MY GAME OF THE YEAR 2021 - Happy Console Gamer -

MY GAME OF THE YEAR 2021 – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny picks his game of the year for 2021!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video games and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. Meh reminds me pf smt4 dont know why they still make u move in that cursor crap in the over world.

  2. Dogeball Academia, Forgotten City, Lemnis Gate, and of course Halo have been some of my favorites of the year. The Death Trash and Grid Force demos were also fantastic, really stoked for those full releases.

  3. until the smt 5 release ys 9 was my goty and i really hoped smt 5 could top it for me.. but it didnt :/ its still a really good game and impressive technical feat for atlus, but i like a lot of other smt games more. so ys 9 made goty for me this year. i let out remaster and remakes, else surge concerto dx (tho japanese only), smt 3 and nier would be above them probably for me

  4. Ys IX Monstrum Nox was my game of the year, still playing through Shin Megami Tensei V so I cant judge it yet, but it will take a lot to beat a Ys game for me.

  5. S.m.t 5 is amazing same here I got the game when I saw your review is so good can't stop playing it

  6. For me it takes two he made all things special

  7. SMTV is why I'm looking at the past games and playing nocturne

  8. I'm so glad to hear this was your game of the year I've yet to get into it but I'm looking forward to it more now.

  9. Death’s Door takes the GOTY title for me this year. It was all around a wonderful package and a fun challenge, so excited for the physical release.

  10. Im working on this game now. I love it. I played P5, but this is my first SMT, and I like it more than Persona.

    (Edit) That said; I also played ToA, and it was my pick for GotY, simply because I have completed SMT5 yet.

  11. Disco Elysium stood out as the best story game I’ve played this year (minus the crashes)

  12. Did you already do a video of your top PS4 games?

  13. My personal top 3 have been SMT V, Metroid Dread and NEO TWEWY 🙂

  14. My game of the year hands down is Horizon 0 Dawn Pc…👍🏽👍🏽

  15. The only reason that SMT V didn't get the RPG of the year award at game awards was because of it not having been out that long yet and having way less notice from people, especially not helped by Atlus' own stupid standard to for some reason restrict streaming of the game. Tales of Arise is so average in comparison to this game!

  16. Tales of arise for me, nothing I love more than a beautiful game with a great cast

  17. My GOTY is Ys IX Monstrum Nox for sure. Mainly because it's the only one I played lol. But it's also a great game on its own

  18. I knew it would be some kind of JRPG. You didn't disappoint.

  19. Shin Megami Tensei V looks great and something I want to jump into sometime, but for me, Tales of Arise is untouchable and is my 2021 Game of the Year!

  20. Lost Judgment is my game of the year, hands down!


  22. For me definitely probably psychonauts 2 or Metroid dread for my game of the year. I am surprised how solid this year turned out to be with game releases though!

  23. SMT V is currently definitely my favorite game on the switch. I loved it.

  24. My GOTY is Yakuza 7, played it through the whole year and loved every minute of it

  25. Castlevania Advance Collection (Especially Harmony of Dissonance)

  26. I have never been a fan of SMT. I love the spinoff Persona series but not the main SMT series. I have heard really positive things about SMT5 so maybe I'll check it out one of these days.

    That said, my personal 2021 GOTY is unquestionably hands down no question about it Metroid: Dread period!!! 19 years, 19 FRICKIN' YEARS we've all had to wait for a brand new classic style 2D Metroid game & my God did Metroid: Dread totally deliver big-time. I know that some folks will be quick to point out that Metroid: Samus Returns released in 2017 on the 3DS but that was not an all-new Metroid game but rather a remake of 1991's Metroid 2: The Return of Samus for the OG Game Boy and a dam great remake at that, such a great remake it was that Nintendo themselves were so impressed with developer Mercurysteam's work on Metroid: Samus Returns that they entrusted the Spain-based studio to develop Metroid: Dread & the rest is history. 2D style Metroid is back ladies & gentlemen and hopefully for good, hopefully this time we won't have to wait another 19 years for the next 2D Metroid game.

  27. Game was fun, story and characters was dull tho. but ToA for me

  28. Smt , despite beeing such an expansive game , never had crit error or bug once , that ich an achievment on its on these days

  29. Gonna get smt:v from my wife for xmas, so I'm watching all of your videos about this game this december to get properly hyped! 🙂

  30. I love Persona games but I could not get into SMT games, not sure why

  31. I was in Gamestop randomly today and they had this on sale for $36 and I grabbed it immediately. I am GIDDY. Can't wait.

  32. Can I put in two? lol. My favorite 2021 release is Psychonauts 2, with its superb storytelling and level design. But my favorite game to play this year was CYberpunk 2077. I'm playing on PS5 and it's running pretty well with minimal hiccups. They really patched it up well. CAn't wait for the current-gen upgrade

  33. Didn't play many games this year but Metroid Dread was the standout, great gameplay

  34. I hope you and your family stay injection-free.

  35. It's funny because SMTV was just leaked for the PS4/PS5 and PC

  36. It’s not exactly a new game but I started playing Regalia of MEN and Monarch, it’s also very addicting!

  37. Yes! SMT V was definitely Game of the Year for me as well. I'm a die hard SMT fan so it was great to have another mainline SMT game after 8 years. I absolutely love the fact that a lot of people appreciate this game even if they are non-fans or just picking up SMT for the first time. It's nice to see. Very underrated series. My only complaint is that the frame rate sucks and the story could be improved.

  38. yeah i love this game too. sure it would be nice if the switch hardware didnt keep it back technically, but its still impressive. only thing is i think this game is not for everyone. but that can be said about most games. at least pokemon fans who complain about lack of difficulty should try it

  39. I love this game so far, and I'm hoping we can get SMT IV and Strange Journey on the Switch as well

  40. Man, that creepiness of the artstyle makes me fall in love!!
    Can't wait to play!

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