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Oil Rig Soon? 🛢 Rust Console News 🎮 PS4, XBOX, PS5, Xbox Series X|S

Jade Monkey
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Is the Rust Console Edition going to get the Oil Rig monument soon than we think? Is Rust Console going to the Oil Rig monument at all? Well I have found some compelling evidence to show that they have been testing the oil rig monument on the current version of Rust Console edition on PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X. Looks like we will get the beta skins either way and we may get the staging branch soon here either with this patch or the next for the look of it. Wipe day just happened in rust Console Edition for PS4, Xbox, PS5, Xbox Series X. This will be a soft wipe for all servers weekly and monthly servers on all platforms, that means that the board and all of your loot will be gone but you keep all of the BP (blueprints) from previous wipe. Wipe for June 24th 2021 2 pm EST / 11 am PST / 7 PM BST. Glitch that will let you get all the top tier loot in Rust Console Edition day 1 with out any red card or fuse needed, just radiation protection and some heals and you are on your way to easy rockets, rocket tubes, armored doors, explosives (item) and more. Rust console update news for PS4, Xbox One, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, PS5, xbox Series X, Xbox series S. Patch 1.03 will be bringing in some fixes that the community have been excited for, things like, the 5 second freezing, the skin patch show skins show up for deluxe and ultimate players. Bringing you the latest Rust Console Edition News for all Rust console platforms PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X. This amazing open world survival game will go full release on May 21st of 2021. Rust Console edition release date has been announced along with the price and beta access plus early access for Rust Console Edition pre-orders on PS4, Xbox, PS5, Xbox Series X|S. We go over mouse and keyboard support, Skin support for console, Rust+, Controller layout, Twitch Drops crossplay and Rust getting an ESRB/PEGI rating recently. This video talks all about New Rust console info, and how Rust is coming to PS4 and Xbox one. New Rust Console Info! Rust PS4 and Xbox Beta News! This is the most up to date information on the console beta information and rust console information we have right now. Rust Console Beta is happening in 2021 and I am more excited than ever to share the most up to date information about one of the biggest open world survival titles to be released on the console platform ever! Rust was officially announced for beta and full release of Rust in 2021 and is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One! Be the first to play in the Rust Beta for PS4 and Xbox One. Rust has been officially Announced Rust is coming to Playstation 4 and Xbox One soon in 2021. Rust is coming to console! Gary has confirmed it and now we are just asking ourselves when this PvP Open World Survival game is coming to PS4 and Xbox. Rust is the premiere PvP open world survival game that all other games are judged by.

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  1. Can’t wait jade keep us updated! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  2. I always thought that next major update was gon a be the tek tree

  3. anyone else having fps problems on the one x? Ik it’s considered old gen now but with 12gb of ram idk why i’m getting 10 fps.

  4. I'm done with this game until team cheating is addressed. Tried 4 servers on ps4 for a few weeks and all 4 times same experience. Build up with a few buddies to get raided by groups of 20+ zerg members flattening our entire metal base to foundations with rocket launchers just causs they could….only way to counter this is to join a zerg but I dont wanna be part of the problem after being on the receiving end multiple times.

  5. I quit rust console earlier this month because combat is wack but ill come back for Oil Rig.

  6. Jade monkeys vid pops up and all I read is oil rig mike Mike Mike Mike Mike Mike

  7. They never said Oil Rig would be coming. Plus the first updates we are getting are Tek tree and Power Surge. D11 aren’t capable of putting Oil Rig on console this year. It’s been 4 weeks and they can’t even put out a simple patch. Or a skin store. Expect Oil Rig in another 2 years.

  8. This game runs like dog shit on console dont play it it's so bad

  9. Oil would be so good for console if they do it right but I feel like smaller monuments like water treatment will probably be added first and the GL from what I know has been in vending machines for a decent amount of time now

  10. “Heyyyyy” kaboom was my favourite part 😂😂😂

  11. I think that console players need a way to improve their aim cause most fights just take so long can no one can hit ak or mp5 shots

  12. In beta on the vending machine there used to be a picture of a Smoke Rocket and the L96 and now the picture is gone sadly

  13. What is going on sir, glad to be back watching your top notch content 🤘

  14. Would love to see some new content already since it's been almost 2 months into the console release and oil would be a fun monument to do for loot and pvp

  15. What i would say is that now that the launch glitch is patched, they need to add another blue card monument as airfield will be way more contested

  16. Good thing you missed peppermint with that shot Odin would be upset lol

  17. The issue I am finding being on the next gen console is without a separate version for nextgen they will not be able to push updates as fast every update so far there has been issues on the ps4 so they have focused on fixing them. The game should have been released with early access added to the title so they could do more updates and not have to get sign off 1 update a month is not anof.

  18. You can’t expect them to add oil rig yet because
    1. The map is not even big enough
    2. We would most likely need minicopters and I don’t think that us last gen players can withstand it

  19. I think its a performance issue because it was even in the vending machines in beta but idk

  20. I hope they change the blueprints to how it is on pc

  21. I dont expect it any time soon, stuff like fps are still as bad as in the closed beta, dont get me wrong tho i love this game and i want it to succeed but the devs really need to start fixing stuff or give out more info about the stuff there doing

  22. I wonder when console will get the flyable helicopter

  23. This has been in the rust console vending machines for months now since the beta

  24. They have said oil rig will not be coming out yet people need to learn to read there twitter posts and there website

  25. I mean who even cares about rust its the knock off version of ark you cant even enjoy the game because they wipe the servers everyday sorry but i like keeping my stuff longer than a month month wipes are a joke u get two weeks in and everyone quits the pop dies and everyone waits on the next wipe if they had longer wipes it would be different but one month is laughable

  26. Before they add oil or even smoil they need to nerf scientists man them fuckers have aimbot fr fr

  27. There was someone selling one at a vending machine in my game it said he has 1 left just Bc at first I was like “no way” and had to double take but the grenade launcher and grenades are in the game

  28. Why does no one cover how much better the game runs on PS5 and Series X?! I got a PS5 and Series X like 4 days ago and going from old systems to the new,..it's a totally different game!! Pvp is silky smooth at 60fps + (I think even more) the game looks better, no lag, no invisible ppl. The game on Next (current) gen consoles plays like what I watch from Rust PC vids, back when I only dreamt of playing the game. (I'll never go to MnK 😆) but I wanted to play the game so bad!! When I played it on PS4 I was super excited, then super disappointed as I realized I wasn't really playing rust. It was a glitch laggy mess. The Ps5 and Series X on the hand are what I saw in the videos of PC gameplay and totally change the game! This game honestly is a "next gen" game. That's just the facts. It shouldn't of been made available for ps4 and Xbox one at all. The difference between playing on the old and current gen systems is absolutely indescribable.

  29. The game plays and looks so motha fricking good on PS5 and Series X. It plays like a nicely made, smooth, game. I actually hit shots now and not wonder where my bullets will go, or my bouncing around the screen enemy will go lol. It plays like it should. Going from old to current gen which I have now, the game is perfectly acceptable and fantastic, but on old gen it was a shame of a game. It's literally two different games! One is broken and mangled into oblivion and the other runs surprisingly well for such a new game. (Looks and feels better too just all the way around.) I really think it should've been a next gen only title but D11 didn't want to miss out on any money. They had to know what such a huge difference on power from old to current gen systems would do, because I see the difference and I didn't develop the game. The difference can't be stated enough!

  30. The MGL is on console vending machines making me think it's either this wipe or next

  31. Omg who cares about the trash old consoles f them release it to the next gen consoles immediately or ppl will stop playing Im not playing next whipe if its not there

  32. Only thing they need to add is custom servers oil rig is pointless until they add helis the boats are horrible to drive

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