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Todays video is a solo gameplay in the game of rust, this is me playing the game in survival mode. Unfortunatly i encounter a sweaty cheating hacker that tries to make my gameplay impossible. Watch till the end of the video.

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  1. hey just a heads up youtube unsubscribed me from your channel, just re subbed, keep the traps coming

  2. İ love you princevidz /türkiyeden selamlar

  3. Yes! New video from my favorite rust YouTuber can’t wait to watch this new episode ☺️🔥

  4. PrinceVidz yine herzamanki gibi eğlenceli bir video olmuş :)) takipteyiz seviliyorsun ♥

  5. Love your videos Prince, Keep them Hackers in Check for us little people! China Is Not No.1 ( they eat Cats)

  6. Love your vidz mate <3. Right up there with welyn and frost.

  7. Awesome video as always… but I got to know the into song, anyone help?

  8. you are super lovely and cool – at minute 30 I fell in love with your style – Nice Work !

  9. Here in SA this kind of ppl doesn't exist because there isn't someone that rich to waste money on cheats and accounts lol

  10. "Amına soktumunun" QJHBABIUDWSBIUWEDIBDWIE you got me killed with that brooo

  11. Was weer een geslaagde video man 💪🏻

  12. make sure all you little kids go and gamble 🙂

  13. F*** Joe Biden f*** China communist bastards

  14. that blyat deserves the virus and the consequences

  15. Hate rust hackers so much… China number zeroooooo

  16. At least you have done your due diligence in reporting the hacker. As well as your new friends. Would it not of been better to have changed servers ? Enjoyed the video.

  17. Hopefully Prince enjoyed his break and refreshed and ready to cause havoc.

  18. wow its almost like the bat eaters dont have anything better to do

  19. Glad to see you again PrinceVidz, you're my favorite streamer no cap.

  20. This does not show how every chinise people are, but it does. The ccp, the fake everything people, the materialism etc china is very bad country. Its like an insult for me to say you are chinise. Sorry for getting political but i stoped buying anything thats made in china.

  21. The shirtless guy with all those guns must've lost his mind. I wish I could hear him raging, after I turn mic down of course.

  22. If they just banned people in Asia and Russia from rust then cheating would be reduced like 90%.

  23. Dayı şu küfürü duyduktan sonra seni daha çok sevdim 😂😂

  24. Çok iyi Türkçe sövüyon bro .hiç aksanın yok .seviliyorsun başarılar.

  25. i lost it when you did the voice over for the bear xD

  26. Is it me or was the China number one actually u Prince vids I have watched it back many times and I think it's defo u lol but great vid even if scripted lmao 🤣

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