Moving to a VICIOUS island - Rust Movie 1/2 -

Moving to a VICIOUS island – Rust Movie 1/2

Max Mears
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What is Rust you ask? Well Rust is the survival game that I’ve played for nearly 4000 hours. It’s a game that can have the most intense nail biting moments, or you can spend hours doing nothing interesting, The way the cookie crumbles can never be predicted and of course I save the absolute best bits for you guys. Whether it’s PvP moments, epic counter raids or my clan messing with each other, everything you need to experience Rust is right here on the Max Mears channel. I hope you enjoy, peace.

Thanks for watching, and as always, have fun guys!


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Recorded on Shadowplay, edited with Audacity and Sony Vegas Pro.


  1. 13:25 lol reminds me of a time my teammate was swimming back to rig naked and I jokingly shot at him with a slug in a waterpipe and domed him, he died ofc. they kicked me out of their team and all three got banned over night for cheating apparently.

  2. Finaly it came out , so much time waiting for the next oooooooog beutyyyy play !!!!

  3. By far your best video in a long time,keep them coming.

  4. Best streamer there is! Max has gifted me New World and Rust in the past few days. Legend.

  5. Fuck the algorithm seeing this 3 days late much love max

  6. It's better to use splitter, 1 splitter goes to 3 splitters with 3 turrets with a smart alarm connect to has target on 2 of them.

  7. you guys are like orcs, if there's nobody to kill, you just kill eachother.

  8. bahahahahah Max this line killed it
    "Clenching should be for PVP not for when you need to pee and you've got half an invent of Sulphur"
    Bigupps for all the jokes content bro

  9. At 50:28 max kills Dewayne and acts like he wasn't on his team earlier in the video.

  10. T9 me Rust is watching people that are just having fun with friends while doing something they are good at, and something that I know I would suck at.

  11. Damn i only just saw this because of the other video neither of these them appeared in my feed 🙁

  12. I had a group take me in when I was fresh. Those guys kicked my ass, but made me a better player. Cheers

  13. Ya know its too early here for a lot of things but not max and a little wake n bake, lovin it.

  14. So Ive been wondering why when I watch your videos I have deja Vu… It's because I watched the stream that the video covers lol 🤣 also makes me happy to see the accidental shout-out. Love the vids bro see you in the stream!

  15. Yo these opening edits are freaking dope. Well done on that max.

  16. this shit, this shit is what I call Q U A L I T Y E D I T I N G and G A M E P L A Y
    absolutely missed it lol

  17. this was such a good wipe for you guys i remember the fight so well!! Great video max!

  18. A Content Chad, for Chads looking for content….

  19. Max why cant you build a pc for me !!!!!

  20. "i go shot but didn't take any damage" max using god mode omg

  21. First 40 seconds and I have seen max using mp5 more than all my time subbed

  22. Nice first half Max 👍🏻 watched atlot of it live before you raided SippyTango, who btw is an excellent streamer. Role on part two!

  23. Love you mad I had no idea u posted. your thumbnails blend in and it makes it hard to see you 🙁

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