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N64 Collector’s Guide – Best Budget Games, Console Variants, and More! | Nintendrew

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Interested in collecting for the Nintendo 64? With so many console variants, controllers, and titles to choose from, starting your N64 collection can be a bit overwhelming. In this video, we’ll be covering each version of the system itself, an assortment of top-notch controllers, and some excellent games to kick-start your library. Thanks for watching!


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Brawler64 Funtastic Colors on Kickstarter:
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  1. Rewatching this I realized that I could make a funtastic n64 classic

  2. I used to play star fox 64 every day, got gold medals on every course. N64 came out when I was 11 and even though I’ve owned most of the major consoles throughout the years, there’s something very special and very cool / quirky about the 64 lineage. The controller is amazing, the games were better than anything on PlayStation or Dreamcast for the most part. N64 for life.

  3. For racing games I would
    also suggest Cruisin’ USA and
    San Francisco Rush.
    For those who like fighting/brawling games
    I would suggest WWF No Mercy or
    WCW/NWO Revenge and if you like
    Importing games from Japan…
    Virtual Pro Wrestling 2.

  4. Managed to get Pikachu blue console, 2 Pikachu controllers, jumper pak and 10 games including Golden eye 007, Pokemon Stadium 2, Smash brothers, Famista 64, Donkey Kong 64, Mario Kart 64, Hyper Olympics, Professional baseball, Pro 64. £160. Thought that was a decent deal. Cannot wait to play it.

  5. 😱 i cant believe you left out Conkers bad fur day, rayman, mortal kombat, all great games too
    But honestly the #1 game that makes me want to play an N64 these days is Perfect Dark, if they were to make anything these days with the same alien and high tech weapons of that game plus online multiplayer… oh man! Id buy the console just for that game

  6. Yo i know the nes it not a n64 but who has Nes Nintendo switch online

  7. I just got a Nintendo 64 for my birthday and is great

  8. And I want a a game Cube but I have a lots of things I want

  9. I used to have the Pokémon 64,no controller, traded it in at a retro game store for $65. Worse decision I've ever made. After I get me a DK N64 I'll try for the Pokémon one again.

  10. You should give me one of those. I’ve always wanted one and I’m willing to pay a fortune

  11. I got it for its original price and for 50 more dollars for hdmi adapters and 2 controllers I also am getting an expansion pak for major as mask

  12. When you pickup a nintendo 64 for 185$ ish (1850 NOK) with 1 controller, 5 games (A football game, one turok game, a star wars game, super mario 64 and goldeneye) and a expansion pak, only a missing cover for the memory expansion slot

  13. Do you really need that many variations…?! Overkill springs to mind ha! 😆😆😆😆😆

  14. I have mario 64 but no n64 idk how i got it but it kinda cool to look at

  15. I come from the future to let you know that all of your prayers have been answered, they are releasing a new Pokémon Snap! very soon.

  16. lmao. My shop sells all of these variant colors consoles. We sell em for $300. Including the Japanese ones as well. In the original japanese box it's another $60 for the box.

  17. Literally all the games you named are the flagship expensive games lmfao. Yeah most retro shops are selling these for 40-50-65 dollars. You didn't include anything budget friendly. Might as well tell people to get the super 64 multicart that is basically an everdrive with every N64 game from A to Z and – PAL, NTSC, J, region friendly.

  18. Back to the Guinea pigs Gaming channel says:

    You know that wired small n64 controller like the one with 2 pongs I went to a store in a mall by me and they sold many retro thing they sold nes games snes games nes and snes GAMECUBE STUFF EVEN A FREAKING SNES MOUSE and they also had n64 stuff and they had that wried controller with 2 pongs like you would see on a switch controller but it’s smaller and for the n64

  19. If you want a controller you can go on Amazon or eBay and a hori pad mini goes for £19.99 though I’m British so…

  20. The brawler pad 64 is also great. I think it’s made by retro fighters.

  21. N64 collecting guide on a budget.
    Step 1.) acquire at least $2,000 before moving on to step 2
    Step 2.) use that $2,000 to purchase a loose untested n64.

  22. I managed to get the Pikachu edition with Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2 along with 2 extra controllers for $150 from a Facebook seller. All of it was legit and works perfect

  23. Damn, 3 years ago these games were vastly cheaper. Everything you just mentioned is now 2 to 3 times the price

  24. @Nintendrew DKOldies is the Best Website to pick up n64 games they’ve got completes and lose cartridges But sometimes completes are out of STOCK you can also Wright down your email so they can let you know when it’s in STOCK AVAILABLE.

  25. What is wrong with this dude I know he’s trying to help you guys and all but God how does he have so much games consuls magazines I bet he spent two years of his life just collecting video games

  26. hi I'm from the future and they did create a remake/sequel of pokémon snap called…new pokémon snap

  27. So much nostalgia watching this! I miss my N64, maybe I should buy one too!
    Seeing the Nintendo Power magazines in your intro gave me a ratatouille moment lol. I remember getting those in the mail!

  28. About a year ago, I started collecting for Nintendo 64, and I got some cheap games and stuff, but I am never. I repeat NEVER have and will buy a third party three prong controller.

  29. where do you tend to look for consoles to buy? i cant find a japanese gold n64 for anywhere NEAR 35$- though this guide is a few years old now, im wondering if the market has really blown up a bit with time and pandemic and whatnot.

  30. Does anyone else realize he predicted the new Pokemon snap?!?!

  31. I feel like the most forgotten about game which IMO is the best racer is diddy Kong racing 🙁

  32. It is definitely nice to have all those consoles because if one breaks you have spares already.

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