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NEW GAME STUFF 56 – Happy Console Gamer

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New videos games in 2021 that Johnny has picked up!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. I picked up the shenmue strategy guide after your blue stinger guide pickup. Good call going back and getting those guides, so much nostalgia. The amount of detail in the shenmue book is insane!

  2. Metroid Dread! Looking for amiibos as well if I find them but only for games and characters I really love or main in Smash.

  3. I recently started playing Monster Boy. You really sold me on the Wonder Boy series.

  4. I had to get that Nocturne poster after you showed it here. I may have also gotten a Junes bag lol

  5. Love you man keep doing what your doing.

  6. Haven't picked up any new games in a while but I'm 30 hours into Tales of Arise and still loving it

  7. Streets of Rage 4 for me is the pinnacle of the beat'n up/brawler genre

  8. Picked up Metroid Dread Special Edition on Friday and enjoying the game so far. Also picking up Doki Doki Literature Club on the Switch. Was recommended from someone in a gaming Facebook group I'm in.

  9. Just picked up Metroid Dread. this is my first Metroid game I’ve ever wanted to play. I hope it isn’t too hard. I also picked up some games for my PS3 just bought guitar hero warriors of rock for 5 dollars and Wolfenstein for my ps4.

  10. Walmarts here in the states quit carrying Amiibo as well, but I was able to get Metroid Dread for ten bucks less than any other store.

  11. One thing I immediately noticed on OLED Switch is the true black color. With most modern displays (that aren't OLED) you kinda forget how real black should look. There is always a bit of grey-ish or blue-ish background glow that prevents from seeing real deep black. Because of that dark scenes especially always look a bit washed out. My friend was showing me his OLED Switch (I haven't bought one yet and tbh I don't know if I should, as my original still works perfectly) and I was like: wow, the black really looks… you know… black lol.

  12. I still haven't played Streets of Rage 4. I wasn't really excited for it when it was in development. I didn't like the new graphic design for it, and still don't. They did a development video on the game a while back showing alternate character designs that didn't have the thick outlines and I thought that change was much better. But I will say I like that the developer included old sprites and retro graphics filters, which look pretty good to me. In fact, as I recall, they didn't reveal those options until the game was out. I don't know why they didn't show those off since a lot of the complaints toward the game seemed to be about the visuals. Finding out about that raised my level of interest. From what I can tell, they included a lot of options to make people happy, so that's nice to see from a developer. I believe one of those options is to reduce the screen-shake effect, which I cannot stand, so I'm always happy when developers are aware of that, and I'm more likely to buy a game as a result.

    While Curse of the Moon 2 looks great, I will not pay money for anything Bloodstained related after having a bad experience with the Kickstarter for the main game. I was lucky in that I ended up being able to sell my game key. While they actually delivered a game, I saw a lot of mismanagement of the project as a backer, so I can't support it anymore. I did end up with Curse of the Moon on Steam and it's mostly very good, but that's as far as I go.

    Nice review of the new Switch. As an outside observer, the kickstand looks to be the most compelling upgrade. There's no getting around how much better that is going to be than the original. The other upgrades will be more subjective, as the new screen may not be as superior for some as it is for others.

  13. I bought that Power Stone Guide so fast after seeing this🤣🤣. Never new they had one

  14. Streets of Rage 4 was just ok for me. It was a fun playthrough but nothing Ill run back to play. Powerstone for the win.

  15. Just picked up Dread, not much else lately. Finally got Forza 7 .lol a few years late. Been putting my money else where lately.

  16. You must really love the Octopath OST lol. It is amazing for sure. Nier Automata is my persona favorite.

  17. My review on the OLED would go like this. Did they fix the Joy Con's………

  18. Am I the only one who really doesn’t like the Monster Boy game?

  19. I don’t know why to / that the Metroid Dread & the amiibo a going for so much money online / Nintendo are going to make a good amount of them / they better lower those prices if they want them to sell / because they are too expensive

  20. I'm currently playing mass effect legendary edition… On 3 now never played the trilogy before and i must say its great

  21. I got my brand new Switch OLED yesterday, my first Switch and very happy with it, got Zelda, Mario Kart. Ys Origins, Mario 3D collection, Bloodstained, Xenoblade.

  22. What song was playing during the Switch review? Sounds so familiar!

  23. Our postwoman or -man put the package with my PS5 on the floor in front of our apartment door. So imagine that. The strange thing is, they NEVER do that, always giving it to neighbors and leaving a note in the mailbox.

    Also, I think "Streets of Rage 4" is quiet possibly the best beat'em up, ever, but with the "Mr. X' Nightmare"-DLC it's almost out of competition and a 10 out of 10-game for me. "SoR2" is great at get's the points for atmosphere, due to the soundtrack and because you really can't beat that nostalgic 90s feel of it.

    But gameplay-wise "SoR4" is a league ahead. The new characters add so much value and the survival-mode is an absolute game-changer for the genre. And I assume, Johnny, you haven't played that, yet. So, you should try it asap.

    Anyway, nice, inspiring stuff and a joy to watch as always.

    Have a nice one.

  24. Metroid Dread. I sometimes curse the devs for creating an "impossible" game when I get stuck on an E.M.M.I. sequence–until I slowly realize I didn't consider a certain route and it was my fault all along. Brilliant game.

  25. I’m still waiting for my castlevania collection wtf

  26. I got the retrobit undercover cops special edition for the super nintendo! Great set great value

  27. I'm glad you gave you time to Demons of Asteborg! It's a great retro game and has a good soundtrack. Be sure to play it, I think you'll have a lot of fun. The Mega Drive/Genesis has had somewhat of a renaissance and received a fair few high quality new games over the last 2/3 years like Xeno Crisis, Ultracore, Tanglewood, Paprium, Cave Story, Tanzer and FX Unit Yuki. There's more on the way too.

  28. Also picked up Metroid with the amiibos. Woo hoo 😁😁😁

  29. A few days ago I had to re-watch your video on why you don’t need the new OLED model to remind myself I don’t need it and my V2 is sufficient 😅

  30. We want to see some Johnny vs Rob man matches with power stone !

  31. What would you recommend? A switch lite or pro?

  32. i bought this month for the Switch Ys Origin, Sonic Colors and Metroid Dread. I m almost at the end of Ys Origin and then i m going to start playing Metroid Dread.

  33. Got my self a division 2 dark zone edition xbox one for 40 $ only .A greater deal a think 🤙😎

  34. I hate the og switch screen I could not see for nothing, I got the Oled and I am pleased, now I got a switch to sell for hardly nothing.

  35. OverRide_System aka BlackIceDragon82 says:

    Diablo II Resurrected, Far Cry 6, Metroid Dread

  36. Games I recently picked up and are currently playing are Xenoblade chronicles 2, Little nightmares 2, Grandia HD collection and Y's origin

  37. I absolutely love how your videos are always recommending new titles for me to try out. I picked up that mega drive game and now I can’t wait for it to show up. Thanks for all the entertainment and please keep it coming!!!!! Sending much love from the states to you and your family!!!

  38. Yes Johnny, the Amiibo prices are ridiculous, I am a fire emblem fan and I still don’t have the Female Corrin (player 2) since I didn’t buy it when it released and now on eBay it’s $200 🤦‍♂️

  39. I bought Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 4 as a bundle on steam a couple weeks ago. Absolutely loved 1, way more than I thought I'd like it. 40 hours into it already. Other than that, can't remember any other thing I've purchased recently.

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