Most Expensive Video Game Console Ever Made -

Most Expensive Video Game Console Ever Made

Kevin Kenson
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Philips CD-i is infamous for its Zelda games, but it’s also one of the most expensive systems ever made! It did have some great FMV though…

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  1. Cant wait to bomb some dodongos for 1000

  2. With a thousand dollars I could buy 3 switches (I think)

  3. "When there's smoke, they pinch back."
    -Our One True Lord, Mario the Hotel Guest

  4. well excuse me PRINCESS

  5. I spent that much at taco bell last night

  6. This is so cool! I’ve never heard of this before, great video Kevin! A lot better than those Zelda Animations 😂

  7. I wanna see you singing one of the best Madona's song !! :')

  8. is there a way to conenct PS4 controller to use on PC for every game not just steam

  9. One of the only good things about the Philips CD-i is the CD-i Nintendo games that became popularly used for YouTube Poops

  10. Im glad it was made it made many meme's and has made me laiugh over and over

  11. My family actually had a CD-I when I was a kid, and we had Hotel Mario and 2/3 of the Unholy Tri-Force. The system did have a few good games, but not many, lol.

  12. please stop constantly appearing in my recommended

  13. How come your editing is so good and your camerawork is amazing while you only have 324k subscribers?

  14. (Insert Bad Hotel Mario Youtube Poop Joke Here)

  15. Link: I just saved you from Ganon!
    Zelda: You did not!

    One like equals one prayer

  16. 1000 dollars is a stupid price, it's like they just thought of a number that sounds cool and went with it, rather than the cost of parts and labor, etc. I'm sure it still would have been expensive compared to the other consoles, but, this isn't even trying to compete at that price.

  17. Yeah it was more expensive when it came out

  18. You know ur a pro extreme super gamer when u game on the Philips CDI

  19. "They were a little progressive."

    Progressive he says, about having a female protagonist, which has been a thing for the past 40 years. Jesus Christ, why do leftists pretend they know anything about video games?

  20. I have Faces of Evil.

    I don't have a CD-i to play it on, but…I have Faces of Evil.

  21. Now you can wonder what ganon is up to for 1800 dollars

  22. i just started, i feel bad for you already

  23. and I thought the switchs hybrid abillty made it good they nintendo came out lucky

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