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The perfect solo base.
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Intro/VFX Editing/Thumbnail: Surge
General Editor/Photographer: Henry ►

Skizzy Mars – Numb

Cheers for watching i appreciate ya!


  1. So happy you fuckin back who's the best ben huh

  2. Sick game rust can't wait to play again

  3. For a split second I thought that Into music was gonna be a rickroll

  4. Surge is that you i havent seen you in awhile

  5. just as a disclaimer, since the update, people with medkits in their hotbar can just jump in the elevator part of the cave and stand up after gettin downed 100%, so careful for doorcampers 😀

  6. Check out the front of any dual rear wheel US truck and you'll find a spacer that allows the DRW offset wheels to be used on the front as well.

  7. The intro seemed as if i was about to get rickrolled

  8. the most hated cop in australia bit has me rolling

  9. After speaking about that cop next time Surge gets pulled over they might find him in possession of large amount of DRUGS.

  10. Thought I got Rick rolled at the beginning 😂

  11. Man, Ellen DeGeneris is starting to sound like a real true-blue American cop, here.

  12. Surge Why is your cave so weak? I mean only few c4, cave bases need to be like 30+ c4 to get in minimum.

  13. "Maybe it was a good idea I put it back"
    Hears chainsaw
    I need wood
    puts it all back on

  14. is it me or did the music at the beginning sound like halo

  15. Thought I was gonna get rickrolled at the start lmfao

  16. The uploads are so many days apart that I just loose interest in these..

  17. Omg bro you had me tears when you dropped down the hole in the cave thinking you had a bag set and you remembered you didn’t 😂😂😂

  18. Just watched the intro and thought I was getting Rick rolled

  19. that was me and my mate that raided u his name was quilt it was funny as

  20. ur life is complete u have a supra a skyline and u play rust for fun and content what else could you want!!!

  21. What's that halo music you used called again?

  22. First time watching any of your videos, but holy shit do I always feel like you're about to get domed the second you have some loot

  23. shouldent call the top base bag cavetop lets a raider know where ur good loot is

  24. RE:
    most hated cop in aus? are people forgetting about "Raptor 13" walked into a mechanic shop and defected cars with no plates getting worked on

  25. So your roof on the starter base. It was wood? 👀

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