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MISSING VIDEO GAMES? – Happy Console Gamer

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Johnny and Rob Man talk about games that have disappeared from their collections!

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Join Johnny Millenium The Happy Console Gamer as he discusses new video game news and reviews forgotten games that not many people know about but should!


  1. I solved this one but it drove me nuts for hours. I had an old and used copy of Skyrim for my Xbox 360 someone gave me, one day it goes missing I am looking through all my game cases and all my games, check the console, look all over the house, ask about it to everyone in the house. A few days later my daughter tells me she was cleaning up and threw it in the garbage because the disc was all scratched up. It worked but it was damaged when I got it. I told her I wasn't mad but next time, just put the game in the box I keep my games in.

  2. He pulled off the yakuza side quest for rob 😀

  3. I lent my legend of dragoon game to a high school friend and he said he lost it let's just say I never talked to him again and made him pay me the amount the game was worth and got another copy.

  4. For me, its band shirts that disappear, damn it. I don't lend out games unless they are cheapos. I did get Amazing Spiderman on GB stolen out of my backpack, in middle school. Fuckers!

  5. ²⁰¹⁴ ʷᵃˢ ᵃ ᵍᵒᵒᵈ ʸᵉᵃʳ says:

    An action RPG about Johnny tracking down Rob's bullies and getting his games back would be fuckin awesome

  6. I didn't lend games out. But I definitely remember getting to the end of grandia disc 1 and my ass of a cousin visiting my parents and stealing the game and bomberman when I was at work.

  7. Kingdom hearts 1 with the strategy guide! I lent them to one of my ‘friends’ back in high school. A few weeks later I asked about it and she’s like ‘oh I thought I already gave them back?’ No. And she just was adamant about it. Never seen them again. That’s how I learned never to lend anyone games no matter who they are. Not even my siblings get my games

  8. I left my snes at my friend's one time… All my games including Earthbound, Chrono, Mana, FF III, Bomberman, my multi tap, ect…. Never got em back… Fml

  9. This is probably the 3rd time iv watched this. Resonates with me, as i had exactly the same thing happened to me. 🙌

  10. These stories sit right at home with me. Now as an adult, no one enters my game room without me there. Always locked.

  11. rob totally pocketed some of those games

  12. I lent out my psp and all my games to my highschool girlfriend so she could play kingdom hearts birth by sleep mostly and then hurricane irene came and flooded her whole house destroying my psp and all the games and everything and there was no way to ask her to buy me a new one with her whole house destroyed, never lend out games!

  13. Just watched this and instantly wanted to jump on RPG MAKER FES and make a game about Johnny millennium running around trying to get all robs games back . Could be EPIC

  14. I lost the copy of Killer Instinct Gold on N64, but I'm pretty sure one of my cousins stole it. My oldest brother was so mad because it was his favorite game

  15. I borrowed my ps2 game collection (20+ games) to my best friend when I bought the ps3. When I asked him for the games, he said he had given them back to me already. I couldn't believe the whole situation. Especially if you won't play them, don't borrow your games! It kills friendships.

  16. Were the fuck is my mega man x4 and x5… my original flea market ones from when I was 4-5 years old back in 2001. God fuck I had lost x5 by high school and senior year? Lost x4

  17. I feel this pain. I’m missing quite a bit of my games.

  18. I don't know where my SNES went. I don't know where my copy of Halo 1 is either. I also lost my copy of street fighter alpha 2 for snes. I cleaned out my whole closet to find it and didn't find it. Then I cleaned out my closet again and it was there at the end of my closet on the ground. I'm glad I atleast found that one. I also let my brother borrow my Nintendo Power final fantasy 1 strategy guide, since he's a huge final fantasy fan, and he doesn't know where it is… I also let him borrow my launch Nintendo DS and he cracked the bottom screen… I hope I find my other stuff one day…

  19. I can’t think of any games that have gone missing but my favourite t-shirt went missing about six years ago and I still miss it

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