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NEW GAME STUFF 57 – Happy Console Gamer

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New videos games in 2021 that Johnny has picked up!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video games and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Porco Rosso is probably one of the best Studio Ghibili movies, I love it! If you started an anime channel I would subscribe so fast. I just started watching them last year during the pandemic and I am completely hooked. I'm always adding to my watch list and with as knowledgeable as I can imagine you are, it would be an absolute thrill to hear your insights!

  2. Man if you missed the train on Visual Novels Johnny you are missing out!
    Play Danganronpa and Zero Escape ASAP!~!

    Also: PS5 still super hard to get. Been trying to track one down for my brother for 6 months now. No luck.

  3. Porco Rosso is such a classic!! One of the VERY few that I prefer the dub to the sub. Keaton was so perfect.
    ….ur perfect too Jon! U seem happy, it’s contagious.
    All the best

  4. I managed to snag 2 ps5 consoles the gf and I play destiny together.

  5. You are in for a treat with Doki Doki. Looks can be deceiving.

  6. I lost 10 KG because of Covid..
    still trying to get back into Life

  7. Johnny, you need to play Doki Doki Literature club. Im not a fan of visuals novels, but a friend recommended it and it was quite an experience. It's gonna F up your mind. Defo worth a try.

  8. Finally got my ps5. Any recommendations other than Rachet?

  9. I been meaning to rewatch Porco Rosso again.

  10. Your passion and warmth is so infectious that I watch effortlessly until the end. Wanting more! Great content as always! From Liverpool, UK!

  11. Your reaction to seeing Doom for the first time reminds me of my reaction to seeing Quake for the first time. I didn't have a computer when that game came out, but a friend had a really good one for the time period. I was blown away seeing Quake in motion. And funny enough, my friend's name was Andrew, too!

  12. You could talk about anime, no need to open an another channel

  13. Still struggling to get either an XSX or a PS5. I just refuse to pay a cent more than the advertised price.

  14. PSA: for US viewers, Studio Ghibli films are on HBO MAX, not Netflix.

  15. I noticed the weight loss a few videos ago 🙂 I got on the scale yesterday and my covid weight is 26 pounds extra from my original weight of 170 lbs. Time to get on track 🙂

  16. I think you would love Lost Judgement. My personal game of the year right now

  17. You could start an anime channel, or really just make a playlist for your anime reviews. I think a good portion of your video game audience would enjoy it.

  18. I love the Link sword and shield in the background, it looks so good and it's iconic on this channel

  19. I wish they said PS5's will be hard to find until 2023 unfortunately unless people pay scalpers almost 1000$ or more….

  20. I've had a few opportunities to get a PS5. I just haven't gotten around to purchasing one because I just have a huge backlog of games, and I haven't seen any game that have blown me away. I would rather want someone who really wants it to purchase it.

  21. Oh wow! I just saw Porco Rosso for the first time two nights ago! I have most of the Ghibli films on bluray. WONDERFUL film.

  22. You are my favourite and imo the best gaming YouTuber on YouTube. Not like the rest money hungry game youtubers on here. Keep up the good work friend


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  24. id love to see you do a deep dive video on death stranding

  25. We can’t get any PS5s here in Maine. Everyone I know gave up long ago. It will probably be here when the PS6 comes out

  26. Dude I can't even tell a difference. You realize some people actually really do need to lose weight, you're not one of them.

  27. So so so so glad you picked up Fata Morgana (I commented on your Twitter a while ago to pick it up). It's less of a game with all these branching things and more of a loosely interactive story. But it's an 11/10. It's beautiful. It's tragic, it's quite possibly my favorite story ever told of any medium. Take your time with it, it's sublime and can't wait to hear your thoughts

  28. Death Stranding is one of the top games of all time for me. It was the same experience I had when I first played Metal Gear Solid on the PS1, cinematic, immersive and engaging, unique gameplay and a really weird story.

  29. You NEED to record you and Kim playing Doki Doki Literature Club….there are moments in that game that would make for fantastic reaction clips.

  30. I'd be down for an anime channel. although I was completely fine with you having some anime videos on this channel. There really is so much overlap between japanese games and anime you can't avoid talking about one if you're talking about the other.

  31. My dad introduces me to anime with Starblazers. I use to watch a few of them back in the 80's like Gaiking and Starvengers. I know those are the American names, but that's how I remember them. Awesome.

  32. Where did you get the MGS sweater? I love it 🤘🏻

  33. The House in Fata Morgana is an amazing story!!! The art and characters everything is good! Doki Doki Literature Club will shock you. It disguises itself as a dating VN lol. It is the opposite of generic when you play it. They're both great games! But it is an indie game keep in mind

  34. The house in fata morgana is ONE of the best visual novels ever made, the art, the soundtrack, it released years ago but it was recently shadow ported to modern consoles, you just found a treasure of the visual novel genre John

  35. Love your channel more and more. Really enjoy the passion you have for all of your fandoms from games, to anime, and more.

  36. I haven't even played Doki Doki but I know and I'm like… oh dude.

  37. I think having a dedicated anime side project would be really great. I'd certainly watch those videos.

  38. Doki Doki is DEFINITELY horror. It gets very disturbing very fast. You have to play through it multiple times to get the full story and it gets creepier as you go. Definitely worth playing.

  39. Death Stranding is one of the best games for the PS4's lifecycle. I got the platinum trophy in 9 days while taking a 2 week vacation during covid (120+ hours). The game couldn't have hit at a better time than April of 2020 right before I got my first covid shot. Playing as a delivery person connecting the world to the resources and small luxuries they wanted…I really connected with a lot of the characters "trapped" in their homes across the world. Kojima can do no wrong in my eyes.

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