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Johnny and Kim look back at first dating and playing video games

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Anamanaguchi did a reaaaaally good job on Scott Pilgrim the videogame soundtrack. Amazing band !

  2. Kimonetta?!?!? No? Ok. You guys are going to be such kickass parents one day. Make sure too have them play the classics before you get them the curent console.

  3. Damn, Kim seems like a person that I would not try to hook up with 😀

  4. Yeah I've thought about buying a used 360 with Scott Pilgrim on it but then I see what they're asking for in Ebay and I'm like I'll pass

  5. just had my 15 year anniversary to my patient and understanding wife, congrats!

  6. Hey Johnny, it's good to see your as lucky as myself with a great Lady in your life, said 4 years when buying my first arcade machines in 2001 Just need to find a girl that loves the 80's and would be happy playing on Double Dragon, and Commodore 64, yeah like i'd find a girl like that, only to bump into my first Girlfriend while working one day which can't of been that long after your Ninja Warriors Review in 2009, just to say what a decent guy he is folks, he messaged me prior to the Video asking if it was ok to use some of my NW footage in the Review, dont forget things like that ;0) We've been together again since that day which is about 10 yesrs ago, she not only loves my arcade machines, she always wanted a C64 when younger but never had one but she has now,bought Toobin machine as that made her laugh playing it in mame, she even had some driving games for PC and steering wheel so my Outrun Deluxe was a winner:0) and she's a Beautiful Lady too, Best wishes to you both

  7. I recall my girlfriend and I seeing Scott Pilgrim as well and had such a fun time. But the movie/date that I really remember was seeing V is for Vendetta. Was a late night show (at the old New West theatre on 6th, actually). Rode our bikes home in the night like a couple of over-excited kids in our 20's. A really great memory.

  8. I love playing gaimz with my gf! Y'all are cute. Good video.

  9. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but your joy is infectious. It’s great that you found each other.

  10. You guys are so doggon cute.

    We've heard about Kim embracing games, I want to hear HCG's Twilight and True Blood reviews ;D

  11. I swear to God you guys are the absolute friggin' cutest jellybeans in all the land. Your videos always make me smile!!!

  12. Scott pilgrim was also the first game my gf and I played, great video lots of laughs thanks for sharing Johnny

  13. my wife did not like horror films….until she met me MUAHAHAHA 😀

  14. Always good to have your better half on once in awhile.

  15. spouses are awesome, truly a blessing. My wife and I met at Hewlett packard because of a mutal love of anime (we noticed each others avatars in chat) after a few weeks of talking we met in the company kitchen and started dating. WE love watching anime and playing games together

  16. “Welcome back to another Kim, this is not a different Kim, this is my same wife”
    I’m happy that you mentioned that. I remember commenting in a previous video about how you say “another Kim” so I found the intro to this video too funny :3
    Also, Scott Pilgrim is amazing and i’m happy that you two both love the movie and game so much. Hopefully we’ll get that physical release 😊

  17. I met my wife at work (pizza delivery) in high school. I always thought she was cute and funny but she was dating someone so I never talked to her. We worked together for about a year and I quit. About a year went by and I saw her working as a hostess in a restaurant. I worked up the courage to ask her out (she was single) and we started dating. Things didn't work out and we went our separate ways… she ended moving to a different state. Then, a few years later I noticed her car in town and saw that she was driving. I gave her a call that night to see if we could just talk and catch up. We hung out a few times every week as friends. We started to get closer and bond more… 5 years later we got married. We just had our 15 year anniversary last November 2018.

  18. Man I had one of those experiences with Interstella 5555 too. Night before I moved from New York to Nevada I was drinking and smoking weed with some friends and my gf at the time. Like you said can't explain the feeling but just a sublime experience about life for me, must have watched it 3 times that night.

    Congrats on 10 years to the happy couple!

  19. Johnny, I think if you browse through your purchase history on the X360 you can download Scott Pilgrim again.

  20. My god! These are relationship goals, so bad! You guys are the best!

  21. I told you I’d find it 💯💯
    Love your videos my man!
    Amazing stuff!
    All the best to you!

  22. You're lucky, I had given up on finding anyone for about 10 years. (not exaggerating)
    When I was 35-36 I found someone that cares about me, but we literally have nothing in common and after about 7 years it doesn't look like it's gonna change. 😞

  23. You are so lucky I would love to have a beautiful woman like Kim and she plays video games perfect just perfect

  24. Lmaooo. When Kim was talking about the intercom bit, I could literally HEAR you saying that.

  25. It's funny because me and my wife watched Scott Pilgrim early in our relationship and we both liked Edgar Wright and yet we had the exact opposite experience. We both HATED it. I had really high expectations, and I haven't revisited so I don't remember why we hated it so much, but I thought it was funny I had the polar opposite experience.

  26. Thanks a lot for that little speech at the end Jon! It makes me so happy to see that two people slowly falling for each other and getting to know each other over the years can become such a great couple. You guys are really radiating whenever you are on the screen together. Blows all my media-indoctrinated romanticism right out of the window 🙂

  27. Re: Download only games.

    You cannot buy Scott Pilgrim but you can redownload it via the history section (on 360). It can be a bit of a pain to locate a specific item in the history list, but it does work.

    On top of that you can reset your digital licences every 6 months so you can have the game accessable on more than one console with a bit of effort and planning.

    If anyone wants any help or pointing in the right direction drop me a message and I will do what I can.

  28. man this video makes myself replan my whole life

  29. You are a lucky man, John. I'm so happy for you.

  30. You're a lucky guy. I need to move to America. English girls are nothing like her

  31. A gal called me a dork once…I proudly agreed, smiled, and whipped my dork out for her. Good times.

  32. I know these mushy videos don’t always get the most views but please keep making them and posting them! They make me so happy! And I’m so happy for you both!

  33. I met my wife in a chat room in 1997, (dial-up internet) We where 4000 miles apart. Married 22 years now, and video games are a huge part of our life.

  34. Irronically I love games, I'm a geek, I'm an anime freak, you name it and I'm still single. Oh well I'll spend the rest of my life collecting games, figures and that for me will be….. LIFE WELL SPENT. 🤣🤣💜

  35. Sees Bayonetta box art and accidentally whispers it at the same time as Kim XD

  36. Ya'll excited for the scott pilgrim vs the world game complete edition coming to ps4/xbox 1/& switch?

  37. JOHNNY THE SCOTT PILGRAM GAME IS BACK ON THE 14TH JANUARY, i'd love to see what you think of it 😊
    EDIT: ah you played it, great that its coming back 😊

  38. You two are amazing together God Bless both of you guys what an amazing match made in heaven

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