Official Console Tier List -

Official Console Tier List

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  1. This is why I hate dunky’s takes, he’s just a PlayStation fanboy

  2. "X Box series X, not to be confused with X Box One X" — then casually putting X Box One X to 'X' tier

  3. such a playstatiom fanboy your opinion doesn't count

  4. When your gameboy backlight is a frontlight and looks like a fuckin' purple snake. Ahh, my fuckin' eyes, were those good times…

  5. I hated this video so much, but I still liked it because dunky

  6. the vectorman theme in the background killed me

  7. Is that video was made by dunkey's little brother while he was blindfolded

  8. I love how it starts sorta genuine as dunkey slowly become more far gone

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