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NEW VIDEO GAME ROOM TOUR – Happy Console Gamer

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The NEW improved game video game room tour! Johnny finally updates the Game Room after 10 years….

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. i hope when i have his age i will have a game colection has his

  2. hi Johnny, great collection and good working organizing it all, I've heard its best to store cds/dvds/blurays vertically to prevent warping.

  3. Two words Johnny: Scrapped Princess. Just finished it it's hilarious, just watch it in the English dubbed version, voice acting spot on.

  4. I love it, great collection, thanks for sharing. All the best

  5. Sees sega games.. "Bro, where's Phantasy Star??" gets to Phantasy Star collection "Oh thank God".

  6. It's very personal. But i'd say it looks kinda unproffesional to be honest.. I think you could spend a little extra on nicer furniture and lightning. Mixing games with boxes etc.. it all looks like too much clutter. I'm sure you are organized in the clutter but it simply dosen't look too pleasing to look at. It's your room so if you think other things is more important that's fine. I'm just stating my opinion.

  7. Holy crap, are those Nintendo Power magazines smoke-damaged?
    You were too satanic back then John, to satanic! 😉

  8. Wow man… you got a great boxed collection. So jealous.

  9. Your collection is very impressive. That being said, the orientation things are stacked, and the double stacking, is causing me a great amount of anxiety. If you dig it, more power to you, man, but I’d seriously worry about things getting damaged, just like horizontally stacking records.

  10. Nice seeing your setup! You all have your hands full xD

  11. Love your gameroom. Check out my gameroom. I think you might like it!!!

  12. Gotta get "Super Mario All-Stars+World."

  13. Is that "Resident Evil 2 Dual Shock Version?"

  14. I really hate that my parents just let me sell all my old games and stuff. I remember when the ps2 gen came out and i has the original nes, super nes and sega genesis were under my bed and my dad brought them to the dump because i wasnt playing them. #feelsbad

  15. This video has inspired me to trim down my collection.

  16. Has anyone ever told you you sound like Norm Macdonald or is that just me

  17. I think in order to avoid the double stacking issue he may need to install wall shelving the kind you attach to the wall by the tv and around the window area but it looks like an apartment situation small room so he may not want to drill holes. Lots of (very cool) stuff in a small space.

  18. Vegans total all up you are a video game I know but I have 1000 to 5000 games over 5000 I don’t want to talk to someone or medication so I’m not but the ones are used o’clock for one hour 30 minutes additional

  19. My collection is microscopic compared to yours…

  20. I can see Jill sandwiched at the back.

  21. Do you ever think all that stuff will be in a landfill someday?

  22. Tom Baker rules. Are there any decent Dr Who games ever? I would love an eighties retro Dr Who game.

  23. Would be great if you could tell more about your experience with Virtual boy! Did you buy it when it came out? things like that

  24. Thanks for sharing Johnny, I know what a pain it can be to stay on top of a collection

  25. I absolutely love your collection. I absolutely hate your organization and way you present them. lol

  26. Didn't show enough Jill Valentine unsubbed

  27. Buzzed that your back! I really enjoy your videos.. kinda makes me wanna start my own channel. No idea where to start! Great room!

  28. Be glad you dont have OCD cleaning is a nightmare cuz everything has too be a certain way.
    Anyways good video:) Subscribed

  29. lol… "nothing on the FLOOR". I know this feeling lol.

  30. A digital gamer game room will be shelves full of Seagate and Western Digital external hard drives 😂😂😂😂😂” This is my 2TB Seagate 3.0 and it’s full it has Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gold Edition Marvel Avengers Deluxe Edition on it and Ghost of Tsushima Deluxe Edition.”

  31. Omg Johnny your Nintendo Power Magazine Collection just blew my effn mind!! I hope one day to have a simular amount of issues!

  32. The way he stacks his games like that in the shelves pisses me the hell off.

  33. Pretty awesome. I would love to see this room. Talk about your memories, share about video games. That would would be a fun time I think. Getting to listen to you and robman talk about the good old days. Not many people understand the hobby and the enjoyment that come from it. That sure is a lot of history like you said, 30 years worth.

  34. HCG what an excellent show. You inspire me, I know how tough it can be.

  35. Envious of this collection. Why not buy a few more extra shelves for the Billy bookcase since they’re adjustable? The height of each shelf could be adjusted to match the height of the games for each system.

  36. Happy ten year Anniversary HCG!

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