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Mobile Games on Console – Scott The Woz

Scott The Woz
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Scott was robbed in more ways than one.


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  1. Arknights and PGR on PS4 when??

  2. Sadly the mobile games that would be great to get on console never happen.
    I'd love to get the Infinite Blade trilogy on console. But no no no instead Epic games just decided to add the Infinite Blade (title sword of the series) ass weapon in Fortnite.
    Much like how all the weapons from the beloved Unreal Tournament are now usable in Warframe.
    Two great franchises by Epic games dead cause of Fortnite.
    Fortnite itself is an okay game but the fact that we can't get more stuff like Unreal Tournament and Infinite Blade again is why I ate it.

  3. Doodle Jump isn't a test of endurance. It's a game to compete with your friends in an endless battle to have the best possible hand eye coordination.

    back then anyway

  4. 20:28 "what else am i gonna do with the apartment today? take a bath?" scott foreshadowing the next video

  5. I have no money So I am forced to game on Android there are good Android games here and there and PC ports…

    Like stardew valley

  6. Damn mentions GTA but not Chinatown wars, its somewhat of a bitch to play but honestly its a very fun mobile port of the PSP version with the DS content… yeah im pretty sure the PSP exclusive content isn't on mobile, unless im wrong but im pretty sure they only ported how the game looks and then everything DS had.

  7. Does anyone remember the Doodle Jump arcade game?

  8. Scott has finally talked about Plants vs Zombies. My dreams have come true.

  9. asphalt sounds like ass fault which is apropos

  10. I still remember the Lady from 2010 who bought the PC the Version of Angry Birds.
    Too weird to forget

  11. Scott owns 33% of the planets Wii U’s population

  12. Are we not going to mention how Scott had everything stolen but the desk and everything on it?

  13. I remember playing Modern Combat 9 on my phone years ago. Young me lover it because like Scott said, Call of Duty on mobile. Tbh I still prefer it over call of duty mobile, to many happy memories with it.

  14. While it is sad that it seems Pokemon games are no longer getting true hardware spin-off titles anymore and instead we're getting shovelware titles like Pokemon Cafe & Quest, Pokemon Unite has been a completely different experience for me. Scott showed footage of this game during the Pokemon section of this video, but it felt wrong to lump that game in with the other shit. Pokemon Unite was actually released first for the Switch and only just recently was made available on smart phones. The switch version has it's own in-game overlays and layout which make it unique from the mobile version and give it more of a "console game" feel. Definitely check out Pokemon Unite on the Switch! It's very fun and a baby's first MOBA kind of experience.

  15. Dude I'm 36 and Cut the Rope gives me nostalgia

  16. Scott: I was supposed to get robbed tomorrow!

    Me: Why were you going to get robbed at all?

  17. Fruit Ninja Kinect was a great party game

  18. I still can’t tell if he was really robbed

  19. It’s kinda nostalgic, these games on my old iPod Touch.

    But it’s pretty trash nostalgia and I feel bad for kids that grew up with this as their nostalgia gaming.
    My earliest gaming was getting stuck in Ocarina of Time or Super Metroid. Actual good games

  20. He didn't… actually get robbed…. Right?

    I mean I know it's like "not true" but those shelves take alot of space….
    Where would he keep all those shelves?

  21. i feel like we forget that mobile gaming is absolutely huge in china. even though the target audience for a game may be console in the US, in china this isn’t the case. AAA studios releasing a game for mobile instead of console may seem stupid, but they end up making more money off of sales in china.

  22. When company make console game into mobile

    The multi-platform game has some abilities some may consider to be profitable

  23. Angry Birds isn't even an original idea – it's literally a ripoff of a free flash game Crush the Castle and Crush The Castle 2. They just changed the controls from a timing release on a trebuchet to a slingshot.

  24. "All because grandpa bought the bird app for a dollar" My favorite Scott Line.

  25. Its impossible to dislike this guy, that's an achievement for an American haha

  26. It's amusing this video came out now. I just finished the weird PSP port gameloft released of NOVA.

  27. Maybe cause I didn't grow up with a Phone, didn't get my first smart phone till I was 25 and even then, it couldn't play games well, I treat the Switch like a handheld first and I see no difference between a mobile and handheld device. Seeing the Switch version of a mobile game review worse when the Switch is also part mobile, it just can't make calls, is really weird but I might be the minority in that people see the Switch as purely a console, and not part or mostly handheld. Gaming seems to be undergoing a "principal of the matter" stage, or as Sword and Shield have proven, a "I suddenly have standards" era.

  28. 00:06 scott forgot to take chibi robo zip lash out of the toilet after making the "this game blows" joke for the 100th time

  29. Mobile games on consoles is specifically made for those who only play mobile games. Like with Queen from Deltarune.

  30. Sorta suprised that Genshin wasn't mention but I guess at the same time I am not surprised? Gatcha game episode in the future maybe? Prime time to rip on RNG.

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  32. The Cut the Rope music in the background gave me some happy memories

  33. Ass fault is a synonym for haemorrhoids. I play mobile games on console, though I think my boss suspects that I'm playing Raid Shadow Legends at work, because of the SNES and CRT shaped bulges in the back pocket of my uniform. "They're haemorrhoids boss, honest."

  34. The jokes in this video are all perfect. One of the funniest you’ve ever made.

  35. That intro is so funny! You're like "WHY DIDN"T THEY ROB THE TOILET?!"

  36. I was going to buy San Andreas for the Xbox 360 until I saw this video and realized it blows

    Thank you, Scott

  37. I sorta laughed when he put COD:BOZ as a COD Game for Mobile users, which hasn’t been updated for an ungodly long time.

  38. Surprised Genshin Impact didn't get a mention

  39. I wouldn't mind some mobile games getting console releases like Zenonia.

  40. Like Jelly Car 2 from the iPod to WiiWare

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