My Favorite Nintendo Game On EACH Console! -

My Favorite Nintendo Game On EACH Console!

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Nintendo has had a TON of amazing games over the years, across a ton of consoles! Join Thomas in a trip down memory to look at some of the best and underrated Nintendo games of all time! Hope you enjoy!

Gameplay taken from:
Metroid II:
HD Banjo Trailer:
Kirby Air Ride:
Mario Hoops:

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  1. TERRARAZERS gachas of the GODSTEAM and gaming says:

    Funny how he said splatoon two is his favorite game yet Mario 3d world plus bowsers minions is coming out (Nintendo be watching u)

  2. For $80 dollars (let's not forget switch Online) you get a half multiplayer experience because you can't play locally.

  3. Best switch game Splatoon 2? What about BOTW, Smash, Odyssey, Pokémon Sword? I mean, Splatoon 2 doesnt really have much new to offer

  4. Wii: Galaxy
    Wii U: Smash 4
    Switch: Pokémon sword and sheild

  5. All shyt this man said splatoon 2 hell yeah, I play it online every day u can get into a match easy and quick no problems beat online mp game by nintendo on the switch if ur into to fps or 3rd person shtrs online buy this game u will be addicted trust me

  6. The wii is the best console ever made change my mind

  7. What was that song called while he was talking about the gameboy it was fire

  8. I bet the 3d world +bowsers fury is his favourite switch game now lol

  9. NES: Super Mario Bros 3
    Gameboy: Pokemon Red and Blue
    SNES: Donkey Kong Country 2
    N64: Conker’s Bad Fur Day
    GBA: Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire
    Gamecube: Super Smash Bros. Melee
    DS: Super Mario 64 DS
    Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl
    3DS: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
    Wii U: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
    Switch: Super Smash Bros Ultimate

  10. Is it sad that I've only played two games on this list?

  11. Banjo Kazzoie is the best n64 game,

    Chainsaw powers on

  12. This is more of a “Most Underrated Game of each series” list.

  13. Two of my best friends met in college and the first thing they bonded over was that they both LOVE Kirby Air Ride.

  14. 3:24 BK is probably one of my all time favorites. Easily the best n64 game. I love SM64 but i think the best parts of it were amplified in BK. Plus it has so much charm. The characters in SM64 aren't bad they're just kinda there.

  15. 6:29 I've always wanted to play it but my hands hurt from playing Mario Kart 7 so I can't possibly imagine how it would feel to play this.

  16. Hmmm I wonder what game you’ll say for the Wii U…

  17. With donkey Kong country and splatoon I could not agree more but with the wii that’s a definite no for me.

    Best one

  19. Here's a fun fact: the SNES is actually better than the N64, but the N64 can run fully 3D games and that's the only reason they technically downgraded it.

  20. Me: watch the intro.
    Also me: So it's not your favorite games…

  21. So glad you picked Kirby Air Ride. I want the sequel “Kirby Air Ride : City Trials” that ditches the racing and top down to favor city trial.

  22. I’m surprised 3d world isn’t in the thumbnail

  23. my favorite nes game is paperboy. or excitebike

  24. Kibry Air ride gives me goose bumps. that game was GOAT

  25. Us in 2021, Thomas you have a hard choice splatoon 2 or super Mario 3D world + Bowsers fury

  26. Imma do my own ranking but only the consoles I played. Dont expect to see the virtual boy or gameboy or gameboy color on here (along with others)
    Nes: super mario bros 3
    Snes: super mario world 2 yoshi's island
    N64: super smash bro 64
    Gamecube: super mario sunshine
    Wii: super mario galaxy 1
    Wii u: super mario 3d world
    Ds: sonic rush
    3ds: super mario 3d land
    Nintendo switch: legend of zelda breath of the wild

  27. You agree with me and love banjo kazooie and Mario 64 is not your favorite

  28. My Favourite Game on Every Console
    NES: Super Mario Bros. 2
    GB: The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening
    SNES: Donkey Kong Country 2
    N64: Diddy Kong Racing
    GBA: Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga
    GCN: Mario Party 6
    DS: Mario Hoops 3 on 3
    Wii: Super Paper Mario
    3DS: WarioWare Gold
    Wii U: Splatoon
    Switch: Super Mario Odyssey

  29. Here are my somewhat boring picks.

    NES: Super Mario Bros. 3
    Game Boy/GBC: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
    SNES: Super Metroid
    Virtual Boy: Red Alarm
    N64: Star Fox 64
    GBA: Metroid Fusion
    Gamecube: Metroid Prime
    DS: Elite Beat Agents
    Wii: Didn't own one.
    3DS: The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds
    Wii U: Didn't own one.
    Switch: Still new to the Switch but currently Mario Odyssey

  30. It’s sucks that no one ever talks about tomadachi life and it’s probably one of the 3ds BEST game

  31. The game boy and game boy color are two different systems, and as such this video is incomplete, tell us your GBC choice, fool

  32. Remember when 3d all-stars was still just a rumor?

  33. You got a like for SMB2 alone! Best in the trilogy, imo. I also love the DKC and Banjo Kazooie series to death. Awesome list, man!

  34. Can't believe you left Tropical Freeze behind in the dust. Not even an honorable mention. To be completely honest, I think Tropical Freeze to me, is like 3d world with you. I just love it so much and I love it even more as I think about it.

  35. I bet you would put Mario Galaxy on the Wii if these rules didn’t apply. You better not think Mario party 8 is better than galaxy!

  36. super mario 64: slowly fades in
    me: yes yes yes YES YES YES YES YES YES
    banjo kazooie: hey
    nobody liked that

  37. Ok i get mario 2 for the nes but no knack?????

  38. My favorite Nintendo game on each cosule
    Nes Mario 3
    Gameboy wario land
    Snes Yoshi island
    Nintendo 64 banjo and kazzioe
    Gamecube double dash
    Ds Mario and Luigi patterns in time
    Will New super Mario bros Wii
    3ds ulamtie nes remix
    Will u smash bros u
    Switch Luigi mansion 3

  39. Mario Galaxy 2 to me is like Super Mario 3D worlds to switch stop

  40. Funny thing is, none of the games on the thumbnail are my actual choices 😅

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