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MY TOP 10 NES GAMES – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny talks about his Top 10 NES/Nintendo Entertainment System games of all time!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. top 12: excite bike, kirbys adventure, paper boy, faxanadu, mike tyson's punchout, simpsons bart vs world, Contra, micro machines, mario bros 2&3, friday the 13th and california games.

  2. Nice video ☺️ The games can also be played wonderfully on the RG351 devices. I made a couple of videos about it. Greetings 👍👋

  3. My personal top 10:

    Almost made it: Destiny of an Emperor, Sweet Home, Kirby's Adventure, Faxanadu, Gargoyle's Quest II, Ice Hockey, and The Legend of Zelda.

    10. Super Mario Bros.
    9. Super C
    8. Little Nemo: Dream Master
    7. Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse
    6. Adventures of Lolo (all three, I'm cheating))
    5. Crystalis
    4. Metroid
    3. StarTropics
    2. Mega Man 2
    1. Super Mario Bros. 3

  4. Faxanadu is one of my all time favorites, it was the first game that gave me a true feeling of wonder.

  5. TheEmunator/DeathCrustPunk Productions says:

    Konami code was introduced in gradius

  6. I don't have a true top 10 yet. I currently have an emulator (I grew up with SNES/N64) with EVERY NES game on it and I'm in the middle of at least trying all of them (by no means beating all of them). I've currently covered every game up to and including 1988 releases. My top 10 so far is:

    10. Mega Man 2
    9. Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!
    8. Dragon Warrior II
    7. Super Mario Bros.
    6. Super Mario Bros. 2
    5. Dragon Warrior
    4. The Guardian Legend
    3. Super Mario Bros. 3
    2. Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link
    1. The Legend of Zelda

    A top 10 doesn't fully do proper justice though. I probably have a good 30 games that I would consider really good!

  7. My top Ten in no particular order:
    -Maniac mansion
    -River City Ransome
    -Mario 3
    -Double Dragon 2
    -Final Fantasy
    -Bubble Bobble
    -Ninja turtles Arcade
    -Super Dodgeball

  8. Johnny "HappyConsoleGamer" Millenium's List:
    [0:00] Intro
    [1:00] Honorable Mentions
    – StarTropics
    – Rygar
    – Strider
    – Blaster Master
    – Bionic Commando
    – Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA)
    – Double Dragon
    [3:52] 10. Super Mario Bros.
    [5:21] 09. Contra
    [6:26] 08. Castlevania II – Simon's Quest
    [7:45] 07. Mega Man 2
    [8:42] 06. Crystalis
    [9:52] 05. Final Fantasy
    [11:25] 04. Dragon Warrior IV (Dragon Quest IV)
    [12:45] 03. Zelda II – The Adventure of Link
    [14:03] 02. Legend of Zelda, The
    [15:43] 01. Super Mario Bros. 3

  9. 10. Super C
    9. Section Z
    8. Sky Kid
    7. Double Dragon 2
    6. Mario 2
    5: Double Dribble
    4. Batman
    3. Ice Hockey
    2. Ninja Gaiden
    1. Mike Tyson’s Punch Out

  10. I can feel your nostalgia! Thanks for sharing!

    For awhile after Mario 3 came out, it was so good I lost appreciation for all other games.

  11. My top 10:
    10. Final Fantasy
    9. Super Mario Bros.
    8. Metroid
    7. The Legend of Zelda
    6. Contra
    5. Kirby's Adventure
    4. Castlevania
    3. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!
    2. Mega Man 2
    1. Super Mario Bros. 3

  12. Anyone else expect that Ninja Gaiden would at least be in his Honorable Mentions, if not Top Ten, considering it is emblazoned all over the t-shirt he is wearing??

  13. I played crystalis once on nintendo online, and soon as i heard the overworld music i knew thats what it was

  14. My list;
    10. Metal Storm
    9. Castlevania 2
    8. Guardian Legend
    7. Zelda 2
    6. Mega Man 3
    5. Mario 3
    4. Final Fantasy
    3. Legend of Zelda
    2. Mario 2
    1. Blaster Master

  15. Love the videos, would love to see a Top 10 of your favorite N64 games, unless I missed the video somewhere.

  16. Mega Man II was awesome, If you've never played it, try Low G Man, surprisingly good game.

  17. Simons quest was a great concept but it was too frustrating and hard to figure out unless you had Nintendo Power.

  18. 1. Gradius
    2. Nabunga Ambition
    3. Super Mario Bros
    4. Zelda 1
    5. Metroid
    6. Double Dragon 1
    7. Double Dragon 2
    8. DragonQuest
    9. Faxzanadu
    10. Mike Tyson's Punch Out (not the other punch out)

  19. Faxanadu is an amazing action RPG! It shocks me that it doesn't get mentioned much in these lists…

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