

    on the DREAMCAST however, i had kind of the opposite problem. The games I got were always in good shape. It's just that aquiring them was always kind of hard. I got into collecting pretty late for the dreamcast and no stores sold any games for it. The games I could find were not really in my interest but I fell in love with dreamcast content through youtube and the internet. When I finally did get the games, I enjoyed them, and I enjoyed hacking my VMU and downloading VMU games and save files through the dial up modem. However, there is one problem. My dreamcast does not like to read discs. It takes about 30 minutes of messing with the system to get it to run anything. Dreamcast games are pretty difficult to come by, and it's sometimes taken me days before I could get a game to work…. but the payoff has been pretty great considering my games are in good shape.

    TLDR: Disc based consoles age FAST!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep your stuff in good shape, back up everything, and know that nothing lasts forever. Please take care of your gamecube stuff specifically

  8. I remember when I get my consoles
    Ps1 at age 10
    GBA at 12
    Gamecube at 14
    Ds at 15
    Wii at 16
    3ds at 19
    Switch at 27

  9. My family had consoles in the house before I was even born. We had a NES, Genesis, and even Atari 2600 for as long as I can remember. As for MY first console, it was a PS1. Oh man, it was glorious. It came with a pretty robust demo disc, and I played the heck out of that thing. I couldn't believe my eyes.

  10. I don't remember the first time I played the NES, I was too young. But I remember the first time I saw a Sega with Sonic being played. I was with my older cousin at his friend's house. I was blown away by how colorful and fast Sonic was. The first I played the N64, I played Mario 64. I again was blown away. By how huge that game felt. How you could go whatever path you wanted to go.

  11. I remember playing the Super NES for the first time on display at Kmart and I got to play Super Mario World. It was a blast! I was a young kid at the time and put the Super NES on Lay-a-way so they would hold one for me and paid it off slowly over time. It was a fantastic childhood experience that I'll never forget. Good times.

  12. I remember playing the Virtual boy in a blockbuster for the first time.. So my first experience with it was not good. Got a headache and felt really sick. Kind of like your Banana story here.

  13. So many memories I could share, but honestly, none of them are entertaining. Just the little things, y'know. Subtle things. Things like, the time I was playing E.T.(after it was buried lol) I believe I was handy to 4, my older brother and I playing it at my aunt and uncle's house. Could've even been my brother's 2600 jr. Just little memories, enjoying ourselves. Or my brother and I getting an NES for Christmas when I was 7. To this day, I still love shooting ducks, and to this day, I still can't find world -1

  14. Speaking of how the n64 controller is weird as a kid I used to rummage around our basement and one day I found my uncles purple n64 controller he had sold his 64 so I decided to keep it and it’s the controller I use to this day and it works great, the first system I played was the ps2 I’m not sure what game I played first because it came out a few months after I was born but I did have some ps1 games back when I was a kid the one I remember the most is Spyro the dragon after that I soon got the GameCube on Easter of 2003 I think then the original Xbox which we then sold to get the Xbox 360 but when I first saw the games on ps2 I was like “wow they look so real”

  15. I have no memory of playing a video game for the first time, but there are photos of me in my mom's arms in the delivery room, I am holding a 2600 joystick.

  16. I swear this is really Scott the Woz in some sort of human costume!

  17. First gaming system I bought myself was the gb pocket bought Pokémon yellow and mega man 2 best 4 months of my life in 98

  18. My first experience with a video game was in a daycare center at my local Big Y. There was this place called Little Y Kid's Club. I'd go there every time my mother went grocery shopping. At one point in time they existed. But before they shut their doors, they had Wiis. And before the Wiis, they had PlayStations. I can't remember if they were PS1's or PS2 slims, but they were top loading. Anyway the very first game I've ever played was Crash Bandicoot Warped. And it wasn't the world's greatest experience, as the controllers didn't have the analaog sticks. But that's what got me into both gaming AND collecting.

  19. I didn’t have a console system at the time, but a younger cousin of mine had a SNES. Every time I went over his house, we played Super Mario World. I asked my dad if he would get me a Sega Genesis and he told me no, but he would get me SNES games and whenever I go over to my cousin’s house, I could play my games on his SNES. That was a big no no for me 😂

    Any who, my parents eventually got me my first console and it was a Sega Genesis. I don’t know how my parents got it, but I came home from school one day and I was the happiest kid on earth.

    Funny story is years later, I used to frequent the mall and started going to the arcade. The arcade had Marvel vs Capcom 2 AND Capcom vs SNK. I played both games ALL afternoon and loved the games so much, I went home, grabbed a bunch of my games and consoles, went to Funcoland, and traded a bunch of stuff in for a Dreamcast, Marvel vs Capcom 2, and Capcom vs SNK. Those games were the only reason why I got the Dreamcast.

  20. My first console memory was playing Donkey Kong 64 with my siblings – a memory so fond that I went out of my way to buy a N64 and DK64 in 2014.

  21. I remember playing Pole Position II when I got home with my 7800. Of course I may have tried Asteroids first and just do not remember it. My first game ever would have been one of Combat, Pac-Man, or Fantastic Voyage on the 2600. Not sure which I played first, but it was one of those.

  22. First console was the NES. Super Mario and Duck Hunt are just burned into my brain for life.

    Most memorable first time playing a console experience is the Turbografx 16 Christmas of 1989. Went to my Cousin's house and he got one with like 5-6 games (Blazing Lasers being among them) and we played it from like 10 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon straight. Then my family went to my uncle's house in a different town and he also had gotten the Turbografx with I believe every game released that year. Played more games until like 9 at night. It was like 10 hours of playing so many new games on a new system I had never heard of until that day. It was awesome.

  23. I'll never forget playing Super Mario 64 for the first time as a kid and thinking graphics would never get any better.

  24. My first time ever playing a console was at a family reunion in 1988 when I was 7 years old. A distant cousin had a Nintendo and a bunch of us kids played R.C. Pro-Am the entire time, taking turns. I had played arcade games before, but the concept of video games at home was mind boggling. Later that year my brother and I got the Nintendo Entertainment System Power Set (The one with the Power Pad and Zapper) for Christmas. It is in my top 3 Christmases ever.

  25. The Super Nintendo was my best experience with a console that came with Super Mario world and I remember playing that all night for a 48 hour straight I couldn't stop playing

  26. Im in my 30’s and never owned or played sega cd or Saturn can’t wait to add one or both to my collection and fire them up for the first time!

  27. I remember the first time I played the PSone for longer than a quick session at a friend's place. My parents rented the system & Xtreme Games for me & my cousin, then I got food poisoning & slept for 14 hours & woke up really late/early & played until everyone else woke up.

  28. My buddy got a new ps2 when I was over for a long weekend, the first game was grand theft auto 3… we played starting Friday night at about 5pm until Sunday at like 4am non stop, no sleep, he blacked out onto the floor for us to stop

  29. My dad had a boxing game on his Genesis. I remember watching him play when I was still in diapers. The first game I played that was mine was Pokémon Yellow on my Gameboy color.

  30. 1st game console I played was the Sega Genesis and the game was Streets of Rage 2 and 1st console I owned was the Playstation 1 unfortunately I don't remember the first ps1 game I played

  31. My very first time ever playing a video game was at my friend's house playing Super Mario Bros on his dad's Commodore 64…

    I latter learned THAT wasn't ACTUALLY Mario I was planning but a altered version of a game I believe was called Geina Sisters that his older brother somehow reprogrammed to look like Mario was in it…

    Needles to say I was a little more than confused why my Mario game and Nintendo system and controller looked and played so differently than my friend Jay's… 😅

  32. my first console taught me how to read, gbc. b4 starting preschool, thanks video games!

  33. It was Christmas of '89, Mario Bros on the NES.

  34. First time I played any console was the super Nintendo at after-school daycare, they had a couple of games such as lion king, Mario kart and donkey kong. There were always +8 kids surrounding the screen and passing the 2 controllers when the console was on, it was alot of fun and exciting when it was finally your turn and with that a very good introduction to video gaming.

  35. 3:33 claims to love nanners, yet opens them from the wrong end. Hmmmmmmmm

  36. I decided to buy a Sega Saturn as an adult a few years back because at the time, it was the only way to play a decent version of Outrun and in my opinion still is bar the arcade. But OMG!! I was blown away by the Saturn in general especially shoot em ups. My Saturn library is now immense and full of Japanese imports. It’s by far my favourite console.

  37. Today I am playing on the Genesis for the first time. Controllers pretty cool. Time to try Ranger X, a game i bought last year

  38. Was fresh off of Atari when I first got to try the NES. Didn't even know it existed when a neighborhood kid invited us in to play it. He let us play as P2 and kept pausing the game during our turns. Blew our freak'n minds when we learned his "magic trick".

  39. I never had a game boy either till around 2010! I did get a gamegear instead in the early 90s

  40. Sonic The Headgehog on the Sega Megadrive/ Genesis was my first gaming experience. I then played the Atari 2600, the NES, the SNES, the Sega Master System, the Sega Dreamcast, the original X Box and the X Box 360, the Nintendo Wii at other people's houses. I first played on the Sega Saturn, when a family friend brought it over to our house. I first played the N64, the PS1, the Nintendo Gamecube and the PS2 at different Christmases. The PS4, I first played after going out and buying it from the store as an adult. I first played The Wii U at my ex girlfriend's place. I first played the PS3 in a shop before it's official release, they let me test it out with them as a good, regular customer haha. Too many game consloes lol.

  41. My first experience with the N64 goes like this. I was 9 years old and had just arrived home from somewhere and I was going out to the game room to play snes (super mario RPG I believe) and lo and behold there was a huge 3D mario face on the tv screen. Dad had snuck out to the game room and hooked up the N64 and turned on Super Mario 64 while we were away. I went to get my older brother to tell him what I had found and he nearly ran me over to get to it. Good times.

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  43. Games being played: Batman Returns (0:05), Revenge of Shinobi (0:25), Ninja Gaiden (0:45), Super Mario Land 2 (1:15), Crazy Taxi (2:10), House of the Dead 2 (2:25), Mario Kart 64 (4:13), Nights into Dreams (5:04), Super Mario 64 (6:22), Donkey Kong Country 2 (7:38)

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