Making Enemies with the ENTIRE Server - RUST Console Edition (Duo Survival) -

Making Enemies with the ENTIRE Server – RUST Console Edition (Duo Survival)

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I played a duo Rust wipe with unowho2, and things got interesting! We made rivalries with a number of large groups on the server, and were definitely the most hated Rust Duo on this server. Thanks so much for watching this Rust Console Edition video!

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  1. Rust console is the new way to grow rn I’m going to start doing it in the future

  2. You deserve sooo many more subs!!! I got Rust about a month ago and haven’t played much but I LOVE watching your videos!!!🥰 I get so excited when I see you post a new one!!!

  3. Bro love your channel got so hyped when u released a new vid

  4. This console looks nothing like spoons lmao

  5. Tight I would definitely like a package

  6. Is it just me who's shocked that this guy doesn't have more subs?

  7. Hey man I was wondering if you could go to Kepler mr and visit the k12 base

  8. Bro I come into this video and I see u hit headshots on headshots bro… How are u this good I suk lmao

  9. Dude ur bow aim is like 10 times better than mines cause i play on an Xbox one s its so laggy

  10. Bro, I want to ask, on Rust PC there is a server for aiming practice, is there a server for training on PS4?
    (Sorry if my English bad)

  11. I play on ps4 and it’s not this clean I be having horrible frames

  12. Bro that duo was epic!!! I need more of it I’m hooked

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