My Ultimate Console Gaming Setup Tour! -

My Ultimate Console Gaming Setup Tour!

Dom Esposito
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Epic 2019 Xbox and PS4 Pro Setup Tour! This gaming setup is for console gaming but also packs a massive LG Nanocell 86-inch TV! From Xbox One X to PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch, this ultimate gaming setup is pretty amazing. Check out the LG NanoCell TV –

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  1. Will there be extreme lag tho? I've played on a TV a bit smaller than that and playing modern warfare made me wanna Chuck my controller across the room.

  2. If you could afford it you could have done much more ive got 5 consoles and a tv room but can't afford to do anything to do it up i would have had big speakers on either side and a subwoofer

  3. I just turned 60 so I got myself a 75 inch tv and a x rocker reclining chair for our back bedroom. I play PS4. Fuck it probably only got another 10 years if I am lucky!

  4. I wanna see Cyberpunk2077 on Ps5 with this Tv … it would be killer visuals

  5. Nintendo Switch ,iPad ,And Tv, that’s my setup

  6. What game are you playing? Is that battlefront?

  7. Nice setup! I also have a black Bestå tv-rack (360cm wide) but my console on top of it next to the TV so it doesn't get too warm. Nice with your led light too!

  8. Please im french , Help me ! Where you FIND YOUR LIGHT UPSTER YOUR TV ?! Please Please

  9. It’s kind of stupid because the fans on the consoles are so isolated and not exposed at all that the fans are just producing air to cool it down which is going straight into the wall and sending hot air back on it which can result in it lasting only a couple of years. This always happens when look for ideas to put my PS4 up on.

  10. How big is your getting the same size for my place but i have a small living room..we probably have about the same size room

  11. Bro buy the black glasplate for that ikea tv bank

  12. Me over here with my keyboard and mouse connected to my ps4 connected to a monitor on my desk

  13. Can someone post a link either the exact tv stand this person has ?

  14. Not sure if you’re reading your comments bit i saw many requests for link to your tv stand . Would really appreciate it if you can share the link .

  15. Dude talked about the TV more than anything else 🤦🏽‍♂️ We get it bro the Tv is big !

  16. Fr when I heard that the control had motion control I thought if the Wii

  17. Where did you buy the darth Vader light

  18. What are the thing you have on the table by the window and what that tall toy girl name you have on top of the barrel

  19. I sure hope you have the series x now. I got myself on and a 55” LG OLED CX. I have been gaming for years and I have never loved how my games look and play more than right now. If you guys can afford an OLED to go with your series X you will see just how incredible looking your games will look and play.

  20. Anyone know the name of the tv stand?

  21. Man nice setup and that tv is beautiful like being at a movie theater at home if you can go big with your tv go big, I definitely think it’s worth it to go big

  22. The lights reflecting on your screen are for the video or are those the lights that you normally use on your living room?

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