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PC Gaming In 2021 – Just Buy a Console? Playstation 5 & Xbox Series X Vs PC Gaming

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The Playstation 5 from sony, and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S consoles have made quite a splash in gaming because of the amount of tech crammed into their smaller form factors for under 500 USD.

The Xbox Series X makes a great argument if you’re interested in the Microsoft ecosystem, and your money you get a Zen 2 class CPU, a 12TFLOP RDNA 2 GPU, 16GB of GDDR6 memory and of course the SSD.

Sony’s PS5 provides you with tons of exclusive Playstation 5 experiences, and whilst Sony will port those titles selectively to PC, you have to imagine that the latest God of War will take some time to get to PC. The PS5 specs are a close approximation of Microsoft’s, with tons of custom hardware.

Though of course, in the end the PC is an ever evolving platform – and the Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 fall far short in raw pixel pushing horse power compared to say a Radeon RX 6900 XT from amd, or an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090 graphics card. The issue of course is that the hardware shortages, the general unstable prices in the market and perhaps a little general confusion right now has lead to a number of people debating if they should sit the current generation of PC hardware out, jump on PC and then possibly wait until we see the RX 7000 series from AMD (Navi 3x) or the RTX 40 cards from Nvidia, along with either Intel’s Alder Lake or Zen 4 class CPUs from AMD.

Let me know down below what your thoughts are on PC vs console gaming in 2021, and how you feel the Xbox Series X or PS5 compare graphically to a modern day PC.

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  1. I needed a new capable laptop for work and I recently grabbed the Series S as a nice casual budget box. I think I'm set for a while. PSVR2 is the only reason I'll want a PS5 eventually.

    Series S is a lot better than it gets credit for. It's really nice if you're a fan of older games too.

  2. I'm expecting another wave of 'but actually good' affordable SteamBox's with RDNA2 APUs, which will finally help Linux gaming reach mainstream use & acceptance.

  3. I last upgraded my PC with a 980. I skipped the next gen but when the 20 series was announced I was underwhelmed by the performance and the cost increase. So I decided to wait another gen. Well they took so long and the new consoles came out. I always get the PS console for exclusives so I snagged a launch day PS5. While the new GPUs are better they are not amazingly better.

    Plus I would need to upgrade my GPU, CPU, and my monitor. The performance boost just really isn't worth all that currently and I spend less time gaming than when I was younger. Plus I feel like some massive jumps in things like ray tracing will be coming in another gen or two. So I am going to just sit back and relax.

  4. If AMD go Intel route and put low end graphics inside wouldn't it be great if AMD came up with a way to either shut down the on-board GPU if Discreet card fitted or re-perpouse it to do something else or boost the discreet Card.
    I'm no to console as pcs more fun but cash tight too so need it to wear many hats however if MS were to bring Office and other productive stuff like the Amiga had, I would consider it.

  5. I love PC gaming but am not going to pay the inflated prices on graphic cards. I have been playing the series x and the games play and look great. I will stay with consoles until prices come down.

  6. I own a PC(3080ti, 5800x), PS5, and a series X. I use my PC mostly…but I love my PS5. My PS5 is my bedroom—because it’s so ugly lol—and my series x is in the living room. In this current world…you need all of them. My humble opinion.

  7. Xbox is the dominant platform.

    (More 'Active Monthly Users' than Playstation, second to Steam)

    More games for this generation, more cross play support..

    If you buy the games on their platform, it carries over to PC too… Win win.

    Playstation; you'd have to re-buy the game to play it on PC – when you are ready to get what you need to upgrade your PC.

  8. Ps5 and series x not far off pc I'd say next gen will make pc look silly

  9. PC people are not able to play with the controller. This is their biggest obstacle. Rather, they spend $ 1000-2000 more just to use a mouse during games (buying a PC). Not many games use m&k support on consoles.

  10. IF I can get me a PS5 this Winter I will totally buy it for ffxiv online and others. BUT these damn bots and scalpers is making it impossible for people like me to even get one. UGH.

  11. I got a series S and really enjoying game pass I don’t think I will go back anytime soon. As a responsible adult it’s not about graphics anymore, it’s about value. Can’t drop big money on graphics cards or any other pc components anymore. This is a nice compromise and I still enjoy my games. Also don’t have to wait for a card.

  12. had series x sold it after 2 months i will never give up on pc

  13. If you're looking for a console, that'll be fine.
    But if you're looking for a PC that's a PC.

    If it's just the game you want, then go ahead! I'd personally choose Xbox. (Laughs inside how about how MS destroyed the "exclusive" game sony was playing in the gaming market)

  14. Honestly I'd only go back to console when both the ps5 and new xbox are available on store shelves. Not in a rush and not dealing with stock availability when supplies only last minutes on websites and of course not buying anything at scalped prices.

  15. I'm playing everywhere… i have a 3600x + rx5700xt + 16gb (for games like Age of Empires IV), a ps5 (for exclusives) and a xbox series s (game pass). Buying a gpus at these prices just aren't for me right now. Waiting for the next generation.

  16. Currently I'm mostly console gaming, have been for the last 5 or 6 years. Have ps5 and series x. A medium end laptop that very rarely gets gamed on it's about 4-5 years old now. As I am running out of electronics to buy I might build a pc next year, I really feel they currently aren't a big enough upgrade over the consoles to do both currently and I don't want to compromise in my machine when I put it together… I want good future paths for upgrading when I do build it.

  17. For me I got a series x, ps5 and gaming pc I use ps5 for exclsuives only series x for everythibg else the only reason I turn on the pc is for warzone and fov slider that's it the series x hits 60fps in all new games and it's nearly as good quality as my pc

  18. I gave up on PS5, I've been saving up for gaming laptop. desktop PCs don't seem worth it right now. I am trying to hold off until 2022 until Either parts become cheaper and widely available again (lol?) or I can just buy a nice prebuilt. Also games are much cheaper on pc, and its easier to manage storage devices, i plan on having a huge library with various generations of games. I also don't wan to be at the mercy of Xbox Live or PS+ services and networks paywall to play games. most of these things I can ignore, but unless I can somehow build a steam library on playstation or xbox platforms it ain't worth it for me.

  19. I don't F…ing care. No 300€ GPU is a no buy, period. Stop making excuses for these companies. Just look at NGreedia's and AMD's last three quarters financial reports.
    Their profit margins have skyrocketed. I bet AMD's profit margin on 6600XT is close to if not more than 100%. It's just greed and taking advantage of duopoly, pure and simple.

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