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I hope you guys enjoy the video! This was streamed all on twitch so come and check out my streams! Just catching and punishing cheaters on Rust, spectating random people and capturing the funny things that happen in rust.


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  1. We love you Camomo, always great to see stinky cheaters getting what they deserve! That stream was awesome to watch! Love ya Bye!

  2. I actually like the look of Dragon Raja XD

  3. You should log on to a server and accuse someone of cheating when they’re not

  4. Swear to god, you get a hairproduct as a sponsor, I'll tier 3 subscribe for a year 😂

  5. That's not nice to ban people for no reason. Wow

  6. How D Fuck That One Guy Respawned With All Hes Gear Everytime?
    Some Save Stat Mod?

  7. You should make bingo cards for this xD. Rust Cheater bingo. Will he get a stash? Will he disconnect? Will he esp? Who knows!

  8. Camomo = When You Don`t Have Hair And You Just Shave Your Head To Look Younger. 😀

  9. on god cheaters always have worst mics plus whats the point of cheating in rust like your not only ruining other people time but your loosing money:DDDD

  10. The simulated BSOD is gold. Consider making a simulated reboot to follow it up, booting into a copy of Windows 95 with a desktop wallpaper that says "you got hacked", fully functional…

  11. no clue why they don't just stay in facepunch officials, lol.

  12. Imma go cheat on one of these servers…no I won't I don't even know what servers he moderates, and it would be painfully obvious that I'm not cheating by how bad I am at Rust

  13. What does being Chinese have anything to do with this

  14. YEAH ▪▪▪ FAMILY VIBE … lol I can see my sister WhatsApp activities on my phone without her knowledge.. lol lol .. she have many lover boys lol

  15. YEAH▪▪▪ FAMILY VIBE … lol I can see my sister WhatsApp activities on my phone without her knowledge.. lol lol .. she have many lover boys lol

  16. FOR THE reactivation of the old social media account login … like INSTAGRAM and snapchat

  17. So you said i could be anything in dragon raja can i be a terorist?

  18. You won't pin this exposing your admin abuse. Pretending to be like Anarchy isn't working out well for you

  19. these videos are always fun to watch late at night 🙂

  20. Why were there multiple guys named rocket in this video? lol

  21. Ngl i just shouted "RAID SHADOW LEGENDS" when you said thanks to the vids sponsor. Idk why but that god damn thing is almost in any vid that i watch😂

  22. I think you need to be able to drop a TV in front of people and playback video of them cheating while stuck in the chair, that would be amazing. I'm sure impossibly complicated but still.

  23. I love the fact that most of these cheaters are narutards and one piece fans / weebs. Don’t get me wrong I’m a weeb myself but I can take the L and not cheat.

  24. you should troll hackers by letting them getting followed by animals and get killed 🙂

  25. Hey Camomo, amazing content as always but I got a question: is there some way to check which servers you admin for?
    Just got my hqm cave base raided by a no-fall-damage hacker with esp, descending down the bucket side, digging straight through to my hidden stashes. It's very disheartening.
    I'm so tired of cheaters and admins doing fuck all about them, I wanna play on servers that have people like you ensuring fair play.

  26. Can u get moderater or something in pubg mobile? There's lot of hackers in it.

  27. Day 4 of saying you should dress like a heavy scientist when they call them in at oil and start shooting rockets at them. They’d be so confused lmao

  28. Simpler method than spawning C4 into your inventory.

    entity.spawn explosive.timed.deployed

    I think? i haven't used the console in forever, and i'm sure it's well known to you.

  29. How the fuck was jumping blatant cheating?

  30. Literally any Pc game will flooded with cheaters. Go to console or get over it

  31. Oooh dragon raja,, does anyone actually use the links and go on these ad's

  32. are you sure he isnt just using a xbox controller since thats how you move on console lol

  33. Rust's cheating is so bad you may as well cheat to balance it out, every wipe I get my stashes dug up.

  34. One day camomos gonna fuck with the wrong person and wake up with his computer erased😂

  35. Memeio your a legend thanks for banning hackers

  36. Why he kinda sound like the sporty guy in clone high

  37. I Really like to watch ur videos 😀 keep going!


  39. "hey buddy" this brings back memories @Ramsey

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