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We add a LIFEGUARD Impostor Mod in Among Us!

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  1. This is like the first time he didn’t “play with his food” lol (at the end)

  2. Do you mean the like button turned black

  3. And if reaper gets 20 kills reaper wins the crewmates if they die they respawn if th same crewmate dies they get longer of respawn

  4. Pls ssundee do this mod pls I sub and like videos plsssss

  5. And pls do a shoutouts and shoutout me pls

  6. Do shout-outs in the end of the bid! Pls

  7. Please do the next episode: Teacher vs Lifesaver 😌😌😌😌

  8. I feel like doing a creepy doll mod and the good doll has to help the crew mates to do tasks and then the good doll can kill bad doll

  9. Henwy drowning garry rn:can I poop in da water

  10. The like button is different colors for different types of phones and computers

  11. why is the code is footme what

  12. The like button truned black not blue ☻🖤🖤💙

  13. you can do the bully mode. The teacher have to finish their tasks and get the bully expelled. The bully can throw a paper airplane of death, get the teacher fired, do a mini game where the teacher has to prevent the crewmates getting expelled, and give crewmates a swirly

  14. You should do a teacher vs lifeguard the lifeguard is making them have fun (good role ) and the teacher is trying to make them to work (bad role)

  15. beautiful smart handsome and beloved boy Bryce says:

    life gaurd vrs shark

  16. I love your vids, but like button is black now

  17. I’m going to Hollywood in 3 days an I have to fly an I haven’t flown before an kinda scared ngl but yeah going to the beach…an other places hope it’ll be fun
    Wish me luck

  18. My like button turned black not blue 🙁

  19. Hay if your reading this henwry posted this before you what is this?

  20. Idea school mod the imposter could be the bully you have to attend classes as the mini games do math questions and all that some task could be detention where you have to sit in a chair for five seconds or you could have writing were you have to type in certain letters pls do this

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