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PC vs Console as Fast As Possible

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Is there a final answer to end the great PC vs console debate once and for all?

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  2. Can you make games on Consoles?

    PC Wins

  3. When you realise that people degrade your 2012-14 PS4 which is 400-450 dollars with their 2019-2020 PCs worth about 1000 dollars

  4. I choose PC for single player games.

    And i choose Console for Multiplayer games

  5. I cant wait for dlls to come to cod just more reasons why i like pc more that console

  6. Weird youtube algorithm at it again. We meet again 7 years later.

  7. I bought a gaming pc after watching this video and I have spent more time updating windows than playing games.

  8. this comment section is so fucking toxic it hurts

    just buy a console if you dont want to spend more money or just buy a pc if you dont mind spending a bit more

  9. Consoles saved the gaming industry and provided controllers that can even be used on pcs today course playing jump n runs sucks with a mouse after all 😉

  10. You can't run engineering software on a console and making a living off it. I make money from my PC due to my career/education.

  11. i use a pc but i couldn't give a singular f*ck what anyone else uses lol. i mainly use it for school and audio engineering, with gaming a side choice. like whatever works for you and makes u happy can't be better or worse. i used console for the large portion of my life and guess what? i was happy and content, now i use pc and by no means have i gotten happier or more contentment.

  12. Omg starcraft 64 ive been trying to remember what that game was

  13. What the fuck happened to just wanting to play a video game?

  14. PC exclusives are terrible though, just look at the top rated games of all time on meta critic, you have to scroll fairly far to find PC exclusives.

  15. Yes pc are always better than console but console is more powerful only for a bit a year or 6 months later pc will be better

  16. Ummm, you think a PC can acheive the same results as a PS5 for the same price? Try double the price, at least.

  17. I don’t care wtf you are playing on but stop making over generalizations about both groups. Nobody fucking cares that you think all pc gamers are that fat fuck from South Park

  18. I would choose the pc because of the practically

  19. Fuck you i play pc japanese games only

  20. I see alot of console and pc gaming haters.
    Just go to new to first and see the comments and replies.

  21. As a person who likes playing games my thoughts on this is do you bro , at the end of the day it should really about the games you like and having fun PC or console . If you like playing on PC great if you like playing on consoles that's fine too just enjoy the games .To me life is short as it is and it makes no sense arguing with people as to which platform is better.

  22. Why does he only uses the perspective of players

  23. "Life is not a spreadsheet"

    As a data analyst, I disagree.

  24. Ahhhhh, the good ol days of updates being ONLY 6.7GB….

  25. totally agree with whats bestandnot just is games…best is based on opinion only

  26. Xbox wireless dongle – custom interface for windows navigation with controller 👌 best console pc

  27. Console is just cheap but except this PC beats Console in every department

  28. anyone else watching this after the next gen console release?

  29. S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S
    Let's keep the folks , though / console / … But , this big ass heater are great //

  30. nathaniel or crystal the shapeshifter says:

    Like I was says appraisal board games you should should not cuz video games are awesome

  31. My 700$ pc can't run game that well as my 400$ ps4 pro. Even at the lower settings. But doesn't matter how great my graphics is on my ps4, I can never shoot well with my controller like my pc mouse can. People say the gpu of the ps4 pro is similar to the amd rx 470. But try look it up on youtube, for example call of duty warzone on pc with rx 470 the frame rate result is crap. Even at the lower setting. While ps4 pro can run at higher settings with no problem at maintaining 60 fps all the time. What im trying to say is video games are mostly more WELL OPTIMIZED for the consoles. Gpu manufacturers want u to keep upgrading your gpu so that they can keep sucking money from u thats why u cant get good results with the same gpu because they don't want u to. Like what linus said, who cares whats in the box. What matters is the result u get on your screen.

  32. This is the reason I have a PC, and Xbox 360, and a switch

  33. And here we are in 2021 with RTX 3090s running 4K 60fps triple A titles while PS5 needs dynamic resolution to keep itself from exploding

  34. But….. PCs are the cheapest since you actually don't have to pay for the games.

    If you know what I mean!

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