Mini Music Game Console - Why? -

Mini Music Game Console – Why?

The Retro Future
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This looks an awful lot like the Play Date…. I wonder what it could actually be?

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  1. The fact this has a colour backlit screen and costs $30 and the play date $180 for a black and white non backlit screen. Tells you what a complete rip off it is. I'd rather have this.

  2. You can play all the classic games on this?

  3. So I'm hardcore guessing this isn't the real product. Still worried

  4. He thinking: Hmm weird.. music sounds good

    He: Why would you listen to music on this 🤡

  5. Yup. Peeling off the protective film was definitely where the fun stopped.

  6. That thing looks fine. This guy clearly has something against giving it an honest review,maybe due to competition

  7. "PlayKaka" sounds like a name you'd hear out of a BlazBlue hentai of sorts.

    don't ask

  8. The asymmetry kind of irritates me for some reason xD

  9. i guess all the money when into the system, but emulation probably their last idea to put it in.

  10. Alt title: The Retro Future beats himself up because he doesn't like speaking badly about people attempt at a device because he's a nice guy.

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