ORIGINAL XBOX UNBOXING! (First Xbox Console) Treyarch First Call of Duty Gameplay - e-gamers.tv

ORIGINAL XBOX UNBOXING! (First Xbox Console) Treyarch First Call of Duty Gameplay

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Unboxing the original Xbox console first released in 2001. Awesome to have some of these games backwards compatible on Xbox One! Playing Call of Duty 2 Big Red One, Battlefield 2, Counter-Strike, Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2. Great console for first person shooter genre!
Sony PlayStation unboxing
MW2 Xbox 360 Limited Edition

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  1. i want order in my home but i dont have card

  2. do the magnafox unboxing please

  3. I still have this Xbox but I don’t use it

  4. Halo 2 was my best ways to get up every morning and start playing this game online on my original Xbox days 💯💯💯

  5. I have a halo green edition Xbox still in box with plastic around it. Box is kinda crinkled a little on one corner but other than that it’s good.

  6. Old is gold 💙💙💙…my mind is imaging about old time I spent 😪💙

  7. Can you do the Nintendo unboxing? (The first ever Nintendo console made)

  8. I have that console but i dont know what game is compatible in that console plss help me choose a game for my console

  9. Damn forgot how dope the original ps1 and Xbox boxes were.

  10. That Duke controller was awful and the new one is still today. I like both system but sorry Sony makes the best controller hands down imo

  11. I love the look of the green logo in the middle looks nice and also I liked the green cases too. 🎮😊

  12. Played the COD Big red one in PS2, but the graphics in xbox is far more better than PS2.

  13. That system is a beast put this with halo 2 o m g what a combo

  14. I still have this kind of console and is it possible to use xbox 360 games to this console?

  15. Me: starts up xbox
    Xbox: you are now going to play but before you play I would like to give a huge thank you for raid shadow legends for sponsoring this console. ( in fact you should go play it now)
    Me: really

  16. you go all fancy with the white gloves i like that :3

  17. I was 4 or 5 yr old when i playd halo1-2 and remember everything

  18. Used to play a lot of Halo on this thing.

  19. the first x box controller is a really dumb design it looks stupid but great video.

  20. Awesome video!
    I picked Call of Duty 2 Big Red One up used at a gamestore during a school trip to Stockholm back in high school.
    One of the best CoD-games ever!

  21. Having this on weekend would be fun after hitting the gym

  22. The fact Andy (Marlston) has been around since COD 2 says a lot!!!

  23. The memories are too strong I usually don’t cry but this made me tear up a little bit

  24. He says in subtitles "hope you are relaxing" then pulls out a knife

  25. pause at 4:53
    I think the original Xbox had a very strong design compared to all of the future xbox consoles. The giant X on the surface of the console, the GREEN jewel + Green logo design. It was very distinctive. In that ERA, Gamecube = PURPLE, PS2 = BLUE and XBOX = GREEN. You had three distinctly different consoles to chose from. No stupid naming conventions, everybody knew which console was which, and they each had a distinct identity. And if you were lucky enough to afford two consoles, you had to start a thread on IGN forums to discuss which 2 consoles to pick. Or if you were the rich kid, you owned all 3. I miss those days. I had a GameCube and PS2.

  26. The unpacking gloves and having gloves already makes no sense

  27. How could you unbox a xbox? It’s most of the name. That was a bad joke.

  28. I remember I got this consul for my 5th birthday when it has just come out. This was my first introduction to video gaming and I was not disappointed

  29. Andy Alan from COD 2 also voiced by the same guy who voiced Robin from teen titans and Marlon from Black Ops 2

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