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Minecraft | GAMES CONSOLE MOD (Xbox, Playstation & More!) | Mod Showcase

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Today, we get a delivery of decorative Video Game Consoles and I decide to build Trayaurus a chill out room so that he can enjoy video games when he’s finished with his work. Expect Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation and more!

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  1. 2012-2015: Awesome!
    2016: Really Good!
    2017: OK
    2018-2021: Not So Good

  2. I saw this old gem while searching my "watch later" list

  3. bruh there's no facecam *nostalgia increases

  4. I just realized the testing chamber is not symmetrical

  5. I wish I could go back and relive seeing all of these videos get uploaded

    Back when I didn’t have an account so I had to go to his channel every day and search by newest and get hyped about seeing “( ) minutes/hours ago” on a video

    Very happy times

  6. Alternate Title: Recreating AVGN's room in minecraft

  7. Who remembers the good old days? 🥺😭

  8. forget about oculus rift, its all about the virtual boy 😈

  9. Trayaurs: wanted a PS4
    Half the world right now: Wants a PS5

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