Official Console Tier List -

Official Console Tier List

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  1. That’s it dunkey is my new least favourite YouTuber. PS4 is better than Xbox

  2. "And thats what I love about microsoft as a company."


  3. Dunkey: “Reggie sucks”
    Everyone: Say sike right now.

  4. 2:32 This is why the SNES is in the C tier you guys are so pissed right now.

    5:07 D Tier. You guys are so pissed right now.

  5. gaystation fanboys are absolutely fuming with this factual tier list

  6. "Dreamcast?! Kiss my dream ass!!" – Paul Creenis

  7. I thought this was Chad warden for a second.

  8. The only reason why dunko didn't rank the nintardo higher is because he hated reggie the turkey from free birds.
    S tier for Soyboy Reggie

  9. The amount of sarcasm he has towards Microsoft is legendary

  10. This is the 1984 of tier lists Dunkey smh

  11. Good list, except that i would put every console in the FFFF- tier other than the Jaguar, which would be in A tier, the xboxseseses which would remain in the X tier and the new Souljastation which would be the only S tier console

  12. I beat blood borne secret ending
    The first level made me throw my controller at the window.

  13. Meanwhile, the Magnavox Odyssey is sighing of relief… Or distraught at not being mentioned. Depending on whether it's a Dunkey fan or not.

  14. You can actually play fortnite on the switch lol

  15. Nes classic, sg-1000 never played it classic

  16. I love how the Dreamcast was the only console he gave a mildly genuine description of.

  17. I spent soooo many hours playing Blast Corps growing up lol

  18. I love how it starts sorta genuine as dunkey slowly become more far gone

  19. Is that video was made by dunkey's little brother while he was blindfolded

  20. the vectorman theme in the background killed me

  21. I hated this video so much, but I still liked it because dunky

  22. When your gameboy backlight is a frontlight and looks like a fuckin' purple snake. Ahh, my fuckin' eyes, were those good times…

  23. such a playstatiom fanboy your opinion doesn't count

  24. "X Box series X, not to be confused with X Box One X" — then casually putting X Box One X to 'X' tier

  25. This is why I hate dunky’s takes, he’s just a PlayStation fanboy

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