PAYDAY 2: Character Pack Spotlight - Rust -

PAYDAY 2: Character Pack Spotlight – Rust

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OVERKILL Producer Almir Listo introduces you to Rust. The latest heister to join the PAYDAY gang.

For information on PAYDAY 2 and Rust, visit the links below:

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  1. saldrán esos 4 o 3 nuevos personajes para ps4 por favor dígame se ve muy bueno el contenido nuevo que acaban de sacar

  2. i use the biker perk deck with the hostage skill tree. so my cop converts and my crew will heal me. it's like being deadpool

  3. Is Rust from that biker show Sons of Anarchy?

  4. "As well by Time traveling Robots" Nice Terminator Reference Almir Listo

  5. Is this supposed to be loosely based on Sons of Anarchy

  6. I really want to see this character in Payday 2 on PS4 and Xbox One

  7. "Good" to see Clay is back as a villian again, just im a game this time

  8. Omg if they had Terminator to the game I'm done.

  9. So to sum it up. Get trolled by unhelpful team mates who want you to die and don't kill anything.

  10. 1. Max out the Tank skill tree
    2. Equip the heaviest armor you've got
    3. Equip this perk deck

  11. 2:07 that is not how you load a shell into the chamber rust go home you are drunk

  12. Funny Terminator reference. Ah these 80's movies.

  13. more than 7 characters and no one actually impress me why the fuck they don't let us create our own characters

  14. Ron did a good job in hell boi, i men hell boy

  15. Why is he pumping the shotgun when it's a lever action? Lmao

  16. why is rust reloading the shotgun like if it was a 12 gauge or something

  17. i think the perk deck is good for death sentence with your friends thats my opinion

  18. Please add a Puerto Rican heister 🇵🇷🇵🇷

  19. they did all of the spotlight's. EXCEPT JACKET

  20. I'd rather have a bullet fired from a Wild West shotgun than being whipped by a chain.

  21. This is grinder but for lazy people like me.

  22. I got rust pretty much for Ron but this Is cool too

  23. Chain whip sucks, but Shotgun made the DLC good

  24. His stance with the chain whip makes him look like an abusive father

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