My Favorite Consoles To Collect RIGHT NOW! -

My Favorite Consoles To Collect RIGHT NOW!

Retro Video Game Pickups
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These are some awesome console that I have been collecting lately that have been my favorites. There are so many game consoles that I am always collecting for, but these few consoles are the ones I keep collecting for!

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  1. Great video, I like this type of content where you discuss your opinions on these in some more depth. Feel better and thanks for the content

  2. Cool consoles! It's good to buy them while they're cheap.

  3. Great video my friend. Hope ya start feeling better. Awesome episode

  4. My favorite consoles right now are GameCube of course counting doubles and lose discs my game count is 99. By now it’s almost all for free( waiting on a couple things to sell then will be all free). And the Wii U I’m hoarding everything Wii U. I have 5 consoles but only like 30 games. I have Wii party U sealed it probably my best Wii U game. And lately the o.g. Xbox. Everything is cheap and I think do to low print runs( they only sold 30 million units as opposed to 152 ps2 units it’s as rare or rarer than the GameCube). And of course the Wii they are everywhere I sold 2 in the last 24 hours. I sell the Mario games(I keep at least one copy of each one). But I like to collect the rare ones the last story Metroid steel book. Kirby anniversary edition. And my most valuable game is a golf game. Can’t remember the name but was only available at golf courses seriously no game stores. Who is golfing and like let’s buy some video games. Plus my copy is sealed. And I can’t find any comps on it because there are none available. Only problem is finding a buyer. My target consumer is the complete collection builder. Thanks for the awesome videos. I subscribed and will share your videos. Keep hustling and hunt every day. Concretesportsgamesandmore@ig

  5. it is not hard or exspencive too mod it is easy i modded and hack 4 3ds there not hard have oyu heard of youtube the place you upload i watch allot of youtube too mod the 3ds and my vita i also hacked my vita 1000 phat model . i love it it is not hard the capture card is not needed but you can hack your 3ds free it cost nothing .heack i am using the free method from hacking my new 3ds xl .

  6. Dude! You look and sound like hell, get some rest. We'll still be here afterwards.
    I did enjoy the PSP love. Katamari is a great series of roll playing games!

  7. I went down the DS 3DS rabbit hole a few months back. FB Marketplace was my friend in acquiring a ton for cheap.

  8. Awesome video. I’m on a psp and Ps2 collecting frenzie. I did purchase a psp hdmi converter so that’s been nice. I’m also trying to find as many backwards compatible games I can so I can play them in 4K on my series X

  9. Wii…. I love Kirby Epic Yarn I wish I bought it I wish I still had it because right now I will like feel like I can't find it. if you know someone…

  10. I like the design that's on your 3DS. Is that Nintendo 64?

  11. Have you ever played a game for longer than 24 hours in one session without sleep?

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