Making Enemies with the ENTIRE Server - RUST Console Edition (Duo Survival) -

Making Enemies with the ENTIRE Server – RUST Console Edition (Duo Survival)

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I played a duo Rust wipe with unowho2, and things got interesting! We made rivalries with a number of large groups on the server, and were definitely the most hated Rust Duo on this server. Thanks so much for watching this Rust Console Edition video!

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  1. Really loving these videos. Thank you Harvies <3

  2. U play weekly or monthly bro? I want Bi weekly to come out but no word of that happening any time soon

  3. There's a sever called discovery QT and there's a bunch of clans on there if you wanna screw over a bunch of them the half of them are trash so you could wipe them easy

  4. I hate the fact that when you input a code with the buttons they showup :/ My friend streams rust and its pretty risky

  5. I think i should get give away bc im gay…i mean i like rust

  6. trying to loot and aim on console edition looks ass lol

  7. This guys first launch run gets armoured door and rpg and I've ran it 10 plus and haven't got either. Pain

  8. I just got back into the game today (console version) and I have to say I enjoy it more than I previously did. I quit because I got so frustrated with the play style, but now I’m getting better at the game slowly

  9. just discovered this channel, and yea man imma need more of this juicy content no 🧢 ‼️

  10. Brv is that one of the new Xbox’s because our frames are not that good like I could hit so many more shots if I had good frames my rust run on literally almost 10 frames

  11. Haha lol love the vid btw I’m little boy olly

  12. Your probably going to say no but if you want too do you want to play together one day my friends that I play with got bored of rust so I play by myself lol

  13. If rust never came to console I would of never discovered you rust content creators. So many of you guys lol. You’re definitely one of my favourites! keep them videos rolling dude!

  14. Man these videos get better each time. Keep up the hard work. Good luck

  15. Hey man you should make a video about armor, it's a clearly really simple consent but me and a few of my friends find ourselves struggling to keep our health during fights with animals or against temperature

  16. Can you make a video of your settings? Find it hard to Get a good aim😂

  17. zero recoil… man rust console is the new fortnite

  18. Yo that’s crazy , I have a squad on console and we r enemies with about 3 or so entire servers

  19. Harvies: "It was time to get serious."
    Unowho: "Doo doo da doo doo!"
    Awesome Vid man, cant wait to see more of the dynamic duo.

  20. Lmao y’all should join the server I play in and wreck this clan that’s just griefing people back to back

  21. rust console is so bad and me and my friends called it

  22. Bro that duo was epic!!! I need more of it I’m hooked

  23. I play on ps4 and it’s not this clean I be having horrible frames

  24. Bro, I want to ask, on Rust PC there is a server for aiming practice, is there a server for training on PS4?
    (Sorry if my English bad)

  25. Dude ur bow aim is like 10 times better than mines cause i play on an Xbox one s its so laggy

  26. Bro I come into this video and I see u hit headshots on headshots bro… How are u this good I suk lmao

  27. Hey man I was wondering if you could go to Kepler mr and visit the k12 base

  28. Is it just me who's shocked that this guy doesn't have more subs?

  29. Tight I would definitely like a package

  30. This console looks nothing like spoons lmao

  31. Bro love your channel got so hyped when u released a new vid

  32. You deserve sooo many more subs!!! I got Rust about a month ago and haven’t played much but I LOVE watching your videos!!!🥰 I get so excited when I see you post a new one!!!

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