LIFE IN RUST - Chapter One - How it always Starts -

LIFE IN RUST – Chapter One – How it always Starts

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a new type of video idea i came up with, i pick a person to follow around rust for 1 day, all the events are unscripted and random.



  1. That's the circle of life, he felt the love.

  2. wow ok um dont know what to say there??? Its new…
    funny music tho it worked

  3. Is there chapter 2? I love this! Make more like this!

  4. this is a perfect example of anyone who plays this game solo…. ive watched every rust video by @VERTiiGO GAMING and very similar experience that you have had. hardly any friendly people and constant death over nothing while being completely defenseless.

  5. This video made me lose it man. Definitely do more of this shit

  6. i use to be interested in this game,then it became another dayz clone


  8. I bet he called him the N word that got beeped out

  9. Everytime I new player asks me what they should do, I give them a simple sentence "Are you the hunter, or the hunted?"
    Neither playstyle is harder not easier but if you're doing things like mining all the rocks around a clan base when you're aware you're "the hunted", well you're asking to die.

  10. I like how you can feel the untouched rawness off the main character. And see him slowly learning how the world works.

  11. this accurately shows what my noob days are like in rust

  12. i love how in the mind of them they are just thinking of this as a grind but when you watch them it like a comedy

  13. what a series, just watched all 3 episodes.
    this is gonna be my new addiction.
    more of this please!

  14. clever series. good job on the editing/music. keep it up

  15. my friend contacted me, saying he saw me in one of you're video's. let me clear something up, I'm not normally a killer, this was months back, I wasn't really playing this server either. just jumped on for some pvp fun. signed Saul Goodman .

  16. i miss the old experimental, good times

  17. Rofl should have tried to line up the music so that when he died and fell down the rocks, it was the same part as when scar threw Mufasa off the cliff.

    Even so awesome video.

  18. Can I just say, Lion King is one of my favourite movies of all time. You sir have made a masterpiece. Well done 🙂

  19. bro whens the next chapters coming out. i love seeing other peoples journeys on Rust. listening to there discussion on how they did things and were planning and how they get raided. maybe you could compile a few ones that get shut down soon as they start make a 20 minute clip of those ones. good for learning too

  20. jesus those stones are hugeeee they use to be like that?

  21. Please make more of these videos. I really like to see how noob try to adapt to new environment. Awesome vid

  22. Vertigo I love your videos and watch them everyday my favorites are the rust stories you should make more if you respond you would make my day

  23. Sad that mesabeef friend got lost, could've possibly helped with the fight at the end

  24. LOL Vert! fkn more of these classics mate! so relatable

  25. how to you get aerial films and stuff ? do you own a server or get the admin to give you it ??

  26. This guy was very kind, I hope he still is.

  27. It feels like yesterday that this vid got released weirdly

  28. Vertz should get back to doing these videos. Such a great idea for a series…

  29. Poor dude at the end just giving up like that. The harsh reality of the circle of life in rust form. LOVED IT….

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