My Game Console Collection! -

My Game Console Collection!

Austin Evans
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What’s your favorite game console?

I’ve always loved gaming and while I definitely don’t have the best collection of consoles I decided to make this video to go over some of my favorites including the Game Boy Play It Loud in Black and Transparent, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance SP, Nokia N-Gage QD, Sony PlayStation and PS One, transparent orange Nintendo 64 / N64, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube.

My Video Gear!




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  1. Xbox 360, xbox origanal, Sega dream cast

  2. My favorite video game console is the new Nintendo Switch that I've always wanted so very badly.

  3. GameCube was the shit.

    GameCube and GBA SP for me^^

  4. proud owner of 1 ps3 fat console with cfw rebug 4..80.1

    2 ps4 pro consoles with 5.05 exploit

    2 ps2 consoles fat and slim

    pc with i7 4770 gtx 760

    pc with i9 9900k gtx 1080 ti

  5. Switch _Wii _Wii u _new 3ds _new 2ds_ps1_ps2_ps3_ps4

  6. Wow, I just noticed this was made 7 years ago

  7. My console collection in order:
    1. GBC.
    2. SNES.
    3. PS1.
    4. GameCube.
    5. PS2 Slim.
    6. DS Lite.
    7. Xbox 360.
    8. Wii.
    9. PS3 Slim.
    10. 3ds XL.
    11. PS Vita.
    12. PS4.
    13. New 3ds XL.
    14. PS4 Pro.
    15. Nintendo Switch.

  8. For me is the first PlayStation… So nostalgic, makes me remember real good times, second was NES longtime good time playing(I was too Young) and third Sega Genesis (discovering MK)…

  9. hippity hoppity time to end your life properly says:

    You had consoles?

  10. My history of game consoles-
    Game boy advance sp
    Now I will get a ps5 when it comes out

  11. Hats off to austin. That lost all of his stuff in a fire R.I.P

  12. xbox original,n64,PS2,PS1,Sega Saturn,Sega mega drive,Nintendo gamecube,dreamcast

  13. Who’s here when GameCube prices are sky high?

  14. Idky I’m getting these vids in 2020 but they r still good

  15. I got game boy advance sp from Walmart

  16. Him:game cube games are crazy cheap
    My local game store: EXPENSIVE

  17. This is my collection
    iPad 7
    Windows 10
    Wii that may or may not be broken

  18. Gamecube and Dreamcast aren't underrated anymore. Have you priced out GC and DC games lately?

  19. my consoles:roger 400 games included,PS4 and Game & Watch super mario bros.

  20. Long time ago I Got Game Boy Advance SP from Walmart

  21. kids: yay now i have both the xbox one and ps4

    him: aight i have like 20 gameboys

  22. Its sad that this collectiom was gone less than a year later

  23. My favorite consoles are the ps2, wii, and wii u.

  24. 😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍😍😍😍

  25. I have the black pocket in very good condition but the volume is not very loud at all

  26. “The GameCubes are ridiculously cheap rn”

  27. Some of my favourite consoles of all time is the Sega Saturn and Nintendo game cube the PlayStation 2and 3 I am the original Xbox

  28. My favorite is the game boy,the DS and The game and watch

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