Next Generation Retro Plug and Play Dongle HDMI 4K Console -

Next Generation Retro Plug and Play Dongle HDMI 4K Console

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Found this HDMI 4K Retro Game Console on ali-express.
All 1 one Retro Console from NES up to PSX, only how does it perform ?

Where to find ?

Naughty Skipping: 👹
0:00 – Package from China !!
1:35 – Unboxing
2:14 – Controller Quality
3:02 – How to connect Dongle ?
4:38 – Menu
5:56 – Quick Load & Save
6:27 – Arcade Testing
7:28 – 8-Bit Testing
7:50 – GBA Testing
8:23 – Sega 16-Bit Testing
8:54 – Super Famicom Testing
9:35 – PS1 Testing
10:29 – Conclusion

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  1. Meus controles ficam descontando direto, com as duas luzes piscando

  2. Hello I need help from anyone who can help, when you want to exit from a game how to go back to main menu? I tried everything and its just stuck on the same game

  3. sir im your big fan from india plzz sir give me thus stick plzz sir🙏😭

  4. Can some1 please advise, how do I add ps1 roms in this? I have similar stick, tried to add ps1 roms.. But doesn't support.. The original available roms are srm files.. Whereas the downloaded roms are bin files.. Tried to change to iso.. But no use..any help, is highly appreciated..

  5. How can we add other games inside the game stick?

  6. Can't handle Ps2 games that kinda dissapointed me

  7. I have a question for all of console stick. If the controller is broke or don't work anymore, Is it possible to plug different controller have usb wireless like that? Or u need to buy a whole new gamestick?

  8. Good review! So I bought one! Works a treat 🙂 But just to ask, can you update these with other games? if you can, how would you do that?

  9. Finally, someone else who has a love for cheap Aliexpress products! I think I love them because I know if I was a kid, even the cheapest of these products would have blown me away. That's not just because technology is so much better than it used to be; we got a second hand Master System as kids at the time the PS1 was coming out, and I loved that console. There's so many options for parents who want to buy a cheap console to tide kids over these days.

  10. los hombres podremos tener 50 años y seguiremos amando los videojuegos

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