My UNDEFEATED Floor-Stacked 3x3 Group Base - Rust -

My UNDEFEATED Floor-Stacked 3×3 Group Base – Rust

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Raid Defenses in this base

Epidemic Sounds

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00:00 – Intro
04:00 – Starter and Floor-Stack
08:36 – Build up
11:03 – External TCs
12:31 – Compound and Peekdowns
16:32 – Shooting Floor
18:46 – Main loot
23:53 – Finishing Top Floor
27:51 – Finishing Roof
30:21- Deployables
31:38 – Upkeep

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  1. what a legend! Much Love from your favorite drunken American <3

  2. @MaxHS u can do the ramp
    trick as floor stack too right?

  3. Bro, this will help so much with my base designs in the future!

  4. From someone who does… well too much building this looks pretty cool. Cant wait for vice to shit on it!

  5. cheers for this man was waiting for this for ma group, had noties on,lets see how the koreans like this base

  6. God I love you… I mean the videos.. (and you) ❤️😂

  7. how tf you get offlined less than 15 times in 6 months i get offlined every time I log

  8. I don't play Rust but how would people reach those shops on ur base. With a mini? Wouldn't turrets kill you tho?

  9. gnna have to change ure base design because ure gnna get some freaks copying it

  10. awesome to see you found a use for the stack 🙂 dope build!

  11. So im new what is the point of the floor stack?and would u suggest me to this base or another bc i got around maybe a day on rust MAYBE probably less

  12. This floorstack seems like it would be done so much easier by starting the base with the floorstack and then building the center 3×3 off of the lower piece of the floorstack. For example, placing two triangles side by side at different heights, and then building a 3×3 off of the lower one and building a footprint with the upper one. That way, you don't have to go through the process you used in the video. However, your method may be unique to the base or something, so this is just speculation. It's how I do my floorstacking for 3x3s.

  13. Been asking for forever glad you finally put it out

  14. Jeez man I just realized this was your vid I was scrolling to find Zerg base designs and I saw this lol

  15. Can anyone tell me what the name of this specific background music is , it’s so auditory pleasing

  16. Definitely gonna be implementing some of these ideas with my build great video man❤️

  17. Next time when showing the whole base at the beginning plz plz plz play the Home Depot music. It would make the whole video

  18. Max we love your content. Next big raid please

  19. i build it on a live server… when we was online didnt try it to raid… offline they try it 3 times and get nothing

  20. The base is good but externals could be better nevertheless great job

  21. i was so hyped for this video when i saw the post about you uploading it

  22. Man I haven’t even seen his new base but now I am more excited for his next video

  23. didnt you get donkey stomped on upsurge building this base?

  24. Hey bro, I am a base builder my self and love building some L9 roof camping bases. We should Collab a base together, let me know. – Gozleme HS HIT

  25. Is this the same base as you built on AU main this wipe?

  26. I'm gonna use this but tweaked with disconnectable roof bunker multi tc’s and a couple other things

  27. can someone help me? one of my enternal tcs wont work


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