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DPI: 400
SENS: 0,22

INTEL(R) CORE(TM)i9-10850K 3.60 GHZ

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  1. Bummed about the lack of contrasting perspective of the comments. Would like to push you to make the best content you can, and this style of editing doesn’t get the job done for me. Merry Christmas, thanks for you consistent effort.

  2. yo is repeating : ''why you cheating???" a new wat to defend your base? im confused

  3. Why you cheating bro???🤣🤣😂😂🤣

  4. Love the thumbnail ur insane keep up the good work

  5. It's almost like you have no recoil with that ak

  6. You can tell his danish by the way he BEAMS people!

  7. An early Christmas present I see, a Falcon upload!

  8. The base is solid but you can eco raid the bunker so easily

  9. Gotta say, that's one of the weirdest accents I've heard in a while, sounds like a mix between scottish and danish for some reason but my man, that's one clean gameplay loop you got there.

  10. The last raid really hurt to watch, i wanted you to get it so bad!

  11. ngl ur intro kinda ruined the vid because u show all the good bits in the intro still a great video tho keep up the great work

  12. BRAH, the editing of the intro was a nice quality improvement, needless to say that you keep rocking! Good stuff!

  13. That kid that kept saying “why you cheating” 🤮

  14. Is he cheating ??? He has a few um questionable ummmmm moments. Not even a few like a lot

  15. Merry Christmas!!! You are literally cracked with mp5 and ak

  16. I can't stand the people that assume everyone's cheating. "Why you cheating bro? Why you cheating bro? Why you cheating bro?" Shut the fuck up.

  17. Jesus that was such a stressful online, the balls on that guy for bitching and moaning while a SOLO gave him an online raid… amazing video!

  18. I just saw the intro and I just know its gonna be another banger like always:)

  19. Bro love your vids so hard wish you would stream more

  20. Bro keep the videos coming you're insane my guy

  21. As always insane content Ggwp 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  22. Insane solo content!
    Awesome work, i hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  23. He is cheater. Should be reported. Those cheaters destroys whole game. It is nice to watch it but it is fake. He should be banned.

    You can see when you play in slow motion how, that he is using cheating software.

    He is not great just criple minded person.

    Watch 7:55 in slowmotion 0,25 and you will that he is jumping and facing one dirrection, than suddenly just his crossbow move leftward shoot and come back without his aim is move leftwards. It is soo quick that one cannot see on normal play.

  24. This game is the last game I would play but for some reason I enjoy watching it, also I don’t know what are you looting and for what but I’m sure you doing well

  25. Note to self.
    Dont raid a base in a naked spawn area.
    They were annoying asf.
    Tryna do a solo raid, one naked is calling out your location another is asking for pick axes ect….

  26. you sed I won't spoil and then you show us a Highlights in the start of the video.
    come on man I wanna be excited about the video but now I know what's going to happen.
    if you can place don't spoil me anything for the video in the start or just tell me on the start before the Highlights.

    but thank for the video, LOVE your content keep posting more 😉

  27. Are these gifts and walls part of the Rust christmas event?

  28. u didnt farm the whole vid just got it from kills

  29. @41 minutes ish Imagine the embarrassment for that guy getting raided accusing him of cheats over and over again if he sees this video, haha! would probably go dig myself down under a rock after that ….

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