Mini Music Game Console - Why? -

Mini Music Game Console – Why?

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This looks an awful lot like the Play Date…. I wonder what it could actually be?

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  1. Always a good start when the link to their site gets flagged up by my anti-virus software. :')

  2. 0:35 oh thanks god someone pronounced it correctly on youtube ALUMINIUM

  3. 16:18 oh like buying an iPhone and the thing is specially designed for (phone calls) is its worst feature….

  4. Hey, it’s the box art for Xenoblade Chronicles X! It definitely can’t play that.

  5. if it wasn't for the screen tear you could solder tact buttons on the motherboard, make the buttons better.

  6. I’m so bothered by the screen not being centered.

  7. The website looks like it's got taken down Google says it's a unsafe website

  8. Man I hope you do a review on the actual play date I was searching for it the review I’ve officially became a loyal viewer and feel like I’d be cheating on you watching someone else do a review on it lol

  9. Well. The title screen shown on the front of the box is from fucking Xenoblade Chronicles X. Which the Wii U has issues running, to the point it has free DLC as parts of the game to download to your console to reduce load times, and it STILL sounds like the disc drive is doing it's best Dreamcast impression while the game is running. So yeah I'm sure this wafer thin Chinese handheld can run no problem.

  10. finally a product for me, i've always wanted the wind up gramphone experience on the go

  11. "And it also says made in China." Well. Yeah. All of them do.

    And I'm not sure I'd go with declaring the Playdate great just yet. Every hands on review is a year and a half old.

  12. It looks lien something for a small child

  13. When will people understand that emulating games is inferior to playing then on og hardware.

  14. For 30 dollars, if you just use it for parts I think you could make it better. Id end up using just for parts idk if you could fit a pi zero in there lol

  15. Is it me or does this dude sound like the GEICO lizzard

  16. It's so close to being good! So close. 🙁

  17. Why the FRICK is there a pic of Xenoblade Chronicles X´s cover art/title screen in the packaging?

  18. Thank you for this video, I was thinking about buying one of these, I'm not now 👍

  19. I love the way it looks. I think it would make a good look for a smartphone.

  20. it would be awesome to sell these things as a street vendor… and have people coding their own pixel art games for it on their macbooks… they could sell the games obviously…. it just needs an anologue stick…

  21. the anologue stick could be tiny on the bottom left hand corner… it needs adhoc… an alarm clock app… a calculator… a text editor (no touch screen), a music shuffle play button for people whom dont want to wear glasses and a regular sd card input as a means for people to trade/sell games…

  22. Alt title: The Retro Future beats himself up because he doesn't like speaking badly about people attempt at a device because he's a nice guy.

  23. i guess all the money when into the system, but emulation probably their last idea to put it in.

  24. The asymmetry kind of irritates me for some reason xD

  25. "PlayKaka" sounds like a name you'd hear out of a BlazBlue hentai of sorts.

    don't ask

  26. That thing looks fine. This guy clearly has something against giving it an honest review,maybe due to competition

  27. Yup. Peeling off the protective film was definitely where the fun stopped.

  28. He thinking: Hmm weird.. music sounds good

    He: Why would you listen to music on this 🤡

  29. So I'm hardcore guessing this isn't the real product. Still worried

  30. You can play all the classic games on this?

  31. The fact this has a colour backlit screen and costs $30 and the play date $180 for a black and white non backlit screen. Tells you what a complete rip off it is. I'd rather have this.

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