Keymu Demo - open source keychain-sized gaming console -

Keymu Demo – open source keychain-sized gaming console

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A fully functional, completely open-source, and totally nerdy keychain-sized multi-platform emulation console to build yourself. This is the dedicated website:

This is the dedicated project page on Hackaday:

And you can listen to many questions answered, future plans revealed, and prototypes demonstrated in this great interview of Keymu (in french) by Geek Inc:


  1. कितने को मिला

  2. मुझे भी लेना है ऐसा

  3. Bhai kitna bhi achha ho phir bhi China item hai

  4. कितने रुपे का हे

  5. इसकी किमत क्या है …?

  6. How much it cost. Anyone tell me please 🙏🙏🙏🥺🥺🥺

  7. I love you origami my momy phone i see you

  8. I love you origami and i love you third kamikaze i love you 2

  9. From where you buy it please tell me please

  10. Bro,i wanna buy it!!
    Please tell me where to buy it!!!
    Please send me the link to where to buy it???

  11. is this a raspberry pi? or an arduino? or something else? plz tell me.

  12. It's amazing to see how this has evolved. Great job!

  13. Mmmmm where do u buy that game console….butw how much it cost and i wanted that butw………

  14. Ponelo a 30 pesos por favor porque soy un poço pobre

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