Largest Collection of Gaming Consoles - Guinness World Records -

Largest Collection of Gaming Consoles – Guinness World Records

Guinness World Records
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Linda Guillory began her collection over 40 years ago and now holds two records for her gigantic gaming system collection.


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  1. Honestly, the collection is a pure 10/10… I just really hate to see any record in the Guinness book that requires nothing more than financial bandwidth to achieve. Much respect tho

  2. Hahha me watching with 3 consoles the wii u Nintendo switch and PS3

  3. They should have told her life story earlier in the intervew between showing her collection. Moving story.

  4. I would be the same way as the little boy. Especially if I saw games I used to play when I was a child. The nostalgia of it all would be too overwhelming.

  5. OMG. I love you and your collection. She is a 1 in a million

  6. She doesn’t seem like the type that would be into this stuff, but she clearly is. Question is, does she have a ps5 lol

  7. Collecting gave me more happiness then mariage

  8. This is really impressive , give her 10 more years and she gonna need possibly more bigger room

  9. Smithsonian of games in her home. It takes dedication to do something like this.

  10. She's so nice man. It's the little things in life. There's a big world out there, go out and just live

  11. Literally the last person you'd expect to own this type of collection.
    Don't judge a game by it's packaging! 👍🏻

  12. For a huge collector she doesn't seem all that knowledgeable if I'm being honest

  13. This woman is absolutely the best I'll tell you hwat

  14. If she doesn't play fortnite or apex then she's not a real gamer

  15. I had a few of these. Too bad I ended up tossing some of these in the garbage during my teen years.

  16. Wonder if there is anything she doesn't own from that era. I would assume so but I wouldn't be surprised if she has literally everything…and being a electrical engineer? She was born to collect collect game consoles.

  17. Something amazing to behold, such passion is beautiful.

  18. I love when the title said "the largest collection"

  19. wait a second.. does she have a complete BOX NES Collection!?!?

  20. Ahhh yes the classics. Frog, monkey and who can forget…witch.

  21. She said "I cleared that BOARD" that's how you know she's an OG!!

  22. If a big hobbies company launch a new device . Action figure.etc that failed in market. You got to have it.believe me in the future its turn into huge gold precious. This is happen in colletor worlds

  23. If we have the gamer king she would be the gamer queen

  24. Amazing collection, although I would really call them systems but still amazing nonetheless.

  25. This video is WAY to underrated! This should be one of the most viewed gaming videos EVER for what it is! Now my question to her is….DOES SHE PLAY ON TOASTER TOO?

  26. ever heard of last gamer, that guy has alot more

  27. can only imagine this is what heaven looks like

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